Friday, May 27, 2011

Good Luck Charm

I'm a White Sox fan.  Have I mentioned this? Well, I am.  I've been into them more so than usual so far this year.. since I'm pregnant and have nothing better to do w/my time ;)  Anyways..  I've really wanted a Sox collar for Gibson (and Ben wanted a Cardinals one for him.. sorry, I win!), but I could never find one that was martingale style.  I asked Pam from Big Doggy Bling if she could make one for me last year, but she could never find the fabric for it.

Fast forward to this spring when out of the blue I received an email from Pam letting me know that she found White Sox fabric and all I had to do was buy it and send it to her and she'd whip me up a collar!  Sweeeeet, right?  I followed her instructions, and a few weeks later, this little beauty showed up at my doorstep:
(the collar, not the Gibson)

Love it!


AND.. I should knock on wood while I say this.. it seems to have brought some luck to the team...*knock on wood*  They were going through a HORRIBLE slump the first month of the sesason and THE DAY that I put the collar on Gibson, things started to turn around.  *knock on wood*  Now they are starting to look like a real baseball team again, so yay!

(haha, I just noticed the wine bottle rolling around in the background.. we're classy ;) )

So, keep up that good luck, Gibson!  You are not allowed to take this collar off til October ;)

Do you have any superstitions involving your pet??  Or is it just me? I did the same thing w/his Colts collar a few years ago :)


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Very NICE ... n good luck! I wore red yesterday to cheer the Bulls (Oh! Well). Mmmm we like the CUBS. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Aparna E. said...

Heck yeah! I put on the Michigan State bandana during all MSU football games. It doesn't always work, but it puts me at ease knowing he's a supporter too. When he has to put on the gross maize and blue one, I weep a little haha.

corgimas said...

Are you going to have to figure out how to Gibson to put on a "Rally Collar"???

Amos, our cardi, holds passion for the Red Sox......

Kelly said...


I suppose I could just flip it upside down!!! :)

Karen and Bailey said...

good luck to the white sox this year! bailey and i are big sf giants fans (his collar is on in the header pic), anyways! when they were in hte world series last year, i made it a point not to have bailey wear anything or white.... (phillies and rangers colors) - and instead we had a toy that was red blkue and white and asked bailey to shred it to pieces, which he did.,.. and look what happened! :D

Lynsey said...

My little Penny has a Green Bay Packers jersey that we got her last fall. She was wearing it during their big Super Bowl win, so she'll definitely have it on for luck at all of this next season's games!

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