Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snack Time

I have a new favorite treat to give Gibson.. It's the snack that smiles back...


This is another pregnancy thing of mine.  When I was feeling really sick.. Goldfish were all I could stomach.  Now they are a nice little snack when my tummy starts growling (which it is doing more often than ever! You'd think there was another person inside me ;) ).  


Anyways, I kept my box of Goldfish on the coffee table, and every time I reached for them Gibson was very interested..  So one day I let him have one.  And he is in loves!   Not that that is any big surprise... but actually, after thinking about it, they make a pretty good dog treat!


The ingredients are dog friendly, and they are fairly low in calories.. I would compare them to Charley Bear treats... Only cheaper than Charley Bears! And those are pretty cheap treats to begin with!   I got 3 large boxes of them at Costco for about $7.  That's quite a bargain for pupper treats (even if they really are just human treats..).


So, in conclusion, Gibson gets Goldfish crackers as treats now.  I love them, he loves them.  It's a bonding experience ;)

Are there any other people treats that you think would be good for dog treats??


Aparna E. said...

The only people food Gryff is allowed to have are apple slices (with no seeds of course) and pineapple. He LOVES pineapple. He sits next to the couch drooling until we give him a tiny piece. Pineapple helps with their digestion so we don't feel it's a bad treat for him to have :) I think he likes the sweetness from the pineapple and the crunch of the apple

Amanda said...

Cody really enjoys raw baby carrots. It's so funny when I give him about 3-4 and he'll whittle one down then move on to another one, so by the time he's finished, I have all these baby carrot corpses in my living room. He does go back and finish them off after about 10 minutes, but it's still hilarious-looking!

Whosyergurl said...

I try not to give Chelsea people treats. This might be a good one, though. Love the pic of the goldfish with Gibson in the background. xo, Cheryl

Jessica said...

I don't know if they're good for corgis, but Winston (and I) love Munchables. They're like ritz cracker/pretzel chips and they're awesome and Winston goes crazy for those... more crazy than he does for most other people food, except bananas which are his favorite treat ever.

Karen & Bailey said...

lol agreed. Bailey loves goldfish too - and its suprising how much CHEAPER human food is vs. dog food (even the good natural stuff - even baby crackers that are also great too - like the teething biscuits - which im sure gibson will be tasting too!). hehehe.

Oh! and we wanted to share with you that another blog we read (not corgi related, but is a money saving blog locally) is hosting a header competition and its the second time she has posted it so im guessing she has not had luck.... and i remembered you were in graphic design so i thought, hey, kelly does that!

the prize is only $75 - but if you are in the business, she'll advertise for you, etc.


Laurie said...

I am sure Sadie would enjoy these as well. She has pretty much made everything a "Sadie" snack haha.

Peanut said...

Goldfish may be a no-no for Peanut, but I love those crackers!

Lindsey said...

first - OMG! congrats you're pregnant! Big Huge Congrats! second - OMG! that is the perfect sized snack for Jasper! Great idea!

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