Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buh Bye 2010...

Helloooo 2011!!



Time to hang your  2011 Corgis (with blogs) Calendars up! Stay tuned for a special post on our calendar boy of the month, Ty!! :)


Doesn't he look great on the wall?? :)

2010 Resolutions Update...
So, last year, I made some pretty good resolutions, and I'm proud to say that I stuck to them the whole year!  Yep!  I took care of myself like I said I would.  I totally changed my diet.  I eat a full breakfast every morning,  eat greens every day, eat less meat, and eat way less junk food w/preservatives.  I gave up pop AND coffee.  And I've never felt better :)   Oh yeah, and exercise.  I do that now :)  In fact, I even trained for and ran a 5k in November!  Look!

I'd love to say that I was way out in front of everyone, and that's why I am all alone, but I was pretty far back in the pack (couldn't believe how fast some people were!).   But I didn't come in last!  I came in at 32 min 11 sec, which I guess isn't bad for your first 5k.  My goal was to finish and to run the entire time, which I did, so yay!  

Training for this race made me fall in love with running.  I haven't been able to run for about 3 weeks because of the weather, and I now have dreams about it!  I miss it so much :(  Exercising indoors is just sooo boring.

If you are at all interested, here is my totes awesome (although, Ben may beg to differ) ipod playlist for running ;)  It makes running so fun!

So that is it or my resolutions for myself..  I also said I'd do some things for Gibson! I think I did a pretty good job spoiling him!  I took him to the dog park like I said, and he got to play on agility equipment (the class didn't work out.. :( ).   And he got tons and tons of hugs and kisses and butt loads of treats!  Resolutions: accomplished!
Molly Mutt Dog Duvet
thanks mama!

I haven't come up with any resolutions for this year yet, but maybe soon..

I hope everyone has the best year ever!!!!


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

Thanks for the New Year wishes! I hope you have a fantastic year too!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Few people can say that they met so many/all of their resolutions. Girl, you should be button poppin' proud of yourself. Here's to you and corgis world wide..hip hip hooray and let's all have a grand new year!

Whosyergurl said...

YOU ROCK! I am so proud of you for running the whole time! I ran through my twenties and am now doing a walk/jog but for now feeling good about where I am with it.
I love Gibson's bed!
Happy New Year!
XO, Cheryl

Chelsea and Wilson said...

Ah! I love your ipod playlist! Have a good new year!

Laurie said...

Nice job on the 5k!! I wish I could say I love running now, but I still hate it haha. And thanks for the playlist!! I always need good playlists :)

Peanut said...

Woah, in picture two. Gibson has so much butt fluff there. Just so professional. My new year resolution is to stop traveling on my skating spins and master my axel! Nothing corgi-based right now, but yay 2011!

Karen and Bailey said...

hey kelly! i love your running song selection :) and congrats for finishing the 5k. I've only finished one in my life.. and i really want to get into running too - i have a couple of pounds i could shed myself. now only if us corgi bloggers lived closer togeter we could go with our dogs! hmmm.... been thinking about agility class for bailey too - but his recall command isnt quite up to par with the rest i think... .... well see. happy new year!!!!!!!! our calendar is up as well!!

Boo's Mom said...

Happy New Year! Thanks again for all the fun with the calendars, and for being so gracious as to make two calendars so everyone (especially my Darby!) could win. My calendar is hanging on my partition wall at work.

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