Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

Gibson and I have declared it, "International Corgi Day!"  Time to treat your corgis like the princes and princesses that they are ;)

What Royal Wedding?

I could kind of care less about the Royal Wedding.. I was actually up in time to watch it if I wanted to (couldn't sleep), but decided to lay in bed and try to sleep instead.. then I watched a recap of it in 5 minutes :)    Kate looked absolutely beautiful.. now, can we all go on w/our lives? :)

Anyways, the one thing I did actually enjoy about all the wedding hype, were all the fun corgi things popping up everywhere in promotion of it!  Corgis are the Royal Dog, of course, so they should be honored today too.

You've probably already seen these, but here are some super cute ads to promote the wedding using corgis!!  Sooooo cute :)

Oh and apparently they are adding a corgi to Farmville soon!  Not that I play it.. but if I did, I'd be pretty stoked :)


Did you get up to watch the Royal Wedding??  Will you treat your corgi like royalty today?? :)


Aparna E. said...

AMAZING!! Gryff is always treated like royalty haha. He was asleep most of the morning :P He'll be more into it later I'm sure. Gibson looks so cute!

Laurie said...

I love that commercial!! Haha. I love how corgis are truly royalty there. Sadie surely gets treated like a princess everyday though :) In fact, apparently her name means princess! HA.

Angela said...

You and Gibson outdid yourselves today! That's over the top! Love Gibson looking like royalty! He is you know! hehehe

Here's something that I thought was funny. There is a man at our church who is fairly new that is from Britain. I told him one day that I have a corgi. Thinking he would squeal in delight over it. He said what. I said I have a corgi. I'm sure you've seen lots of them where you are from. The look on his face was so funny! He then said I'm a cat person! lol I said something like I thought they were the official dog over there and that there would be lots of them everywhere. He said no.

So, the next time I go to the Mexican place I'm going to ask them if they know what a chihuahua is! lol

That corgi :) said...

LOL, Koda is treated like royalty every day of his life!! Loved Gibson all decked out and I loved the cake commercial (had seen the other one on another blog a bit before).

We didn't watch the royal wedding, his royal highness was still sleeping contentedly hogging the bed; what a life he has!


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