Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kong Tugger Knots - UPDATE!

Well, it has been a month since I first reviewed the Kong Tugger Knots, so I thought it's about time for my promised update :)

As a reminder, here is what the toy looked like when we first got it (after a day of play):

And here it is now...

Absolutely no stuffing whatsoever, holes everywhere and the rope knots pulled out of the body almost completely (still hanging on by the butt!).


But, I must say, Gibson LOVES it.  We have so much fun playing with this toy!  It's great for tugging AND great for chewing (even if Kong doesn't want dogs chewing on it).


Now that the knots are exposed, Gibson will sit and chew on them like he does his antlers!


The stuffed moose part pretty much serves no purpose other than a soft thing to hold on to while playing tug.  Still though, as rough of a shape as it looks like, it's been a really great toy!  Here's hoping it lasts another month :)

In other news..   We're super excited to open this...... :)

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

It makes me think that the good old fashioned plain white rope toy with a knot on each end is a much better value. We've had the same one here for over 15 years through alot of very strong tugging. and when it gets dirty, it goes in the washer and comes out sparkling clean. Love, Mom

Peanut said...

I totally forgot about the update. Now that I think about it, I am going to get Peanut this toy for Christmas. I changed my mind about destroying and stuff- it is Christmas season. I should be kind to Peanut and give him a little love no matter if it makes a mess. Have a gnarly Christmas!

Paige said...

Top secret!? DO WANT!!

Chelsea and Wilson said...

We can't wait to get our gift!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woow!

Katie said...

That poor moose looks like Whiskeys toys too. Aside from the actaul plush it looks to be a good investment.

Peanut said...

Kelly... I have a feeling you'll like Peanut's new profile picture(it might not show yet but look at Peanut's profile)...

Karen and Bailey said...

hehehe nice! its so cool you get to review toys for them! wish bailey could too! that toy seems pretty neat to have lasted that long. bailey has a tendency to chew rope toys to shreds and its way harder to pick up after than stuffing!

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