Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 25

Whelp, I am now 25 weeks pregnant!  Some of you have asked to see the bump, so here it is!

Yep, still growing!  I think I've gained about 15lbs so far, which is apparently right on track (though, it freaked me out a little at the doctors when she kept having to move the little weight farther down.. haha).   I'm currently in the 'honeymoon' phase of my pregnancy, which means there's not much to complain about.  I'm feeling pretty good and eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate :)  I've been keeping up w/exercising (long walks w/Gibson every day and EA Sports Active 2 three-four times a week) and trying to maintain a healthy diet (besides the ice cream and chocolate).   The bump is starting to get in the way (how exactly am I supposed to cut my toenails??), but it's manageable :)

The nursery is slowly coming along.  I bought a super cute lamp and made a diy crib skirt last weekend, w/help from Young House Love.   Pictures soon, I promise ;)

Ben and I have our 'babymoon' coming up, which we are exited about.  Just a short trip out of town, which I will tell you more about when we get back!  Gibson gets a little vacation out of the deal too!

Speaking of Gibson..  A lot of you have asked if we have been preparing him for the baby.  Nope, not really yet!   I think he's noticing my belly getting bigger and me slowing down, but we haven't done any real preparation yet.   We plan on bringing home a blanket from the hospital for him to get used to her smell ahead of time.. and bringing him a toy when we bring her home... but not really sure what else we are supposed to do!  Any advice veteran corgi + baby moms? :)

And finally, yes, we've picked a name.  We actually had a girls name picked out before I was pregnant.  I think I'll keep it a secret on the blog til the end if you don't mind... but for now, let's just call her 'Baby H'.   Do w/that what you'd like ;) (but please don't spoil it if you already know.. geez! ;) )


Whosyergurl said...

You are adorable. Gibson will do fine. I predict he will be very protective.
xo, Cheryl

Katie said...

You are the most adorable pregnant woman ever!! So happy everything is going well. Cant wait to read more updates. :-)

Builder Mama said...

You look fantastic! Rufus was 2 when our son was born. I had my husband take a baby blanket home from the hospital for him to sniff and he wasn't really interested. When we got baby home though, he was kind of freaked out by the crying. He would lay under the bassinet and every time the baby cried, he would get fretted and look at me like "WHY did you bring this thing home?" He avoided him for a long time but now they are best buds, 9 years later. :-)

Gibson is a good boy. He will be just fine and have a new forever friend.

Paige, Dexter and Violet said...

Um Kelly. Paige does not start with H. ;)

Trisha said...

You are so dang cute! =D
I wish I lived closer so that I could do some maternity pictures for you!

Jessica said...

I played videos of babies crying for my dog so he would get used to the sound! He would run all over the house trying to find the source of the sound, and when we brought our daughter home he was already used to the sound! I've also heard of people using dolls to mimic changing diapers so the dog gets used to it, but I never did that... You are adorable pregnant!!! Enjoy the second trimester!

Karen and Bailey said...

haha. reading the other comments, maybe you should buy a CD of babies crying.. (sounds weird), and play them to gibson so he gest used to it and wont bark. either that or get gibson to bark a lot now so baby H will know the sound when shes born (assuming they pick up that stuff!)

Ali said...

here are a few good things to start doing before the little one actually arrives:
1) play sounds of baby's crying. (think youtube)
2) start putting out baby toys, swings, exersausers. Anything that will be new to his environment and things that you don't want him touching. He can investigate it and become comfortable with it so when you have the little play gym on the floor with fun danglies for baby he knows to keep his distance and its not a new gibson toy.
3) sounds dorky but walk with the stroller- empty (or with a doll) *Very important- especially if your pup is skiddish
4) sound's a little mean but start being a little rough with him. pull his tail, ears, fur. pet him harder then you would normally, help get him used to spontaneous touch and movement. Correct if his reaction is poor and try again the next day. It may be a while before baby is pulling ears/fur but it will happen and best if he has had lots of exposure and knows how to react.
5) any area's off limits (ie: baby's room?) start now setting boundaries. Don't let him get all up in the stroller, crib, packnplay make sure he knows now- even before the baby that this things he needs to respect and keep his distance. that way when she comes she owns all that space and he will respect her.

message me if you have any questions!!
-Ali (Kylie and Jimmy's Mom)

Ali said...

Bringing home a blanket is a great idea, but make sure Gibson is calm when he is exposed to it and have your hubby hold it like the baby and make Gibson sniff not hold it in his mouth or anything and not get rough or excited. Otherwise when the real thing comes home you will have a crazy rambunctious pup trying to get all over new baby thinking it's a new toy.

Sharon said...

You look beautiful! Enjoy your pregnancy!

Aparna E. said...

You. are. so. ridiculously. CUTE! Congrats and I'm so glad you're on the healthy track! Have a great mini vacay!! Can't wait to hear all about it :) Enjoy this time! I'm told it's pretty sweet <3

Garden of Rambles said...

You look cute and healthy. Don't think you need to do much with Gibson. I had my kids a long time ago, but the animals adjusted. Had an Australian Shepherd when son was born and she just hung around and protected him from everyone but the family. Can't argue with that. Stay healthy.

Ashley said...

our corgi Murphy was about a year old when we brought our son home 2 months ago and she did great with it.
Dogs are very good at naturally picking up on the fact that your belly is getting bigger and you are bringing more "baby" things into the house, they know something is coming.
Before the baby, we had Murphy spend time with kids to make sure she wasn't going to go nuts. Before we came home with baby my husband brought her the hat he wore right after he was born and let her smell it and sleep with it so she could get used to the scent. My mother also brought him a toy the day we came home.
I won't lie, the moment I brought the baby in the house and my husband let Murphy out of the crate was crazy. She was so excited to see us (after not seeing me for a few days) and through the roof over this new little friend. She was a hyper mess wanting to kiss and love up on him...and corgi kisses and love is not nearly as gentle as humans'. I cried because I was so overwhelmed by how excited Murphy was and the fact that we were now home and didn't have nurses to help us out! But I soon realized that Murphy was an amazing "sister dog"...she would come over to him occasionally to make sure he was okay and then pretty much keep her distance. She's very protective over him, she doesn't mind when familiar people hold him but when people she's not used to hold him, she is right there "hey that's my brother, are you hurting him? don't you dare hurt him. Please give him back to Mommy" Its adorable.
The one thing you want to make sure you do during the whole newborn phase is neglect Gibson. I know it sounds impossible, but it can happen..I take care of Murphy everyday but sometimes I go a day or two without giving her a good petting...thank god my husband picks up the slack when I get swept up in a whirlwind of diapers, spit-up, breastfeeding and laundry. You will all do great, don't worry. You don't have to go overboard with "preparing" him because in the end nothing will compare to the day you walk through the door with that bundle of joy and Gibson lays his eyes on her! something that helped ease my mind was watching a few videos on youtube of corgis and babies together, it was heart-melting <3

Amy said...

Good for you for being such a consistant poster since the baby news!

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