Thursday, May 12, 2011

Calendar Poll

Yep, it's almost that time again! 2012 Calendar contest time! That is, if you all are still interested in participating.. I'm thinking of changing things up a bit this year and wanted to get your opinions first.  If you could take the time to answer the questions below, I would be super grateful :)

Here we go..

1. Would you still participate if there was no free calendar as the prize?  This eats up over $200 of total donations collected for corgi rescue (BTW, this year's calendar was able to donate $500 to the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.. $200 more than last year!).  Digital Calendars will still be given out to winners, since they don't cost me anything.  Is this ok? Or is the free calendar the main motivation for you sending your photos in?

2. How did you feel about the voting process last year?  Would you like to have finalists and vote again, or would you rather I just pick the winners by myself (and not have 30 finalists).  Is voting in the comments ok, or would you rather have a more sophisticated poll?  I've decided that I will not do a second calendar for the finalists not making the main calendar this year, if that sways your decision at all :)

3. While I won't do the second calendar for the finalists, I AM thinking of doing a second calendar for people who's corgis do not have blogs (although, those WITH blogs can participate as well)!  Which would be called... Corgi Butts!  Which would feature... pictures of corgi butts!  What do you think of that idea?  I know a lot of people feel left out every year because they do not have a blog.. or they start one up for the sole purpose of getting in the Corgis (with blogs) Calendar and then never update it.. so I thought this would be a good idea.  Or do you think it would take away from the other calendar contest? Or get confusing? Also, would you care if this one's profits did not go to corgi rescue (in other words, I get paid from it :) ).. or should it definitely be donated?  Please be honest!  :)

4.  Is it annoying that Gibson pretty much automatically gets his photo in the calendar(s), just cause I'm the one in charge?  Or am I allowed to do that? haha :)

Ok, that's it I think!  Please let me know your opinions! Thanks so much!!!! :)


Chelsea said...

1. I would definitely still enter! I've never entered before, but getting a free calender isn't the reason I would send in a photo. It's more important to me that the money goes to a good cause! Plus if Maestro's picture were in a calender it would give me an incentive to buy the calender AND donate money at the same time :)

2. I like the idea of getting to vote from the 30 narrowed down finalists. Makes it interactive! Also I am indifferent to how the voting is done. Whatever is easiest for you.

3. Hmm, this does sound kind of complicated. I have a question though: If I have a blog that I talk about Maestro in (but it's not solely based around him) does that still qualify as a corgi with a blog? Or would I have to enter him in the butt contest?

4. It's your idea! You should be allowed to include Gibson!

Paige and Dexter said...

1. I will absolutely still participate.

2. The voting process seems good to me! I think having finalists actually makes it more exciting and fun to look forward to, so I would leave that in.

3. I think having two calendars is a perfect idea! I personally wouldn't mind at all if you kept the profits from one, you are the one doing all the work after all. Corgi Butts is a good idea :)

4. It would be annoying that Gibson got in automatically IF his wasn't so adorable and the pictures sucked. However, your pictures of him are always amazing and he's super awesome, so in my eyes it's totally fine!

Aparna E. said...

I wanted to participate last year, but I didn't know how! I only stumbled upon your blog when the calendars were done!

I'd like to participate, and I have a blog, but I don't update it nearly enough. I also don't have a blog solely devoted to Gryff, but he's a big part of it. I think it'd be cool if anyone with a Corgi could participate in some way.

I think a Corgi Butts or just Corgis calendar would be cool!

Gibson is too cute not to include :) Just sayin'

Any information that can be given for the calendar contest would be great!

Kelly said...

Chelsea & Aparna, I've always considered blogs that sometimes feature corgis to be corgi blogs, so you can absolutely enter the Corgis (with blogs) Calendar contest if you would like! :)

Katie said...

1. I would still enter even if no calendar is given away. I think its a great idea and I use the digital one more than I thought, and LOVE IT!

2. I loved the idea of voting it became a community thing between all of us blogs and was a lot of fun

3. A 2nd calendar would be really cool (for the non-blogger corgi) I do think it would get a bit confusing, but you always spell things out so nicely that I think the rest of us would kow exactly whats going on. And profits for you?- You deserve it!

4. And yes Gibson should most defianley always be in the calendar(s).

Thank for doing all that you do! Cant wait to start picture for 2012!! :-)

Airplane Food Critic said...

1. I would enter either way.

2. I was not part of the voting last year.

3. I like the idea of having a non-blogging corgi calendar because I do not blog but my corgi is super cute (in usual corgi fashion). If you are already giving donations from one calendar I see no problem with keeping the money from the second.

4. You are allowed to put what ever you please into the calendar. This is an even better reason to have two calendars...more corgis!!

Julie said...

Overall I'd say you do a great job, and whatever you decide will be the right thing because it's something you do for charity! If someone doesn't like it, they can just make their own calendar.

1. Yes, I don't think a free calendar is the draw so much as having a their dog in a calendar. Digital copy is cool.
2. The voting process was "fair", but it isn't like mycorgi, or some community. It's something you put together yourself, so I'm ok with you choosing the pics. I trust your artistic eye more than the masses. :p
3. Love the corgi butts calendar idea. For the blogs calendar, it might make sense to require the blog being active for a year, or having so many posts in a certain timeframe, just to combat the non-bloggers. That would probably put me out of the running, since I haven't posted, but that's what I get! :p
4. I think it would be crazy to leave Gibson out! You are one of the most active corgi blogs, and the organizer. It wouldn't make sense to leave him out!

Boo's Mom said...

1. No free calendar is good. More for the cause.
2. Voting is good.
3. I like the blog requirement. No matter what you do people will be left out and will complain--are you SURE you even want to do it at all??
4. Gibson should absolutely be included no matter what! You do all the work for goodness sake!

I am so enjoying my calendar. Thank you!

Kat Randall said...

I'm so excited to enter this year!

1. I will absolutely still participate. I didn't last year so even a free digital sounds great!

2. I would like to vote, always fun to participate :)

3. I like the idea of having a calender specifically devoted to corgi butts!

4. Gibson is a cutie :) maybe he can just be in the corgi butts one tho to mix it up? but i;m fine either way :) exciting!

Still Miranda said...

1. We love corgis, free calendar or not. I'm still gonna enter!
2. I agree with Chelsea about the 30 finalists, the interaction makes it more fun.
3. I have no opinion really.
4. You make the cal, your dog goes in! I think it's a no brained that Gibson is in it! I'd do the same thing!

Good luck! We can't wait to enter!

Laurie said...

1. Totally cool to just get a digital calendar as the prize.

2. I like the voting, but I'd rather it be more secret, so we don't see everyone's votes. I'm not going to lie, it makes me sad if people don't vote for Sadie haha. So I'd rather not see that!

3. I think a second calendar for non-bloggers is a great idea, too! And I would be totally for you getting proceeds from that one, because you do A LOT of work on these!!!!

4. It's not annoying at all! I would do the same thing if it was my calendar!

Carleen said...

1. No need to send a free calendar. It is more important to send the money to charity.
2. I kind of like voting. I don't care how you run it.
3. I don't have a strong opinion on the second calendar, but I like the butt pictures idea.
4. It's run you. Gibson is expected to be in it!

Carleen said...

I meant run "by" you in number 4 of my comment!

Karen said...

1. a free paper calendar is definetly not necessary, sicne most of us really want to buy it - but i agree with laurie, a free digital copy would be great !

2. yea! secret voting, perhaps on a website or something! or using some poll service.. but not sure how that would work... i think we , the readers should still be voting for sure - since everyone has different tastes and the calendar is for all of us!

3. non blogger calendar - not sure if there are enough entries to do that? but u would know better than I - but sounds like a great idea if there will be enough participants!

4. you deserve some pay, but i would think that a majority of it should go to a rescue org (like over 50%). i would not be bothered if it wasnt corgi related, as long as, well, four legged fuzzy things were benefiting from it :)

Ashley said...

1. Digital calendar is a great prize in itself. The money going to charity is more important for the printed versions, and I think we all like to contribute to that.
2. Voting in secret is more fun, and like Laurie said, it is kinda sad if you see your pup isn't getting votes! =] Takes the sting out of it if the voting is private.
3. The second calendar is a good idea; butt pictures is a good idea (maybe an inset picture of the "front" though too so we can see who it belongs to!) =] Maybe partial proceeds should go to charity, but I definitely think you should get something for all your work!
4. We expect Gibson to be in it! Plus, he's a cutie pie, so we don't mind! =]

Brynwood Needleworks said...

1. I agree. No free calendar needed. Charity first.
2. Secret ballot would be my preference.
3. Non-bloggers (and a second shot at donations) is a great idea. I also like the idea of using "fuzzy pants".
4. But of course, Gibson should be in your calendars! It's expected. ;-)
Thanks for asking!

Rachel said...

1. Would you still participate if there was no free calendar as the prize? Totally fine with that.

2. How did you feel about the voting process last year? I think each dog should only have one picture entered into the finals. I'm with Laurie makes me sad when people don't vote for my pooch.

3. I think the CorgiButts calendar would be amazing!

4. I think it's fine that Gibson is in the calendar. I think he's a cutie!

Amy said...

1. I don't need a prize to participate... although Winnie and I ARE excited to submit some material... we've been thinking about it all year!

2. I think voting is cool but doing it in the comments sections is a little crude. If there IS a better system, I'd use it. If not... I'd be okay with you making the call.

3. You do the work... Gibson get's a spot. I think that's fair. :-)

Nurse Amy said...

1. I would participate! I would be doing this for the first time. I'd say the maximum amount of $$$ to the Lakeshore Rescue or CorgiAid or whatever animal help organization is the best thing.
2. Same voting process would be fine with me.
3. It would be nice to have a second calendar for those of us who don't think we are clever enough in the blogging department but would love to submit photos of our furbabies.
4. I think Gibson has a rightful place in the calendar every year since you do the work that goes into it, meaning he "sacrifices" some of his "love time" from his mama while she works on it. In fact, maybe he should get to be the cover boy every year. Next year, you could put a picture of him along with his new baby brother or sister -- awwwwwwww!!!!
Thanks for asking for our opinions.

Nurse Amy said...

One thing I forgot to say--I agree with those who say it's kind of difficult to see your pooch not getting votes, so not having the votes visible is best. Since all of us know that our own dog is the cutest, smartest, and all around best dog on the planet, it's hard to see them not getting their "fair" share (meaning ALL) of the votes :-)

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