Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogiversary questions answered! Part 3

How many whiskers does Gibson have?
It looks like he has about 20 on each side, so 40?    Oh and fun fact:  One side of his face has black whiskers and the other has white! :)

When is Gibson's birthday?
July 1st, 2008

What's the most amazing or cool trick that Gibson can do?
Our favorite trick is 'high five'.   It makes us chuckle every time.

Blooper Reel!

Are Gibson's allergies over?
Yes! Thankfully :)  They usually last about mid-August to mid-September.

How long is Gibson?
I suck at measuring, but I think he's about...
21 inches long from his nub to his chest.   24 inches long when stretched out.

How tall is Gibson at the shoulder?
12 inches high

is "Corgi Butts" your first blog? If you had a non-dog blog, what would it be about?
No :)  5 years ago, I ran this blog:  to go along with my t-shirt shop, KA Designs.  It fizzled out and then I started this one a while later :)  

I have actually started 2 other blogs, but then I've chickened out and deleted them.   One was about my home and it's renovation and the other was about cooking and healthy living.   I decided I would not be able to keep up with them and still put enough time into "Corgi Butts".. so I deleted them :)


That corgi :) said...

enjoying the answers to the questions, Kelly. Fun to learn more about you and Gibson.

Koda has the same thing with whiskers, white on one side, black on the other. Must be a corgi trait then. I thought he was just "unique" (but then all corgis are unique)

enjoy the day :)


Karen and Bailey said...

i love gibson's eager face :D and yes its been a pleasure getting to known you guys better!! cool fact about the whiskers too! :)

Karen and Bailey said...

and its so cool that gibson and bailey are only 6 months apart. Bailey's birthday is january 21st 2008. :D

Julie said...

My Baron also has black whiskers on one side and white on the other.

Ryann said...

My Peanut has the same whisker think! How cool!

Jenny said...

Stanley has the same thing with his whiskers too! I never knew it was so common! Learn something new everyday ;) Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading all your answers.

Peanut said...

Wow that is cute how Gibson has one side of black whiskers and the other white! Gibson is one long dog. Peanut is 18-19 inches long. I can't wait til' Peanut's birthday which is on November 8-9(long story, but I will tell about it on my blog on his b-day.) The only thing that Peanut can't do that Gibson can in the video, is to "Roll over" verbally only. Gib also has a lot of facial hair :) Glad Gibson's allergies are over! Have a happy Halloween!!!

Amy said...

This is great. Great I idea to take questions, Kelly.

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