Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from Vay-Cay

Hey guys!  Gibson and I are back from our little getaways.  Gibson went to "summer camp" at my parents house and Ben and I went on our "babymoon" to Indianapolis and St. Louis!


It was nice for one final road trip getaway before the baby comes along.  Although, it was super duper hot hot hot.  Especially the first 2 days in Indy.  We went to the Symphony on the Prairie on Friday night and an Indianapolis Indians game (minor league baseball) on Saturday night and it was sooo uncomfortably hot.  It was still fun though.   On Sunday, we drove through a monsoon on our way to St. Louis, which seemed to cool things down a bit.  It actually felt nice outside!  But, the heat came back on Monday, so we mostly drove around in our air conditioned car all day and then went to a Cardinals game at night! :)


Gibson was a good boy apparently and stayed by my parents and came when he was called :)  I missed him bunches almost immediately when we left him. It was nice to get a little break from responsibility.. for the last time.. lol.   He was excited to see us yesterday and actually followed us to the car and hopped in himself to go home w/us!  He usually wants to stay at my parents forever, but I guess he missed home :)

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and is surviving the heat dome.  Back w/normal posts soon!


Aparna E. said...

So glad you had a good trip!! That picture of you and the biscuit in front of the arch is so freaking cute!

Whosyergurl said...

Looking good! I haven't been to an Indians game for a long son and I used to go and would get the best seats for cheap! And Symphony on the Prairie? That is a long drive for me, now, too. I love Symphony on the Prairie. You look so cute!

xo, Cheryl

Laurie said...

So in love with that first pic!!!!!

Glad you had fun! :)

Karen and Bailey said...

omg i love that shirt. :) hahaahhaa... nothing beats a baseball-related outing. and that picture of the arch is way cool.

hope gibson had super fun from summer camp. does he have any stories to share???

Erin said...

The Washington Nationals have started doing an event called Dogs in the Park, where they have a separate area for people to bring their dogs to certain games. I'm hoping that it catches on amongst other sporting teams - it's a really cool idea! I'm such a snob, I'm way more likely to go do something if I can bring my dog.

Christine said...

Your photo under the arch is awesome...looks sort of surrealistic. Love it! Glad you had one more getaway before baby day.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time! Also, I just wanted to let you know I just mentioned you in my blog, because I just bought some corgi stickers :).

Here it is if you want to read about it...

Ashley said...

I ran across your blog while searching for Corgi info! :) I have a Border Collie mix who we have been trying to figure out what other breed she might be- and it's down to Corgi or Sheltie. Just wanted to say I love reading about Gibson!

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