Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogiversary questions answered! Part 4

You seem to walk a fine line between a personal blog and an on-the-side business for some of your design work. So which came first? Did you start a dog blog to talk about Gibson and then it evolved into a shop or did you set out to start a shop and then used Gibson as your subject?
Well, I first started a 'blog' about Gibson on, which you can see here.  I started that as a diary about raising Gibson so that I can look back and read about it years later.  At the time I was  writing those entries, I was also reading corgi blogs and it made me want to have my own blog so that I could interact with those bloggers... so I took the leap and created a blogger account.  And yes, in the back of my mind I thought, "hey! I can start a shop to go along with the blog!"  I have a total entrepreneur mentality, you see (I used to be completely self-employed).  Even picking out the title of my blog, I wanted one that would be somewhat marketable.   So, the answer is..  yes, I started the blog first and it quickly evolved into a shop :)

Have you considered getting another corgi to keep gibson company?
The big question!  haha.   Impractical me would love to throw caution to the wind and scoop up the first corgi puppy that I see.. Every year, Gibson's breeder sends me photos of his new siblings and I've fallen in love.

First with this girl:

And then this little tri-color twin:

...but my husband has made me practical ;)  It just doesn't make sense for us to have 2 dogs!  For one, while Gibson loves to play with other dogs, he does not like to share and he is so relieved when he can go home and sleep and have me all to himself.  Also, both of our dog sitters said they couldn't handle watching two dogs at once.  And lastly, we are at the point where we hope to 'expand our family' in the next few years, and having an extra dog on top of that would just make things extra crazy plus it'd' be an added cost that we didn't need to have...    We are perfectly happy having only our Gibby poo as a pet! :)

If Gibson were to have a fur sibling what would his/her name be?
I love the name Roxy for a girl and Ozzie for a boy.  But it's not happening! lol

How has your life changed since bringing Gibson home?
I've learned much more about responsibility and I am rarely ever bored! I can always go for a walk or play with him if there is nothing to do. He is my best bud! :)  I'd say the worst thing is not having as much freedom.  It'd be nice to be able to go out of town without worrying about who is going to watch Gibson... but that has gotten easier as he's grown older :)

What is Gibson's biggest fear?
Smoke detector beeping/chirping and whistles!

If you picked gibson from a litter why did you choose him?
I picked him because he was the cutest.. not gonna lie!  haha.  He was my first dog and I wanted him to be the perfect red and white corgi with a nice blaze and a big white collar :)

Why did you name Gibson, Gibson?
He was going to be Ein (Cowboy Bebop), but we decided against naming him that and started looking for new names.   My husband found this video while we were preparing to bring Gibson home:

(I love all of these videos, by the way! Here are the puppy training videos And these are videos for training difficult dogs)

After we  saw this video, we were torn between Gibson & Buster (Arrested Development reference..We already had a Maeby (the hedgehog) to go along with it).  We chose Gibson because it had a connection to Ben's favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals (pitcher, Bob Gibson).


Karen and Bailey said...

so cute :) thanks for answering my question.!!! bailey and i live alone, and i think he finds it calming and peaceful and relaxing to come home from a noisy place like my relatives or the dog park.

Kelly said...

Maybe we just have loner dogs ;)

Peanut said...

OOOOOO! Everyone should know that you love wine because it's on your profile, but if you read my new post "Magazines," then you should see some corgi wine stoppers that you can buy online! You can buy them at And once you get there, you hover your mouse over 'Accessories' and click on 'Wine stoppers' and then keep on scrolling to the right until you find a corgi.

I think their really cool!

-And don't forget that Halloween is this weekend!

Teabie said...

awww, i heart that cowboy bebop reference. that series made me sit up and go, "what's that doggie!?" love your Q&As, keep them up!

That corgi :) said...

it should be interesting when you expand your family, Kelly, how Gibson reacts. I know he'll love the wee one but I'm sure he will be filled with lots of curiousity. My son is dating a woman that has a 9-month-old and when they are over here, Koda is so very interested in her and she in him (after she got over his excited barks :)


Amy said...

About getting a second dog - Ugh... my hubby says the same thing. I would have a my own herd if it were up to me.

About your blog/shop - I wish I was MORE business minded. I'm an academic at heart. It's the on going struggle between a market econ and the vague value of the humanities.

Anonymous said...

Awww....Gus's biggest fear is the smoke detector beeping too! Gibson is so stinkin' cute!

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