Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gibson's House for Christmas

Baby, It's Cold Outside!  We are in the middle of a 'Winter Storm' here and it is crazy!  Winds are blowing up to 45mph!  Gibson and I got blown off the sidewalk this morning while walking.  His butt hair was blowing in every direction.  It looks like the storm in Rudolph.  For reals.

Luckily though, it looks pretty toasty inside of our house.. thanks to all of our Christmas decor :)










Gibson is not so sure about all of this..


He wants his bench back to look out the window.  And he wants me to stop wrapping presents and PLAY with HIM.  Sheesh.   Just a few more weeks of this dude.

Speaking of cold...

I'd like to do another post kind of like "How to BEAT the summer HEAT", only this time it will be "How to KILL the winter CHILL".   hehe ;)  

So, how do YOU and your dog survive the winter??  Have special products you use?  Only walk midday?  Play fetch inside?   Let me hear it!  Your responses will be featured in an upcoming post :)



Boo's Mom said...

OH! Your house is so pretty! As are your decorations. Of course your Gibson-boy is as cute as can be, but we've known that for a long time!

Little Penny Lane said...

Umm.. Twilight + the entire Emily Giffin collection? You're a girl after my own heart. ;)

Rachel said...

Your home looks very festive!

To beat the cold, Bender and I lie on the couch together and share a blanket. I love my wintertime corgi cuddles.

Chelsea and Wilson said...

Great decorations!

How to beat the winter blues?

1. We do a lot of running in the house, like insane running. I chase him, he chases me, sometimes a few object like to fall off tables etc. It surprising how much navigating a house and running at full speed tires one self and ones dog.

2. Curl up on the couch and read a good book together, this way we share each others warmth and get to spend time together. Hurray!

3. The cat, both a source of warmth (when she allows it) and entertainment.

4. Outside walks have become limited to when its not windy and really cold out, but indoor walkies at petstores have increased. So have the amount of dog toys and treats. Straaaannnge. New toys also helps beat down the boring winter blues.

5. Winter seems to be turning into the time where Wilson learns more tricks. Some we teach him like circle, ignore food, jump between my legs and roll. Others he learns himself like, lets remove things from moms purse and bring it to her (papers, wallet, or sometimes feminine products which is embarrassing and funny when companies over), or nosing the leash hanging from the wall means walkies (though I think that is Wilson training me =/ mhmmm). Winter time is the best time for indoor doggie learning.

That corgi :) said...

Your house is so festive, Kelly! I liked the snowman cupcake; too cute!! And of course Gibson by the tree is adorable. I forgot that he lost his "guard post" until you mentioned it. I am sure he is counting down the days until he gets it back! We didn't make the same mistake we did last year with putting the tree where Koda's crate was and causing him to have that bout of stress colitis. We moved the loveseat instead :)

Stay warm and safe!

Okay, don't shoot me, but it was 85 degrees and sunny here today, HOWEVER when we lived in Montana, pretty much every day we would go walking for at least 15-20 minutes unless it was super cold. He didn't seem to mind it and I did watch his paws to make sure they were okay. He also frolicked a lot in the backyard when my son would be out playing in the snow. He seemed to thrive in the cold weather (and wilt in the hot like all corgis do)


Whosyergurl said...

Lovely pictures!
I took Chelsea out into the snow today and she went crazy running in a circle around me. I pass the leash from hand to hand and let her run until she is tired. Doug plays frisbee with her in the snow, too. I stayed out there as long as I could, but without a hat, I didn't last too long.
Hoosier hugs, Cheryl & Chelsea

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Beautiful photos! Luckily for us, it doesn't get too cold here in the winter. After our walks if it's chilly, we wrap Gus up tight in blankets when we get home until he thaws :)

Jenna Z said...

We wouldn't be able to walk anywhere but the backyard without Musher's Secret paw wax. It protects dog feet from the ice and most importantly in the city, from the corrosive salt! Sully starts goose stepping and will just STOP walking if there is salt getting into his pads.

Karen and Bailey said...

Love it Kelly. Everythings so beautiful!

Laurie said...

Your house looks so cozy and Christmas-y! Love it!! Hope you're keeping warm with that storm. The "butt hair flying everywhere" cracked me up as I pictured it hahaha.

I would love to know how to beat the cold. I basically just hope and pray that Sadie will find the perfect pee/poop location as quickly as possible when it's cold out haha. She does seem to go wherever when it's all white! But yeah, for the most part, we do things inside! She does enjoy playing in the snow, and we get our exercise running around after storms :)

Peanut said...

Nice decorations and house! The way Peanut survives the winter is just blankets and toys! :)
I can't wait until Christmas so I can spoil Peanut just a little bit with lots of toys and a few dog biscuits.

Amy said...

Just Like Jenna Z, I use a protective wax on Winnie's feet in the winter. We use Paw Guard (or sometimes just good old Vasaline) but the idea is that it's a little barrier between them and the elements as well as keeping the nasty salt from their feet. I also got Winnie a coat this year... We like to go for off-leash romps in the woods and although I don't think her body really needs the extra layer, the coat keeps some of the wet off her belly. It's hard being a low-clearance pup.

Kristin G. said...

I love your decorations! There's nothing cuter than Corgi butts!! Happy holidays! I'm a new fan/follower. It's great to "meet" you all.

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