Friday, January 28, 2011

Window Cling Giveaway WINNERS!!!

This morning I made a random list of all the entries and then picked 4 random numbers from the list.. and (drumroll please...)   the winners are:

JuLuzzy who said, "I would put one cling on the Corgimobile, i.e. my hubby's Jeep, that has been taken over by our 2 fact, there is enough fur in there to make a third Corgi! The three of us (the 2 Corgis and I) always have to fight over the passenger seat(and you know how it ends...I end up with 2 Corgis on my lap!). And the other one I would stick on the window at work (I am sure the boss wouldn't object: he's a dog lover too)."

Rachel who said, "Where would I put my cling? It's a toss up between on my car and on the window of my classroom door so all my students could see it. (My students know I love corgis, they've bought me a corgi calendar and keychain!)

What would I do with the second one? I would either give it to my husfriend's mom with the extra corgis with blogs calendar I have or I would give it to my mentor teacher who has 2 corgis of her own."

Paige who said, "I would put one on my car and give one to my Japanese teacher to put on his car. He has a Corgi too, and she's bilingual. Knows commands in both English and Japanese!"

JuLo who said, "That's easy. I will put one in my car, and give the other to my very good friend, who just happens to be the mom of Theo's bestest Corgi friend, Sidney! Her car has every Corgi bumper sticker you could think of, and she would love to add this to her back window, I know."

Congrats, winners!!!  Please email at ksteck23(at) with your name and address to claim your prize!!


Paige said...

So excited!!

Amy said...

Corgi Butts has the best stuff... way to be Kelly!

Peanut said...

I might have not won, but I can most definitely buy! Thanks for the contest anyway! :)

Rachel said...

Kelly you are amazing! (Gibson is pretty awesome too!)

Thanks for all the great contests you do!

Paige said...

I just bought 3 things from your CafePress shop. I'm having a Corgi withdraw day. I miss Dexter so I bought myself Corgi presents. Naughty human...

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