Monday, August 30, 2010

Calendar Contest Deadline: Tomorrow!

Remember to get your calendar entries in!  Tomorrow, August 31st is the last day to submit!  Click here for more info

Wednesday or Thursday I will post 30-40 finalists (there are just sooo many amazing ones to choose from this year!) for the calendar and ask you to submit your 12 favorites!  Then, on Tuesday, September 6 the final calendar winners will be announced!!  Good luck everyone and get those last minute entries in! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's talk about nut butter!

Yes, this does have something to do with Gibson.  All corgis love nut butters.  Duh.  Or maybe I'm having a love affair with nut butters at the moment and want to tell the world! :)

But really, Gibson does love them.  Like LOVE loves them.  Lovvvvvvvvvvvvves.



But yes, I am kind of addicted to this stuff at the moment.  My fridge and pantry are overflowing w/the different types of  buttahs.. so I thought I'd share my favorites..

Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter
This stuff is my favorite.  It pretty much tastes like peanuts in cream form.  Delish!  And I love this brand because it is totally natural w/no added sweeteners or oils!  It's just peanuts and a bit of salt.  Plus it's available at my local grocery store.  A lot of grocery store brands have gross hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup  in them. Yuck :-P  I usually grab a spoonful of this with a few chocolate chips on it as my lunchtime dessert and then let Gibson lick the spoon when I'm done :)

And all the rest of these I put in my oats in the morning! Or spread them on muffins!  They also come in handy when I have to give Gibson an allergy pill.  Just add a little nut butter coating around the pill :)

Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter
This stuff tastes like frosting! It's so good. It's almonds so it's way less salty than peanut butter. Plus, it has flax and hemp seeds, which are so good for you.  This company also has a Pepita (pumpkin seed) Butter that is out of this world!! Available Here

Nuttzo PF (Peanut Free)
This stuff is awesome!!  Instead of peanuts, it's made up of cashews, almonds, brazil nuts and hazelnuts. And it bumps up the healthfulness by adding in pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds!  I love the chia seeds.  They had a fun texture to the butter (think little gel balls) and add so many health benefits.   I feel great about eating it and letting Gibson eat it! Plus, isn't the upside down jar cute? I can't figure out if it's supposed to go that way or if the label is just supposed to be upside down! :)   Available Here

Artisana Organic Almond Butter
If you want almonds in cream form, this is where you can get it!  Very smooth and creamy and tastes exactly like a yummy sweet almond!  Available Here

Artisana Organic Coconut Butter
And now for something completely different: Coconut butter!  Hey, it has 'nut' in it's name :)   And it's good for you!  I love to add it to smoothies or to my cold oats.  And what is cool about it, is that it melts when it's warm and hardens when it's cool!  Stir it into something cold and you get coconut chips!  So much fun.  I've read this is great for dogs in small amounts, so Gibson gets a little bit every once in a while :)  Available Here

Is anyone else as obsessed with nut butters as I am?? Is your dog?? :)  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Dog Walking/Collar Accessories! :)

What's more fun than new accessories?  Even if they are for your dog ;)

First up, I received this awesome Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash with a Fleece Lined Handle!

I absolutely love it!  It's environmentally friendly (gotta love Planet Dog!), heavy duty (big and thick!), durable (washable!) and super cute (Isn't the fleece lined handle adorable? It's comfy too!).   I actually feel more in control of Gibson using this than I did with my leather leash that I've used for the past 2 years.   The leather leash would actually stretch with Gibson if he pulled on it, this one won't budge!  If I move one way he is coming with me :)

I just added this to my OpenSky shop if you are interested!

Next up, I bought this neat-o dog tag, that actually attaches directly to Gibson's collar!

You may remember that I had "collar issues" with Gibson, which mainly stemmed from the fact that he hated the tags dangling off of it (and we hated the noise they made!).   Since then, we fell in love with martinagle collars  AND also took his tags off of his collars and attached them to his leash..   Which worked fine..  Until I read this blog post from Tonya at The Bee Charmer.  Wow did that open my eyes! You just never know what could happen if your dog got loose!  I highly recommend these tags if you are in the same situation that i was in.  Not only are they helpful, they are beautiful!   It definitely dresses up Gibson's collar!  Plus, it stays in place on the back of Gibson's neck (or wherever you attach it).  Sooo happy I found this!

Available at Boomerang Tags :)

What kind of leash do you use?  Does your dog wear dog tags on his/her collar?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Max: Gibson's new cousin!

This past weekend, my best friend came to visit for some fun girl time!  Which means going to wineries, fun lunches and shopping!  Oh and martinis.  Or whatever you want to call the girlie drinks that are served in martini glasses ;)   Always a good time!  This time around was a little different though, since she brought someone else with her... her new puppy, Max!

Max was adopted by my friend just a week before!  She was volunteering at a Humane Society and fell in love (which is why I have never been to our local Humane Society ;) ).

He and Gibson got along great!  Of course that is until Gibson became totally sleep deprived and became a Mr. Grumpy Bugger as usual.   But before that, they did great :)

I likes him, mommy!

Max was soo good.  Especially since he had never seen grass or been fed a treat until the week before (no accidents in the house!).  Poor little guy.   He is also considered 'special' since he is missing one of his front feet!


He doesn't let that stop him though!  Check out the two new BFFs in action!:

Oh and P.S.  Only 1 Week left to submit your calendar entries!!  For more information, click here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

2 years ago today...

... was the first time I held my Gibson puppy...

...he had his first long car ride with us...

... and made his way into our home!

Happy Gibsoniversary, pup-o! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


*wuf*  What's that? *wuf*

*woooooooooooooooooooooof wooo wooo woof* OMG IT'S THE WORST THING EVER!! GET OUT OF HERE WORST THING EVER!!  *wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof*

*wuf* Yeah, you better run.  Punk. *wuf*

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, it's that time of the year!  Gibson's allergies are flaring up like crazy.  He was fine up until two days ago when started licking his feet.. and then, the scratching, the running eyes and nose and the crazy rubbing of his head on the carpet started.   Ugh.

This happened at the exact same time last year and he ended up looking like this:


And soon after this, his head had all these little bald spots on it where he scratched himself to death and his feet were bald from chewing.  He had no more eyeliner on his eyes until winter.  He even ripped some whiskers out and would be bleeding from his face :(

I'm trying to be proactive and scratching him gently myself when I see he has an itch and getting a kleenex for him when he wants to blow his nose so he doesn't get rug burns on his face (I'm sure this sounds ridiculous).   I picked him up some benedryl  and have been giving him small doses of it.

I just hope having been through this before will help so he isn't as miserable this year :(

Does your dog have seasonal allergies?   Do you have any tips or natural remedies for them?  I really hate to be giving him benedryl :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Weeks Left to Submit! Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar Contest!

2 weeks left to enter you photos for the Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar Contest! For more information, click here.

Just a friendly reminder that you are allowed to submit this year even if you won last year :)  AND you can still submit more photos even if you have already submitted some!

Also, I will be doing things a little bit differently this year.  After August 31, I will choose 30 finalists.   These finalists will be posted on the blog and then will be voted on by YOU to select the final 12!  What do you think of that idea??

That is all for now :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paws it Forward!

'Last week, Katie from All that Jazz received a Paws it Forward package, which is basically a fun way to send gifts to other dog owners! After she received hers, she posted about it and then she said she would send packages to the first two commenters... one of which, was me! :)

My package came on Saturday and Gibson couldn't be more excited! He thinks anything I get in the mail is for him, so when it actually IS for him, he is ecstatic!




I must say, Katie totally spoiled us!!


First, we got this cute squeaky teddy bear, which Gibson loves! I will be on my computer and all of a sudden hear him squeaking the bear like crazy :)


Next, a funny stuffed yellow face guy that also squeaks! We play fetch with him! :)


And another Skinneez! Which has already found it's place draped on Gibson's back ;) He adores this one!


Oh and more for me.. A foldable travel bowl! I've totally been wanting one of these forever!!! And I forgot to photograph these, but she also sent some mini natural balance rolls! Gibson freakin' loooooovvvves them :)

At the bottom of the box I found this card..

What special something was for meeeee??


Gah!!! Can you believe it!? I about died when I saw this! A corgi painting!!


Thanks soooo much Katie!!

Do you want in on the fun and receive a package of your own for your dog and then 'Paws it Forward' to someone else?? Be one of the first 2 commenters and leave me your email address/blog to contact you and you're in!! :) (I'd suggest using (at) instead of @ so spam bots don't steal your address!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bark For Life Recap!

This Saturday was Bark for Life!  We were able to donate $125, which isn't bad :)   Any amount to help in the fight against cancer is a good thing!

This year's event was at the local dog park that we normally go to, so we were excited about that!  What we weren't excited for, was how HOT it was.  Ugh, it was a scorcher.  Last year's event fell on the same weekend of August and it was freakishly cool (around 55 degrees and super windy!).  This year was in the high 80's, humid and SUNNY.    We normally do not go out much during  the mid part of the day in the summer, so we were not used to this...

It was also way less organized this year than last year.  None of the ACS people seemed to be enthused to be there.  Last year, there were tons of vendors with free stuff, raffles, a sound system, photographer, donuts and much more.  This year, there was one vendor, free bottles of water, and that was it :(  They had to yell at us the opening speech... And the walk itself was just HOT.  The dogs were all dying. We were supposed to do 4 laps around the perimeter of the park, but everyone gave up after 2. Ah well.. (edit to add: the highlight of the walk for me was when one of the other walkers said, and I quote, "I love Corgi Butts!" hehe, I had to stop myself from geeking out and telling her all about my blog and website!)

But, like I said, we were still excited to go to our local dog park :)  The first thing Gibson did when we got there was run up the dog walk in the agility course!


Apparently he loves this thing!!


We tried the tunnel again, but he kept jumping in and jumping out the same way.  Goofball :)

We met some other doggie friends, and of course Gibson had to say hi to the biggest dog there..


I don't know how you could own something this big!!  Oh and this guy wasn't fixed.. which was quite comical (and disturbing) to me.  No pictures of that, sorry :)

Gibson also found a little Westie to play with...



Who you may recognize from the mini corgi meetup that I organized in April!

It's so cute when dogs see each other after a long time and seem to remember one another!!

After the walk, the ACS crew tried to organize some games for the walkers..  Best Trick and Fastest Through the Agility Course.  I must say that everyone else there was a downer because I was the first and only one to volunteer for both.  They had to beg other people to participate!   Sheesh.  Have some fun, people!   Gibson wowed everyone with our "sit, down, roll-over, spin-in-a-circle, high five" routine that we've mastered :)  And we also made it through 3 of the 5 agility (equipment thingies? What would that be called? lol)..  The two jumps are just a TAD high for him at this park (like 2-3 feet off the ground!) :)

So anyways, it was an OK event, but could have been better :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gibson's New Backyard

We built a patio about a month ago!  We needed it.  Before we had it, our backyard was basically Gibson's pee hole, which didn't bother him, but he didn't know what he was missing  out on either...  He loves his new hang out!

To back up though...
This is what our backyard looked like when we bought our house:

 The previous owners had ripped up a porch and were planning on putting something else there but never got around to it.   Oh, and that pole thing.. That is a clothesline.   We did not want the darn thing in our yard, so Ben decided he'd try to dig it up one day.  Only problem was that the morons who put this in the ground used 3 cubic feet of concrete to do so.  3 cubic feet. Maybe 4. Think about that for a moment.  We're talking a 500+ lb ball of concrete in our backyard.  After calling all of our new neighbors over to laugh at us give us advice about what to do w/this huge thing, we (Ben) ended up breaking off as much as we could from the rock and then burying the rest back into the ground.   Fun times...


We were not fans of our backyard.  We knew from the beginning that we wanted to put in a patio, but some other more important things came first.   Because of this, our yard ended up becoming a weed garden...

Needless to say, I was STOKED to be putting in this patio in July.

It was a lot of work.  We had to dig, dig, dig and shovel, shovel, shovel.  There was so much rock and dirt and pavers all over our yard.

Luckily, we had the help of Ben's parents and in 3 and a half days, we had this:

And after a little mulching, hosta planting and furniture shopping, we now  have this:

I love it :)   And Gibson loves it too (don't worry, there is still a grassy area for him to pee and play fetch). I love to read out there and he'll sit out there with me and take a nap or guard the yard for squirrels.  We haven't been able to use it as much as we would like yet, since the mosquitos this year are insane!!  Are they disgustingly swarmy where you guys are too?

I thought I'd commemorate the patio opening w/a little photo session of Gibson and I:

It took a few (ha) tries to get it right..


I think I was going to stab him at this point! ;)


And, ta-da!! :)

Have you made any backyard improvements this summer??
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