Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food Review & Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, Pet Botanics asked me if I'd like to do a review/giveaway of their new dog food, Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food.  I, of course, said, "Sure!" and last week I received 3 5lb bags of the stuff.


Gibson wanted some...


I am ever so cute, please give me!

Healthy Omega comes in 3 flavors.  



And Lamb:

I must say, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a dog food, and this food impresses me.   1. It has no corn, soy, wheat, added fillers or artificial flavors or colors.  Off to a good start!   It's grain free as an added bonus and uses peas and other veggies and fruits as the main carbs.   A whole protein or "meal" is the number 1 ingredient in each flavor and it also contains essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids (hence the name) for healthy skin and coat.   Oh, and the coolest thing of all: The bag is made of Eco-Friendly Compostable materials!  Cool, huh??

Gibson loves it..but that is no surprise.. :)  I mix it in with his Wellness and he digs around to pick out the pieces of this food first to eat!

5lb bags are available at Petsmart for $14.99.  A perfect size for trying out a new food.  Hopefully, they'll get more sizes soon!


You can be one of 6 winners to be sent a 5lb bag of Healthy Omega Gourmet Dog Food to try!

To Enter:

Simply answer this question in the comments below: What have you done with your dog to help the environment?

You must live in the US to be eligible to win. Please leave your email or blog so I can contact you. 6 winners will be selected randomly on Earth Day! Friday, April 22!  Good Luck!


Rebecca Pugh said...

Guess I put my answers here! Always pick up her "number 2's" and put all that extra corgi undercoat outside near the birds so they can make some super soft nests!

Anthropologi Of A Corgi said...

We use our friends' water bottles as toys to put in Peanut's toys. She loves the crunch sound and we are glad to put those bottles to good use!(Not bottle caps of course!) We feed our Peanut the same as you feed Gibson so I am interested in this new food. Since she had bladder stones we are always looking for food alternatives.

Rachel said...

We saved up the dog hair from brushing and sent it to the people helping with the oil spill last year.

Bones is an amazing digger and has already decided where my garden will go this year. (I count that as him helping the environment and motivating me.)

We also are lucky enough that we can walk to the vet and save on gas in the car.

DIRR said...

I always use recyclable "pick up" bags for Nala's & Cosmo's "business". And I use eco friendly bath products from "Earthbath". They come in recyclable bottles and are biodegradable and environment friendly.

DIRR said...

OOOOps!! I meant to say that the "business" pick up bags are biodegradable, not recyclable. LOL :P

Kelly Lopeman said...

No matter where we go I make sure to pick up after Willa. We walk to the vets office which is two blocks away!
I try to make sure all products used on her are enviromentaly friendly. Old collars and leashes find new uses.

Vanna said...

I love reading your blog. I am a "new" corgi mom. I got Hercules a year ago next week and he will be 2 years old July 4th. I especially love the comments of the eco-friendly ways. Me and Herc walk everywhere withing a 2 mile radius instead of driving. I always pick up is stuff with the biodegradable bags I get from my job. Although I can say I never thought of giving birds his undercoat! That is a great idea! I will do that tonight!

Thanks for putting all the information up! I love my corgi with all my heart! I can not wait to add another to my family!

Aparna E. said...

Great giveaway!! I always pick up after Gryff and we use biodegradable bags after he TCB's. We also get his toys and treats from a store in town called Green Pawz, which is an eco-friendly store!

Karen said...

My 2 corgis and I do a lot of walking, I always pick up after them, and use a food that comes in an earth friendly bag, and brush them outside so the birds can use the hair for nesting.

Ju Luzzy said...

Whenever Sammie and Riley take me for a walk, I pick up whatever litter is by the road and leave the excess Corgi hair by the bird feeder so that they (or the squirrels, who bully the birds any chance they get...) can use it for their nests. We also use the water and soda bottles as kongs...all little things, but we try to do our part!

(giulia at gatlinburghomes.com)

Francisco said...
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Aj said...

We use environmentally friendly dog shampoo and towels/frapping to dry off. :)

Caroline said...

I use flushable dog bags! The sewer system is set up for poo, whereas the garbage is not. This way everything is handled the most efficiently and best for the environment.

Tara said...

We recycle my animals (dogs, cats, chickens, rabbit) empty feed bags and turn them into tote bags, which we sell for our charity "Coco's Cupboard" that helps families with financial hardships feed and care for their pets so they can hopefully keep them :)

Jane said...

I have a lovely Planet Dog eco-friendly leash that I bought from your opensky shop. :) I love the softness of it. And if it would ever stop snowing I would love to give the birds the tufts from Luke's behind right now!

That corgi :) said...

that sounds like a good food to try, especially now that Koda has diabetes and we should be watchis his carbs.

Honestly, we are so bad about helping the environment, BUT we do always pick up his messes no matter where we are at.

cool giveaway!


DSS said...

We donate the toys that Louis doesn't "love" to animal shelters, rather than throwing them away. We've encouraged our friends to do the same. We also have purchased a travel water bottle & bowl for him so that we don't have to use a disposable one when traveling.

And finally, his poo bags are biodegradable. We spend a little bit extra to purchase them..but feel much better about it!

*Lisa Marie* said...

We pick up trash as we take walks around the neighborhood!!

Emily said...

We use biodegradable baggies while we walk with Wrigley.

meanasever said...

I feed raw so there are less bags & less waste going to the dump

Katie said...

This looks like an awesome give away! We help the enviroment by picking up the #2's, and when possible we put them in my dad compost pile, for his gardening. We also put all the extra corgi fluff under the trees for other little critters to use. We also reuse water bottles for drinks on the go, and plastic bags from the stores for the picker-upping.
Congrats again on your big news! Im looking forward to hear and see more on that note. :-)

Steffi said...

We use biodegradable bags!

DSS said...


I just wanted to say thanks again for the great giveaway! Louis' dog food arrived yesterday, and we actually received all 3 bags that you show on the blog. It was all I could do to get the bags to the basement before he ripped them open :) I can't wait to give him a taste!


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