Monday, February 21, 2011

Scarves for Sidney + GIVEAWAY WINNER!

If you are a fan of Corgi Butts on Facebook, you  may have seen me mention Scarves for Sidney a few weeks ago.  Basically, Sidney is a corgi who needed an expensive surgery last  year and now his mom, Geri is giving these bandanas away in exchange for a small donation to help pay off the bill.  Well, I received Gibson's bandana this weekend and I love it!   Isn't he such a cute model? :)





Julie (from Corgi Tails & Bananas for Bourbon) is the one who sews the bandanas for Geri and she did an amazing job! It is such high quality and the perfect size for corgis :)  To learn more about Scarves for Sidney and maybe get one of your own bandanas, click here!

AND NOW, time to announce the giveaway winner!

And the winner, chosen by,  is....

cstironkat who said...

I would get a new dog bed for my older dog and I would look for one that was especially made for older pets.

Congratulations, cstironkat! Please contact me at ksteck23(at) to claim your prize!! :)


Karen and Bailey said...

such a great idea. made me tear up a bit thinking about it. We'll email them!

Bailey and Cali - Two Pups, One Tale said...

awww, *tear* this is very sweet...will check them out for sure...

Briese said...

Aww he looks so cute wearing his scarf! And Sidney is such a great dog, I'm glad that you are helping to spread the word to help out Geri, his mama.

Luna will be getting her scarf from Geri this next weekend, so I'll make sure to post a pic of her too.

That corgi :) said...

What a cute idea with the scarves; Gibson looks stunning in his. I'll have to go and check it out!

(thanks for your comment about Koda; I have to say it was quite of a shock)


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