Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Corgi Butts Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

I am not one to start thinking of Christmas right after Halloween usually (gotta respect Thanksgiving, yo!), but this year I am going to.  Why? Because I think it would be super fun for us corgi bloggers to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for our doggies!  Would you like to participate?

You just need a corgi (or other breed/mix of dog.. I won't be breedist ;) )  and a blog (so that you can share what you receive with everyone!).  I think this will be another fun way for us to get to know one another and expand our blogging community!

The exchange is set up to go on Elfster.com.   You have until November 14th to sign up.   The drawing to match up secret Santas will take place the 15th. Then all you have to do is buy some gifts for the owner's dog that you get and mail them to him/her by Christmas (and include a message that lets them know who sent them the wonderful presents!).  Elfster will provide you with their name and mailing address and you can ask them anonymous questions so they will not find out who you are until they receive their gift/you tell them!  You can also add gifts that you would like to a wish list so your secret santa knows what to get you!  When you receive your gift, please do not open them until Christmas (or Hanukkah if you are Jewish) and then post what you got on your blog!

If you are interested in participating, please email me at ksteck23(at)gmail.com or leave your email address in the comments section of this post and I will send you an invitation.  I will just check to make sure that you have a blog & dog :)  U.S. & Canada residents only please (shipping overseas is pricey! sorry!).

Please do not sign up if you are not committed to sending a gift.  I've been in gift exchanges before where people have not come through and they are still  hated to this day... lol ;)  


Ty Puppy on a Roomba said...

I will take part! I was thinking that I could send prekilled bugs and earthworms, and maybe a preflattened rawhide bone. But Mommy Secretary says that I should go shoppings with her to the pet store for new stuff, which I don't think is as good, but since I depend on her to mail things for me, I guess that will have to do.

DIRR said...

Sounds fun! Sign me up!

That corgi :) said...

send me an invite, Kelly; this sounds like fun!! (and you know I have a blog and a corgi :)

thanks for organizing this!!!


Chelsea and Wilson said...

I may not be a corgi but I'm a long little doggie that wishes to take part!


Laurie said...

So fun! I accepted the invite :) We can't wait!

DwarfDog said...

count me in!!

Jenna Z said...

Ooh, oh! We LOVE swaps!! Count us in!

Kat Randall said...

Count me in! that sounds fantastic!! me@katrandall.com

Katie said...

This is fun. I accepted my invite :-) thank you for just thinking ahead and sending me one. :-)
PS: LOVE the corgi christmas butt guy. so cute!

Emily said...

The Wrigster and I would love to participate! Such a good idea, Kelly!! (ejourny@gmail.com)

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

We just signed up, sounds like so much fun! Thanks for inviting us, Bryson can't wait to be someone's secret santa ;)

Karen said...

this sounds like alot of fun :) count me in!!


Lisa Marie said...

Count my Maggie in :)


Very excited to spread holiday cheer to the corgi's and corgi lovers!

Karen and Bailey said...

me me me !!! baileythecorgi at gmail dot com.

Bailey's Adventures said...

excellent...very excited abou this :-)

Benny said...


Benny and I would LOVE to join!
=D Please include us! (We'll be posting the received gift in Jan though cos we're travelling around xmas).

Spaulding Acres said...

Can I join even though my blog hasn't been updated in awhile (bad mommy)? She promises to update it & post pictures of the gift exchange. Thanks!


ChristyLove said...

Does my blog have to be about my little one, or can I just be Corgi-mom with a blog? I want to do this: cmnkyrun16@yahoo.com!!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!

My blog is thepitandthepug.com

and you can email me at toobigshoes@yahoo.com

Kate said...


Sorry this is so last minute! I have been so

Sam and Finley said...

Hey Kelly!

Is it too late for Finn and I to sign up?? It's still sunday, but it's getting kinda late so I understand if we are, especially given the time change!! If not though, way excited!!

<3 Sam and Finn

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