Monday, June 28, 2010

The Kong Wobbler

Gibson is a lucky boy. Last week, we were sent a KONG Wobbler to review. And Gibson fell in love. And got smarter. And ate lots of extra food in the process ;)

The Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a pretty neat little (ish) gadget. It's in the shape of a standard Kong toy, but it's made of a hard plastic. The base of the Wobbler is filled with some sort of sand that weighs it down and makes it (wait for it) wobble! Kind of like those Weeble Wobble toys you used to play with. It wobbles but it won't fall down ;)

The top part of the Wobbler screws off so you can insert treats and food into it and there's a small hole for the treats/food to fall out. Screw the top back on, set it in front of your dog and watch them bat it around and eat the yummy surprises that fall out!

Well, sort of.

We had to teach Gibson how to do it. Which, I'm guessing you will have to do w/most dogs (unless they know how to read the directions/watch demonstration videos). We played w/the Wobbler by batting it down w/our hands until a treat would pop out. Gibson was intrigued, so he licked hole, hoping that would magically make things fall out. We batted it down again, and again and again and gave up. About an hour later, we tried again, but only batted it down once and left Gibson alone (while spying on him from the couch). Eventually, Gibson was so curious that he began to put his nose under the Wobbler to tip it over. And he tried again, and again, and then... a treat! Ben and I told him, "Good boy!!", which made him so proud of himself that he kept going and emptied out the toy in about 10 minutes.

4 days later and he pretty much a pro at this. He will now bat it down with his paws, just like mommy and daddy did. At first I was afraid that he was too small for it (the package says for dogs 25lbs and up and it's almost bigger than his head), but he has it under control, that's for sure. It's really a great way to 1.) Give your dog something to occupy his time when he's bored and 2.) slow down eating! I have actually split up his meals and put half of his food in the Wobbler to finish. It works great!

Obviously, Gibson gives this 2 paws up. We both love it :)

Here he is demonstrating how it works:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar Contest!

This is my 200th post!! I thought I'd do something special for it. So here ya go ;)

I am now accepting entries to this years calendar contest! The only requirement is that you have a corgi & a blog (that hopefully is about or features your corgi from time to time). The goal of this project is to show love for our corgis, help promote each others blogs, and to raise money for corgi rescue! We were able to donate $300 last year. I'm hoping to at least double that this year!

One minor change for this year.... There will also be a digital version available! For $5 you will be able to purchase 13 digital versions of the calendar pages for your desktop's background image, complete w/a calendar of the current month, plus the name and blog of the featured corgi! There will be different sizes available to fit your screen's resolution. Pretty cool, eh? :)

The Details
  • Each month will feature a corgi's photo, it's name, your blog name & web address!
  • 100% of the profits will be donated to the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.
  • Winners will receive their choice of a free Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar and a Digital Calendar or they can choose receive just the Digital Calendar and have me donate the cost of the printed calendar to Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.
  • I would like to feature a different corgi/blog every month, but the most important thing is to have high quality images, so it is possible that a corgi may be featured more than once.
  • The calendar will be ready to go for the holiday shopping season!
Submission Guidelines
  • All entries should be emailed to ksteck23(at) - replace (at) with the @ symbol - no later than August 31, 2010.
  • You may submit as many high quality photos as you like.
  • When you submit your entries, please include your dog's name and your blog's name & web address.
  • You can send low-res versions of your photos as entries, but the original photos should be at least 11.25" wide and 8.75" high at 300dpi to ensure the highest quality calendar.
  • Photos received may be cropped and resized and edited to fit specific calendar sizes and guidelines.
  • You will retain the rights to your own photos, and can still submit them to any other contest, sell them, or use them however else you like!
Photo Tips
  • Photos w/just corgis (no humans) will be more likely to get accepted.
  • Photos can be from previous years if they are your best photos.
  • Outdoor and season specific shots always work well!
  • There can be multiple corgis per photo submission.
  • Pembrokes, Cardigans AND Corgi Mixes are all acceptable.
  • View our Corgis of the Month so far for tips on submitting great photos geared towards each month!

So there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some awesome photos soon! Please spread the word!! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My swimmer

Gibson and I both took mini vacations this weekend. Ben and I traveled to both Indianapolis & St. Louis (lots of hours in the car!) and Gibson stayed at my parent's house (aka, the Doggie Resort). Apparently, he had a great time swimming this weekend..

When we went to New York in May, I heard all about Gibson swimming and how he would actually jump in the lake and swim after Coal when she would fetch a ball. This was exciting news for me because I usually have to 'throw him in' to get him to swim. The next time I was there, I wanted him to get in the water because it was so hot, but he would not go in by himself, so I just set him down in the water and let go. Here's what happend:

Yeah, Coal decided to jump on the poor guy trying to get out of the water! Haha, he was ok though. I was afraid that he'd never want to go in the pool again though after that.

I was wrong. I got a call from my mom over the weekend, telling me that Gibson had just jumped in the pool by himself, swam all the way to the filter, swam back and got out by himself! What a stinker! I miss all of his moments of swimming glory! I also heard about how my mom would be in the pool and Gibson would decide to walk along the edge of the pool like a dork. My mom pushed him in the water to scare him from doing it again and that was the end of that.

We picked Gibson up yesterday and he was quite exhausted once again. He slept pretty much all day yesterday and was probably excited for us to leave to go to our softball game (at which, we saw 3 corgis who I've met before at my last mini corgi meetup!! Very exciting!!). He's always sad to leave the Doggie Resort, but I think he's also relieved to come home so he can nap all day and lick all of my dishes and chase bunnies :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kong Rocket and Kong Zinger

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to have been asked to test out and write a review for two new toys by Kong: the KONG Rocket and the KONG Ring Zinger:

Kong Rocket & Zinger

The Rocket is basically their version of a "ChuckIt". It allows you to pick up balls without your hands and throw them farther and with more ease than your arm alone. Gibson was already a fan of these before this one showed up, so I knew that he'd go crazy over it. What makes the Rocket special, is that it can pick up both large balls and small ones because there is a purple adjuster to fit any ball size (which works well most of the time, but I have had to readjust it because it 'falls down' while throwing sometimes).

Kong Rocket

It comes with 2 Kong Air Dog SqueakAir balls (normal size and large), which dogs just LOVE. They are super duper squeaky and bouncy and they will also float. Loads of fun. Gibson usually kills the squeakers of the smaller ones within 5 minutes, but the bigger one is a just a TAD too big for his mouth, so it's harder to destroy ;) He still loves to play w/them once they no longer squeak though. I think it's fun because they are soft and squishy in their mouths, unlike normal tennis balls.

It works great, but it does not go quite as far as the ChuckIt allows you to throw it. If I throw as hard as I can, the ball just kind of 'pops up'. I think it might be because of the 'air vents' on the side of the Rocket. For short distances though, it is great! We have a small yard, and it is perfect for throwing 20-30 feet. I feel very much in control of where the ball is going to land (so it doesn't wind up going over the fence into the neighbors yard!). The short distance is perfect for Gibson's stubby legs too ;)

Kong Zinger

The Zinger is a good concept. A bouncy rubber donut that will 'zing' every which way when it is tossed and will float in water. Gibson totally does not get it though. When I throw it he will run and then stop and be like.. uh, why do I care?? He has yet to completely chase after it or even pick it up! It is also kind of hard to use. You are supposed to pick it up on the INSIDE of the circle (NOT how it is shown in the photo above) and every time I've tried, I've had to do it by hand instead. Maybe another dog would like this, but it's just not for Gibson :(

Here is Gibson demonstrating just how much he likes the Kong Rocket:

And here he is showing just how much he could give a hoot about the Zinger:

And so I don't leave anything out... Here he is w/the Jumbo Kong SqueakAir Ball. He has a hard time getting it out of his mouth (he discovered that yawing does the trick!), but loves it! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tricolor Gibson

This is a photo of one of Gibson's new baby brothers that his breeder just sent me:

And this was Gibson in the first photo I saw of him:

Spitting image, no?


Must. Be. Strong.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sicky Boy

Why do our dogs do this to us? Why can't they just be the same happy & healthy dog, day in and day out, 24/7? It's stressful, I tell you.

My little guy gave me quite the scare yesterday morning. It started Monday evening when Ben spotted a yellow splotch on our rug. At first we thought it was pee, but closer inspection determined that it was vomit. I thought, "Ok. Just an isolated incident. Nothing to worry about, he seems fine."

We went to bed and I could barely sleep (not because of Gibson, but because I was thinking about the softball game we played earlier that night.. Yep, we're playing coed softball this summer!). I literally only slept a few hours before I woke up to a slurping sound. I reached down for Gibson to see if he had puked, but couldn't feel anything wet (sorry, gross). About any hour later, I heard it again so I got up and saw it. A pile of puke right on our down comforter. Joy.

I cleaned that up and took Gibson out to pee. He seemed ok, came back and ate and then we went for a walk. THEN, he started to look bad. He just kept pacing around and laying down, not wanting to move. We weren't far from home, so we just turned around and went back. Once we made it inside, he just looked miserable. He actually looked like he turned 'white' and was just swaying back and forth trying to walk. I knew he was going to puke, so I just rubbed his back and told him it was ok.

8 piles of puke later, I started freaking out. There was just so much that came out of him! He looked so skinny, like he immediately lost 5 lbs:

I was so afraid, but I decided to keep calm, grab some towels and a bowl of water, pick up any rugs, and keep Gibson secluded in a room w/no carpeting while I went to work. I couldn't wait to get back to check on him. Once I got back for lunch, he seemed better, but very sleepy and HUNGRY! I was afraid to feed him anything, but decided I'd boil him up some ground beef and rice to fill his tummy. He gobbled it up and kept asking for more. And more. And more.

I took his hunger as a good sign, but the real test would be when I got home from work at 5 and took him for a walk to make sure his poops were solid. And they were! So, it seems like he must have just ate something that upset his tummy and he got it all out himself! Joy (for real)! :)

Today, he is back to his normal Gibson self. Very hungry and very hyper! He barely had any exercise yesterday, so I need to make it up to him today. I am so glad I did not overreact and take him to the vet. Saved myself at least $60 :) And hopefully, no more scares for me w/him the next few weeks, sheesh!

So what was the cause of this? I'm thinking one of two things: The barely cooked egg yokes I let him clean off of my plate from an egg sandwich I had for lunch (I am bad, I know!!) OR tree berries! Ugh, I hate those things. There are certain trees w/berries that fall off and stick to the ground..and Gibson must eat all of them. They just started falling off on Monday and he ate quite a few before I could stop him.. so maybe they were the culprit? Whatever it was.. I hope it doesn't happen again for a lonnnng time (or ever).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Calendar Corgis of the Month: Benhur & Frodo


Mr & Mr June

Name: Benhur & Frodo
Corgi Mom: Zoe

Benny Cuteness:

June Calendar Ideas
(it's a great time to take those photos for next year's calendar!)

-Outdoor activities
-Father's Day

Note: Every month I'll be featuring the corgi of the month on the "Corgis (with blogs) Calendar" and giving tips on the types of photos I'll be looking for for the current month next year.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


he's fine :) Gibson seems completely back to normal from his Sunday scare. While he started off kind of shaky yesterday, a visit from my parents and Coal completely snapped him out of it. He was happy and playful and back to his guard dog self. Only thing bad is that he does remember that the guy across the street scared him, so whenever he is outside, Gibson will bark at him. Hopefully, that will stop soon too.. Kind of rude of Gibson ;) Other than that, he has walked by their house and has been fine, so yay!

Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice yesterday. They really do help me when I am freaking out over Gibson!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend :)
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