Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sick Boy Update

I'm happy to report that Gibson seems to be doing better since the vet.  I'm not 100% unworried yet, but I'm a little bit less worried.

The first day was really hard not being able to feed him.  He was just so confused as to why he wasn't getting his dinner and 5 billion treats that he normally does.  I had to cave and give him a tiny bit of the food the vet gave me.  The vet tech told me I could!  I swear!  haha.  She said she knows how hard it can be w/those eyes looking at you, so it'd be ok to give him a couple of meatballs of food... so I did :)  He was definitely not satisfied from it though.  He just begged and begged and begged for more food.  He laid by the trash can in the kitchen for most of the evening because I threw the top of the can of food in there and he wanted to lick it.  Poor dude.  He didn't poop that night, but I figured he wouldn't w/what happened that morning + the lack of food.

Yesterday morning, he was up and ready to go and he wanted FOOD.  I was excited to give him some so we woke up before my alarm went off and I let him out to pee.  I watched to see if he'd go eat some grass (like he does when his tummy is upset), but nope! He SPRINTED back inside to get fed :)   So, I rolled his antibiotic pill in some food and gave it to him then fed him his 1/4 of a can of food... which was gone in .01 seconds flat.  

A little bit later we went for our walk and he pooped.. and it was solid!  Woohoo!  We walked after that and he seemed happy and content the whole time.. if not super duper hot.. seriously... this is how we have been feeling the past few days:


Anyways.. the rest of the day pretty much went like normal.  Gibson begged and begged for everything I was eating.  I skipped our walk when I got home from lunch since it was 95 degrees and just fed him immediately instead.    After that, I got a little bit worried because he just curled up at laid on the couch next to me instead of wanting to play like normal.  He looked so sad, but I'm not sure if it's just because he was mad because we didn't walk.. or confused why we didn't.. or he was upset cause he wanted more food?  Not sure, but it kind of worried me, so later I tried to get him to play..   He didn't really play much, but he had the most slap-happy look on his face and he was acting super silly...

Hi Mommy! Why so serious?!

I'm just a silly guy!

I'm thinking he just doesn't have as much energy, since he is getting less food and has had a rough few days.. plus the ridiculous heat!  Hope that's it at least. We took him for a walk later when it "cooled off" a little and he pooped another solid poop (yay!).

This morning he wanted to get up at 5:30 to eat (joy!) so we did and when I took him for a walk, his poop was solid, but kind of odd looking.  It might just be from the change of food though.  We'll see.  I'm going to let the antibiotics do their thing before I jump to any conclusions :)

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.  Gibson's a lucky guy to have so many supporters :)  I'll keep ya updated.


Aparna E. said...

Aw! Well I'm glad he's feeling better or at least acting like he's better. I hate when they look at you with those eyes. Ugh. gets me every time. Sending more hugs to you both and hope he has a full recovery soon! <3

dglvr3 said...

Yay! So, happy to hear - we love those little sweet babies so much and when they are feeling out of sorts, we are, too!

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Gibson looks so happy :D

Paige and Dexter said...


Stephanie said...

I've dealt with colitis. It should clear up in a few days. Keep his diet bland so his GI can heal. Depending on the antibiotic he got (we got Flagyl, which is common for colitis), it could change the smell and taste of his food. So if he's on Flagyl or a similar antibiotic that has a side effect of altered smell and taste, don't worry. It will stop when he's off of it. But it will also make him not want to eat as much or become picky.
You seem on top if it all and I'm sure he'll be back to normal in a few days.

Carleenp said...

Glad he is feeling better! Ty had a pretty bad bout with bacteria once and bounced back quickly. :)

Trisha said...

The fact that he is not wearing a Cardinals collar is really stressing me out and making me unhappy. lol hahaha

I'm glad that he is feeling better! :)

JulieandCaleb said...

I am soooooooooo glad to hear he's doing better!

Sending good vibes your way, and hoping you send the heat mine! It is COLD in CA, and it's June. Ridiculous!

The Bee Charmer said...

The heat is hard, hard, hard... especially in a fur coat. I'm glad he's feeling better!!

Nurse Amy said...

Poor Gibson, and poor mommy! Glad he's doing better. My guy just came off a two week course of antibiotics. I gave him some plain yogurt, the kind with high amounts of active cultures, with his vets approval, to help his GI system. He really loved it. Antibiotics tend to kill off the good bacteria in the digestive system and the cultures help restore balance. I had to cook white rice for him for a few days and ground up some cooked meat.

Hope all is well with the expectant mommy,
Magic and his mom

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Poor boy! And you must have been scared to death. I'm so glad Gibson is feeling better. Like Nurse Amy, we give our dogs yogurt, too. They have theirs in the morning with us...they can't wait!
It's so hard to deny them when they're hungry...poor little guy. Maybe some homemade yogurt popsicles for Gibson?

Laurie said...

I'm glad Gibson is feeling better! So scary. I hope he is still doing well :)

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