Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bye Bye Opensky.. Hellooooo Digital Calendars!

So, that title doesn't really make sense, but anways.. :)

Last week, I received an email telling me that OpenSky will be changing things, and you now have to have 4000 followers and only sell merchandise geared towards  women interested in health & fitness.  Well, THAT is not happening anytime soon..

I am bummed. I really liked being able to select fun dog products that I thought were interesting and that you all would like :(  And Gibson LOVED getting new stuff in the mail all the time.

Why, mommy? Whyyyyyyy???

I just wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to buy anything from my shop before it closes.  They told me March, so I guess you have about a month.   I don't make very much money from this, so don't feel bad about that.. I just liked being able to share these things with you.   OHHHH WELL..

Here's a link to my dying shop:


I was asked if I could remind everyone how to buy the digital version of the calendar!

Click the calendar link above in the navigation, or click here!   I think that is all the info you need :) hehe

Have a great day!!


Carleen said...

Hey, I recognize that calendar dog! :D

I had an open sky shop for a while and then got rid of it. It didn't convert well at all, which surprised me since I thought the concept was decent enough. The promotion styles between myself and open sky didn't always mesh either. Interesting that they are going to all women's oriented products. That was what mine was. Anyway, after I left, the same items started converting for me again when sold through affiliate links directly on my site.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I just posted on my blog about the Open Sky scam we were all wrapped up in if you want to read it:

Total bummer :(

Lois said...

How dumb can you get....and frankly, tedious. Sorry to hear it, Kelly, and everyone else dumped..

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well, that's just the pits, isn't it? Love the look of the digital calendar. Oh Gibs looks totally bummed and dejected. Sigh.

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