Monday, November 29, 2010

My Barksgiving

Hiz guys, it's Gibson!  My mom is too tired to think of somethings to blog so she left it ups to me. Daddy thinks its stupid for me to posts since Is a dog but I wants to help mommys so I will.

First, I gots worried cause everyone was putting things in bags and that means a big scary car ride.  I hates car rides, but they are better now that I can just curl up in my crate and pout.  I still made mommy chase me down and carry me to the car though.  I dunnoz, I just hates it.

I napped some and then we were at my grandmas and grandpas! I loves it there!  I gets to run around and do whatevas I wants.  Oh and my Auntie Coal always leaves me food in her bowl to eats and my grandma leaves bread for me in the yard. I loves that!

Soon, lots of people were there and it was very exciting so I barked at everyone.  Then, there was food everywheres!  My mom let me eat some of everything and it was yummy! All I had to do is sit by her feets and look cute and she gave me something to eats!

Oh then people started staring at the tv and jumping around and dancing and I got mad and barked at them. I hates the tv it steals attention away from me!  I barked and barked but they wouldn't stop.  Then, daddy tried to get me to stop and I bits him and he got mads at me :(   Then I was put in time out :(   I was just so tired and stressed out, but I did not want to miss anythings.  I barely slept at alls but then I mades up for it the next day..

Yep, I sleeped for the whole next day.  I did not even care that we had to go for anothers car ride.

Oh and then we were at my other grandma and grandmas and my favorite cousin Orson showed ups!  I knew he was going to be there cause I could smell him and then he was there!  We played and played and played it was lots of fun.  Mommy and Daddy and grandma and auntie left us and then came back with  lot of bags and mommy let me out to pottys.  Orson came too but he was not ons a leash like me and then he ran off!  He ran across the street and a big car  was there and had to stops so it didn't runs over him!  Mommy yelled and yelled but he didn't listen so we ran across the street after hims.  Then we saved him and mommy got upset and crieds.  I dunnos why!  Thens I was tired and got cranky.  Don't tells Orson, but Is was happys when he went homes so I could sleeps some more.

Thens mommy and daddy were putting things in bags again and I was stressed that the car was coming again.  But then they took me outs of the car and daddy drove off withouts us and we sat outside!  It was weird and I was scareds... Then daddy came back with keys and mommy went inside and gots her bags with the moneys!  Hahas she locked it inside the house and granma and granpa already left to take great grandma home! Haha sillly mommy!

I then was put back in the cars and slept agains.. then we were home!  I was happy until later when football came on! I hates football and barked the entire night til we went to bed.

The End.


Jenny said...

Wow Gibson - sounds like you had quite the adventurous weekend! I'm glad your cousin Orson is okay after running off. I hope you learned not to ever do that! Okay, now get some rest and be good and maybe your mommy saved some leftovers for you :)

Katie said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled (except for the car rides) thanksgiving Gibson! Me and Whiskey aren't too fond of football either, we like hockey.

Lois said...

Gibson, you be EXTRA good for your mom, I KNOW she is exhausted, and that episode with Orson...been there, it's a heart stopper, so you be good, fella !

Boo's Mom said...

Wow, Gibson. You express yourself so well in English!

Lori @ According to Gus said...

Awww...Gus hates the sights of bags and suitcases (and football). Glad Gibson had a great Thanksgiving!

Karen and Bailey said...

cute. glad you guys had a good thanksgiving with family :)

Laurie said...

Hahaha sounds like you had a good thanksgiving, Gibson!!

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