Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogiversary questions for you!!

Thank you everyone for all of your questions you asked me!  I had a lot of fun answering them! In case you missed any of them, here they are:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

So, now I have some questions for you!

1. What's your favorite things about Corgi Butts (the blog...but you can say what you like about the fluffy bums too I suppose ;) )?

2. Anything you'd like to see more of?

3. Anything you'd like to see less of?

4. Is there anything I could do to make the blog better/more enjoyable?

5. What would you think of a corgi blogger secret santa exchange.... Would you be interested in participating?  :)

Ok, that's it!  Answer away!

And for fun... Here's my very first post from 2 years ago (yesterday!):

Hey everyone! I'm Kelly and the little guy at the top of your page is Gibson.  This blog was created to tell our tales of how life has changed since we met each other.  

I've been wanting a Corgi puppy for as long as I can remember..falling in love with the breed while watching the Westminster Dog Show as a kid.  My husband and I recently bought our first home, which  gave us the opportunity to finally own a puppy.  I, being a freakish research queen, started researching breeders as soon as we  closed on our house..and exactly one month later we brought Gibson home.  Probably a little too soon, but I would not regret it for the world. 

My next post will  tell about the first 2 months of living w/Gibson (he will be 4 months on Saturday!) to catch you all up, and then I will start posting here regularly w/all things corgi.  

Hope you enjoy it!  


That corgi :) said...

1. Seeing what you and Gibson are up to and seeing your creativity in things like the calendars.

2. can't think of anything right now

3. nope, like it all

4. I think you are doing a great job of it right now!

5. that could be fun; count me in if you do it

thanks Kelly!


Laurie said...

1. I like when you post about things you've bought for Gibson, because usually I've never heard of them and I love them! I also love seeing pictures, because you're a great photographer :)

2. I guess more of the above!

3. No, I love your blog posts!

4. I think you do a great job including all the followers and providing a variety of topics.

5. Ummmm YES! That sounds awesome!!! I would totally do it :) I loved the Paw It Forward thing, so that sounds like a super fun idea.

DSS said...

My favorite thing about the blog is seeing pictures of Gibson's adventures, and hearing about the funny things he does!

I've yet to read a post I didn't enjoy :) I've got a westie, so I'll pass on the corgi secret santa...but not on keeping up with Gibson!

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