Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's New


Well, it hasn't seemed like anything too exciting has been going on here lately (I haven't even taken any photos!).. but I suppose some of you may be interested in what Gibson has been up to!

Let's see.. um, well last night he woke us up to poop 3 times.  Fun stuff!  I actually ended up sleeping on the couch so I was closer to the door if he needed to go out again.  Not sure what that was all about.  Here's hoping for a less poopy night!!

This past weekend we went to my parents house and Gibson had the time of his life.  We got to take the fun walk through the woods around the lake for the first time this year and guess what he did... He JUMPED in the lake!  I know, I couldn't believe it.  My mom always chucks the ball for Coal across the lake onto the other side..and she jumps into the lake, swims across, finds the ball and swims back.  It's impressive.  Usually, Gibson just stands and cries and barks until she gets back, but this time he jumped in!  With no hesitation. And got some air!  It was awesome.  Another moment where I wish I had my camera.. but basically,  he looked like this:

Get me outta here!

...only picture cold murky lake water instead of a nice warm pool.  He was so excited to jump in, but as soon as he did he swam out a tiny bit and then circled around with that look on his face like, "holy crud it is freezing!"  He still thought he was pretty cool though ;)

Spring is finally starting to pop up and Gibson is a happy dude.  Walks are way more fun now that it isn't freezing.  We now walk 2 miles almost every morning!  It is crazy, but it makes Gibby happy.  He gets so sad when I do not walk the way he wants to go (geez, I'm a pushover).. so we keep going.  I can't complain though.. it's good exercise and it lets me spend more time with the pup!

Spring also means it's chucking season!  Playing fetch outside is way more fun and gives Gibson a much better work out..  which means less whining to play and an earlier bedtime.  Score!

Well, I think that's it for now.  Hopefully there'll be more to talk about soon!


Laurie said...

Aww so fun! Sadie loves the lake at our dog park. Can't wait until she will be able to go in again.

And 3 poops? Wowza! I find it impressive when Sadie goes 3 times a day, but in one session?? What did he eat?? LOL.

I took Sadie on a run last weekend, because it was finally nice out, and she gave up after awhile and laid down in the middle of the street. I gotta get that girl in shape!

Kelly said...


He ate the normal stuff, which is what was weird! I think the problem was that we didn't really go on a walk yesterday evening (it was scary windy). Apparently that messed him up.. haha.

Aparna E. said...

I also can't wait to get home. I've been on a work trip and had to hear from my fiance the incredibly cute things Gryff is doing. They've been playing fetch outside though and when it isn't freezing rain, going on long walks. I can't wait to start going back to the dog park (we go in the winter, but nearly as much as the spring/summer). We're such pushovers with Gryff too. He'll start whining when he doesn't get his 2 or 3 walks each day. Or when he can't play fetch. Such a baby. But I love 'em!

Spring weather also means he can go swimming!! I love how Gibson looks like a little otter in the water. :)

Rachel said...

Samson has ridiculous allergies this time of year! I want to walk more since it's warming up, but he needs to stay inside as much as he can. I had to put a cone on him today to keep him from scratching his runny eyes so much. We have a vet appt next week, hopefully that'll help him out. =(

Amy said...

It's been pretty boring around out house, too. Makes blogging a little tirck, huh?

Boo's Mom said...

Nice to read your update. How fun that must have been to see your boy jump in the water!

Karen and Bailey said...

happy belated st pattys day, and yes! walks are defintely more fun at this time of year.. except not so much for me because i have allergies. :)

happy spring!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

OMG, he's so brave! Bryson would never jump into water like that :) I agree that this long-awaited spring weather makes for some happy campers here :) Enjoy!

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