Friday, July 29, 2011

Corgi Butts Calendar Deadline: Sunday! July 31!!

You have until this Sunday, July 31, to enter you photos for the Corgis Butts & Friends Calendar Contest! For more information, click here.

There have been lots of great entries so far, but please remember:  Only 3 submissions per person and those submissions should be high resolution (check your file size, it should be around 500k-3mb)!

I will start finalizing the calendar on Sunday night and hopefully announce the winners early next week! Oh and something kind of fun:  Since there are so many fabulous entries, I've decided to make some of the pages collages w/multiple photos! Which means there will be more than 12 corgis featured! Woohoo! :)

Also, you have until August 25th to submit for the big contest.. the Corgis (with blogs) Calendar!

I still have not received many entries, but I'm hoping you all are procrastinators (I am not..haha).  So, take those photos, people!   Submission info here

Have a great weekend!!!  Hope to see your photos! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Innova Giveaway!

A few months ago, I was contacted by Innova asking if I'd like to receive one of their sample kits in the mail.  Of course, I said, "yes!", so Gibson received some fun mail a few weeks ago...

Happy day!

Let's back up a second though.  I have to talk about the wonderful presentation that Innova sent..




Isn't that impressive??  I have a lot of respect for a company that is well organized!

Innova has been a leader in healthy and holistic pet foods for years. I  actually used to feed the Innova cat food to my hedgehog, Maeby! Their food & treats include lots of healthy benefits, including:

  • Made with healthful ingredients from all five food groups
  • Includes nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Preserved with Vitamin E
  • Contains a source of live naturally-occurring microorganisms normally found in a healthy digestive tract
  • Rich in important fatty acids

Sounds pretty good, no?  The kit included INNOVA Health Bars for dogs and some kitty treats, which I gave to a friend (and a new measuring cup for Gibson's food! Woohooo!).   So, how did Gibson like the treats?



One word:  NOM!   He loves them.   They are so special, that he has to take them into the living room and do a little dance w/them before he eats them.  Seal of Gibson approval, for sure!

Oh yes, and there were a few other things in the box of goodies:  Coupons for a free bag of food!  Which means, giveaway time!

The Giveaway
2 winners will receive a coupon for a FREE bag of Innova Dog or Cat Food (up to 6.6lbs).  

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and include a way for me to contact you if you win.  Sound good?   2 winners will be chosen randomly next Tuesday, August 2nd!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from Vay-Cay

Hey guys!  Gibson and I are back from our little getaways.  Gibson went to "summer camp" at my parents house and Ben and I went on our "babymoon" to Indianapolis and St. Louis!


It was nice for one final road trip getaway before the baby comes along.  Although, it was super duper hot hot hot.  Especially the first 2 days in Indy.  We went to the Symphony on the Prairie on Friday night and an Indianapolis Indians game (minor league baseball) on Saturday night and it was sooo uncomfortably hot.  It was still fun though.   On Sunday, we drove through a monsoon on our way to St. Louis, which seemed to cool things down a bit.  It actually felt nice outside!  But, the heat came back on Monday, so we mostly drove around in our air conditioned car all day and then went to a Cardinals game at night! :)


Gibson was a good boy apparently and stayed by my parents and came when he was called :)  I missed him bunches almost immediately when we left him. It was nice to get a little break from responsibility.. for the last time.. lol.   He was excited to see us yesterday and actually followed us to the car and hopped in himself to go home w/us!  He usually wants to stay at my parents forever, but I guess he missed home :)

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and is surviving the heat dome.  Back w/normal posts soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 25

Whelp, I am now 25 weeks pregnant!  Some of you have asked to see the bump, so here it is!

Yep, still growing!  I think I've gained about 15lbs so far, which is apparently right on track (though, it freaked me out a little at the doctors when she kept having to move the little weight farther down.. haha).   I'm currently in the 'honeymoon' phase of my pregnancy, which means there's not much to complain about.  I'm feeling pretty good and eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate :)  I've been keeping up w/exercising (long walks w/Gibson every day and EA Sports Active 2 three-four times a week) and trying to maintain a healthy diet (besides the ice cream and chocolate).   The bump is starting to get in the way (how exactly am I supposed to cut my toenails??), but it's manageable :)

The nursery is slowly coming along.  I bought a super cute lamp and made a diy crib skirt last weekend, w/help from Young House Love.   Pictures soon, I promise ;)

Ben and I have our 'babymoon' coming up, which we are exited about.  Just a short trip out of town, which I will tell you more about when we get back!  Gibson gets a little vacation out of the deal too!

Speaking of Gibson..  A lot of you have asked if we have been preparing him for the baby.  Nope, not really yet!   I think he's noticing my belly getting bigger and me slowing down, but we haven't done any real preparation yet.   We plan on bringing home a blanket from the hospital for him to get used to her smell ahead of time.. and bringing him a toy when we bring her home... but not really sure what else we are supposed to do!  Any advice veteran corgi + baby moms? :)

And finally, yes, we've picked a name.  We actually had a girls name picked out before I was pregnant.  I think I'll keep it a secret on the blog til the end if you don't mind... but for now, let's just call her 'Baby H'.   Do w/that what you'd like ;) (but please don't spoil it if you already know.. geez! ;) )

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kong Squiggles

It's been awhile, but I was recently sent a new toy to test out: a KONG Squiggle!

Kong Squiggles combine some of Gibson's favorite things:  It's plush, it squeaks, it stretches, and you can tug with it!

Gibson received the elephant variety :)

Kind of girlie colors, but he doesn't seem to mind ;)

And yes, he loves it!

Unlike other plush toys he's received that were immediately torn apart, this one does not have a stitch out of place after 2 weeks!  And we play with it almost every night!

He loves to see how long it will stretch out..

Here he is demonstrating how long it gets.  Isn't he a good model? ;)

So, all in all, I really like this toy!  It is pretty well constructed and FUN!  I think Gibson prefers his rope toys for really hardcore tugging, but for light play, he has lots of fun w/this :)   I recommend it!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

(Less Than) 2 Weeks Left to Submit! Corgi Butts Calendar!

2 weeks left to enter you photos for the Corgis Butts & Friends Calendar Contest! For more information, click here.

There have been lots of great entries so far, but please remember:  Only 3 submissions per person and those submissions should be high resolution!

Also,  just over a month left to submit for the big contest.. the Corgis (with blogs) Calendar!

I have received.. OH.. 1 submission for this so far :(   I had tons of entries by this time last year..  So, I guess if you submit, you have a pretty good chance at winning! haha.   Seriously, please submit.. I'm getting worried ;)   Info here

In Gibson news.. He's doing better!  He went 2 days w/o pooping though..but I guess he was just pooped out ;)  Hopefully he'll be back to normal soon.

Ok, that's it.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Waiting Game.. (or not!)

So, Gibson went to the vet yesterday.  I had never seen him so look so bad.  The first thing that scared me was that his weight dropped about a pound and a half since last time I took him in (about a month ago).  They didn't say anything about it, but yikes!  Anyways, he got his temperature taken (normal) and I told the assistant what was going on...

20 minutes later the vet came in and checked him out.  He was immediately concerned since he had just been in a month earlier w/the same problems and because Gibson yelped a bit when the vet touched his tummy, which he didn't do last time :( He started talking about possible food allergies  and then said he wanted to get some x-rays looking for a blockage and do some blood work to rule out pancreatitis and *gulp* addison's disease :(  I agreed, since I wanted my bubby get get better..  So, they took him back and I waited in the room for him to come back for another 20 minutes.

While he was back there, they gave him fluids (which made him look like the hunchback of notre dame) and an anti-vomiting/diarrhea medicine. The X-Ray was clear of blockages, but showed lots of extra gas (looked like little bubbles everywhere).. which I guess can be gastroenteritis?   And it also showed that his liver was kind of small.. which could have been because he was dehydrated or because of possible pancreatitis.  He then decided to give him pain medication for is tummy and sent us on our way (close to $500 later..).

I was completely freaked out that there could be something seriously wrong w/him.  As soon as we got in the car, he threw up on his bed and then he started panting.. and shaking.   I called Ben when I got home to update him, and could not stop crying.  I tried to compose myself and go back into work, but as soon as my boss asked how he was I started crying again, so she sent me home.  I'm glad she did because Gibson was still shaking and panting when I got back.  His tongue was hanging out and he just did not look right :( I called the vet (in tears) to see if it could be a reaction to something that they gave him.. but ALL the vets in the office had just taken lunch and wouldn't be back for 2 HOURS.  2.  I honestly thought he was seizing or having a heart attack!   I tried to calm him down by laying down w/him (pretty much in the spoon position) and holding his feet still.  

Eventually, his breathing slowed and the shakes were less frequent.  And THEN the vet called me back to tell me it was a side effect of the pain meds he gave him (couldn't you have told me this was a possibility?!).   After that, Gibson pretty much slept the whole day.  He seemed super out of it (I'm guessing whatever the pain meds he was given were super strong) and would sometimes wake up, walk over and look at me, then lay back down.    Ben and I were actually missing his barking :(

I was told not to give him any food or water until morning, so I could tell by evening he was starving... but also too tired to beg properly.  I was pretty exhausted too, so we both hit the hay at 9..

..and slept through the whole night!!  It was the first time since Saturday night that we had all fallen asleep and woken up in the same bed!  Without having to go out for pottys!  I woke up before my alarm because I was anxious to see how he was doing.  He seemed super tired still, but back to his old self (yay, corgi stretches!).  I let him out (to pee only!) and then fed him his stupid bland food, which he ate up and then drank a bunch of water.  We went for our normal walk and the only thing that seemed wrong was that he was more focused on finding more  food than chasing squirrels or bunnies.

So, when I started  writing this post, I was waiting to hear from the vet about his blood work...

Is I better yet, moms??

Well, Ben just called me and let me know it came back NORMAL!!!!  I am so happy!  I guess it was just an infection or something that he ate like usual (just a bad case of it).  Thank you all for your thoughts (again).  He will be getting antibiotics and eating bland food for awhile, but he should be his normal Gibson self soon :)  YAYAYAYAY! :) :) :) :)

(I actually had some fun blog posts planned for this week, but I guess they'll have to wait bit longer)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

He's seriously preparing me for an infant..

You can probably guess what today's post is about.   Yes.  Gibson is sick.  Again.

I don't know what to do.  I don't know what is causing it.  At the first sight of runny poops I switched him to a bland diet and cut off any treats.  He seemed to be doing better yesterday (a solid-ish poop! yay!), but then the runny poops AND vomiting went on ALL last night.  Now, he is just looking pathetic :(   Calling the vet when they open.   Blerg :(

Monday, July 11, 2011

Roly Poly Gibson

I think this is one of Gibson's favorite things to do.  The carpet is his bestest friend sometimes ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you talk to your dog? IN PUBLIC?

Hi Mommy, how was your day today?

Of course we all talk to our dogs.  Gibson is the best listener I know!  I talk to him like he is talking back (and a lot of the times I talk back for him).  Comes in handy when you are home alone and bored.   BUT I ask you this:  Do you ever do this in public?

Not around your friends or your family or other dog people.. I mean out on walks when you THINK you're all alone, and you're telling your dog that he 'took a nice poopy', and then.. BAM! Someone is 2 feet away from you watering their flowers and looking at you like you are insane.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you.  Please tell me I'm not the only one :)

I've also been caught off guard by people while cussing at Gibson (for eating cat poop) or just chit chatting w/him (It's a beautiful day, isn't it, Buddy?).  I usually play it off like it's no big deal and say hi to the person and then move on.   I mean.. doesn't everyone talk to their dogs?  I hope so, cause otherwise, it'd be really embarrassing when I got caught :)  

Do you do this?  Please tell me you do.  Pretty please?  ;)

P.S.  My little scare w/Gibson on Monday was just that: A scare!   He was completely fine the rest of the day and has been since.  Phew!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Calendar Corgi of the Month: Sammy!

on the wall

on my screen

Mr. July

Name: Sammy
Corgi Mom: Bri

Sammy Cuteness:

July Calendar Ideas
(it's a great time to take those photos for next year's calendar!)

- Summer
- 4th of July
- Picnics
- Pools/Swimming
- Beaches

Note: Every month I'll be featuring the corgi of the month on the "Corgis (with blogs) Calendar" and giving tips on the types of photos I'll be looking for for the current month next year.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

doggy hangover

My poor guy had a rough weekend.  He had a blast for 2 days, but it was just too much for his little body to handle.  This is what he looked like all day yesterday...


It started on Friday w/his birthday celebration.  We just kind of spoiled him and let him take longer walks and we hung out outside w/him and played w/him all night.  Nice and relaxing, but fun, birthday.  

On Saturday, we headed over to my parents house.  It was super hot, so we were in the pool most of the day.  Gibson had to be put in and cooled off at least 10 times.  Yet, he wouldn't take a break.  He was running around like a mad man the entire day.  At night, we lit off fireworks and he wanted to be right in on the action.   He does ok w/fireworks, but a few times he would actually try to run up to scare the fireworks away/protect us from them.  He is nuts.  But whenever we'd put him inside, he'd cry and scratch to get out.  What to do w/this little dude...   I stayed up pretty late for me (almost midnight!) and Gibson did the same.  Only, I don't think he slept at all.  Not even a single nap since he had woken up that morning.  I knew the next day was going to be  rough...

Sunday started off the same as the day before.  He was still being a nut and wanting to run around and play fetch and not stop.   Around 3 we headed over to my cousin's for a 4th of July party and I think Gibson was excited to get into the car so he could finally sleep.  Little did he know, we were going to even more excitement and people at another house.  I wouldn't normally have taken him w/us, but Ben and I were heading straight home from the party so we kind of needed our precious cargo w/us.  Well, Gibson was completely overwhelmed at this party.  I think there were at least 25-30 people there and about 6 dogs.  He was running around, barking at anyone who dared to throw a ball (playing bags or volleyball) and eating any food he found on the ground.  We only stayed for a few hours and I couldn't take it anymore, so we left.

Gibson was so dead tired that he couldn't even jump into the car to go home.  I hadn't fed him yet, so I threw a half cup of his food in his crate and then we headed home.

When we got there, the first thing he did was drink almost an entire bowl of water :(  I felt so bad that he was so thirsty for the hour and a half ride home.  Poor guy :(    We were all exhausted and all three of us went to bed before 9:30.

Yesterday, things started to get back to normal for Gibson.  We took a nice long walk in the morning and then he slept pretty much the rest of the day.  He had spurts of energy where he wanted to play, but I think sometimes that he feels like he needs to entertain me. I could tell that he was really actually very sleepy.    Last night, we were changing the sheets, and he couldn't wait to get in bed so we made him into it :)

So, I thought he was fine after a stressful weekend and just needed some rest.. but today was off again.  The first thing he did this morning was go out and eat a bunch of grass.... And then refuse to eat his breakfast... We took a shorter walk where he pooped 2 normal poops, then he came back in and ate what was in his bowl... but then I could tell he had a tummy ache.  He curled up by me and gave me the saddest eyes :(  Ugh! He is such a sensitive little guy!!  I let him out to see if he needed to go, but he just laid down in the grass.   He perked up later when I made myself breakfast and seemed fine when I left for work, so hopefully it was just a temporary tummy ache..  *sigh* we will see...

Hope everyone else had a nice holiday weekend and was less eventful for your doggy than mine was..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cake Eater

Yes, he enjoyed the cake ;)







Today, the birthday weekend celebration continues..   Hope everyone has fun family gatherings to attend!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gibson!!!

Today is Gibson's 3rd Birthday!!!   He is 3!  Which means 21 in people years.  Holy cow, isn't it about time you move out, dude? ;)   Ben joked yesterday that he'll give him some beer today, haha.

I thought I'd make Gibson a birthday cake this year, since I like to bake and I never have made a doggy treat before.   Well, it was kind of a failure.  I won't even share the recipe that I found because it was that terrible.  I knew something was wrong when the "batter" looked more like bread dough.   It turned out like a crumbly cookie mess.. BUT!  It doesn't taste that bad from a human's perspective, so I'm sure Gibson will gobble it up regardless :)   Anyways, here it is in all it's messy glory:


hehe, yummy, no?   It is a peanut butter and banana cake w/cream cheese frosting and goldfish topping!  I was going to give it to him this morning, but I apparently left my camera on all night last night and drained it's battery.  I will have to do another post showing him eating the goods :)

So, today will be a day of spoiling for Gibson.  I'm letting him run around "in his birthday suit" all day so he's nice and comfy.  We took a walk this morning and he went all sorts of weird ways and I let him chase a squirrel up a tree (in our yard, so I knew he wasn't going anywhere :) ) and also go say hi to his friend, Bingo, across the street.  

And now he wants my breakfast I'm eating.  Hang on dude.  You've got cake to eat later!!! :)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy boy!!  It's your last birthday as an only child ;)
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