Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

That's what they're calling it.  Or Snowmageddon, SnOMG (my fave), The Blizzard of 2011™, Snow City, etc.  The biggest snow storm since '67.  Did it live up to the hype?



I'm not sure how much snow we got, but it's so windy that in some places it is up to my butt.  It's nuts.  I went to take Gibson for a walk this morning and he wanted nothing of it.  He just pooped and ran back to the back door.

I get to work from home today (yay) so we went out a little later and I threw his ball for him and of course, snapped a billion photos :)   Enjoy!









How did everyone else fair with the big ol scary storm? :)


Amy said...

Great pictures, Kelly! We still actually snowing (and blowing around pretty good) in Michigan so I took a few photos of Winnie from the window. Yours look teriffic though. Stay warm!

Paige said...

Send it to us! I wanna stay home too!

Gibson has nice snow pants :)

Dozer and Coop said...

Gibson? Gibson? Where are you? New game - find the corgi in the snow drifts! LOL!

Love, Dozer and Cooper

Kat Randall said...

Gibson looks like he's having a great time! Lilu would freeze, we're cold at 40 degrees!

DIRR said...

Picture # 3 is my fave! Love his corgi pants!

Angela said...

OMG! You can barely see Gibson the snow is that deep! Great pictures! Down here in West Virginia where I live we just got rain. It's very windy today and the temperatures are supposed to drop but we didn't get any snow out of that storm.

Stay warm!

Laurie said...

Such great pics!!! I love "SnOMG" haha. We didn't get any snow in this storm...just ice. So that's fun lol.

blindmaximus said...

What kind of camera do you use? Those pictures look really great. ...Or is our Corgi just not as photogenic as Gibson? BOL!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

This is exactly the snow scene we have in our back yard.
Corgi kids have fun no matter the weather!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Exactly what I did this morning. I had Lots of Golden FUN FUN. Be Safe. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Lindsey said...

hahaha I haven't heard snOMG, but now it's my fave!!! We've had a few of these storms in Boston already. Jasper LOVES them! Awesome pics!!!

Life With Corgis said...

No snow here! We have actually been quite dry so far this year...not unusual for the desert, but weird all the same. So, anyhow, why do corgi's love the snow? My two love, love, love the snow!

jenfuj said...

LOVE these!! I wonder what henry would do in the snow. He'd probably say, forget it!

Kelly said...


I use a Nikon D40 w/a VR lens :)

Caroline said...

We're in the Chicago area and our poor Corgi, Cody, was so over the snow after the first ten minutes. We had some fun playing once I got in there with him, but it was just so exhausting for him! Love the pictures!

Caroline said...

I wanted to amend my comment with saying if you wanted to see Cody in our snow, you can hop over to my blog and check it out. My pictures aren't as great as yours, but they definitely show what a trooper Cody has been in all of this snow!

Tish said...

Wow, he loves the snows. Even digging for his bone! Hahah. You might wanna check out relevant info here for dog lovers

Laila said...

I love the snow pictures...he love snow and having fun of it...He is so cute playing on snow...^_^

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