Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogiversary questions answered! Part 2

What treats do you give Gibson?
Dog teats:   Charley Bears, Fruitables & Pumpkin Crunchers!
People treats: Bananas, peanut butter, blueberries, carrots, cheese, pumpkin, yogurt

Have you changed Gibson's dog food? If so, what is it?
I've changed Gibson's food 5 times, but he's been on Wellness Core  for a year now!  Here are details on that switch.  Before that it was Puppy Chow (breeders) -> Science Diet (vet) -> Canidae ALS (no likey) -> Wellness Just for Puppy -> Wellness Super5Mix -> Wellness Core

New "Slow Down" Bowls
More, please!

Has Gibson ever snapped, growled, or bit you or someone?
Yes.  Gibson is a moody little bugger, not going to lie.  When he was a puppy, we had to work hard to get him to not bite people.   He grew out of it for the most part when he was 5-6 months old or so, but he still gets very grouchy around other dogs when he is not in the mood to play.  He'll snarl and show his teeth if another dog will not back down.  Also, if there is something extremely tasty that he shouldn't have, he get very protective of it.  I have to hold him down and pry open his jaws to take it away from him and sometimes he'll snap at me.   As soon as it's gone though he's back to normal.  So, I don't know.  He's not perfect.. ;)

What's Gibson's favorite toy?
This bad boy:

The Good Other Cuz Rubber Dog Toy

Why? It's obnoxious!  It's the loudest longest lasting squeaky toy ever.  Plus, it bounces and is great for fetch in the house.  And it' obnoxious...

Has Gibson ever been a therapy dog?
No, but he does brighten a lot of people's days.  He loves everyone and loves to say hi to strangers and give them kisses  :)


Karen and Bailey said...

love it.

bailey's got issues with puppies. he dries to pin them down at the park. he wont bite but it sure looks like he is about too - saliva all over the place... but im trying to use a spray bottle. well see how that works. baileys not perfect either.

we've got bailey on wellness super5mix chicken. i mix some CORE wet food in sometimes, but baileys a bit hunky right now so im only feeding him kibbles.

bailey has one of those JW toys and they are just as annoying as you say. i have to hid it sometimes!

Kelly said...

haha, yeah we put it up on the book shelf when we are watching a tv show :)

Gizmo said...

Thank you Kelly for answered all the questions, It always good to know these kinda things for a new corgi owner :)

Jenny said...

Cool! I like the amazon shop, you've got a lot of great stuff on there!

Stanley's a moody boy too! Corgis are so bosy! ;)

Mary said...

Ginger can be moody too. If her personal space bubble is invaded for too long by another dog, she lets out an awful snarly bark and snaps in the direction of the offender. Luckily, she's not an actual chomper though. Though she almost nipped my husband's gym shorts off once!

Peanut said...

I set the picture of Gibson's meanness as my background(I looks like he is screaming lol) Peanut also has aggression problems too. He is always protective over food, me, toys, and when he was 4 months, he bit me because I was trying to get his toy :(. And sometimes(well, all the time) when Peanut has food and I try to kiss his broad head, he will snarl at me big time. Peanut is not perfect either :(
He is still going to be a therapy dog though. We just need to work on the aggression. Peanut also gets jealous very easily. Such as when someone tries to give me a hug, Peanut jumps right in and barks, growls, etc. Ugh, Peanut.

That corgi :) said...

that toy looks cute; I'll have to check it out. I can't imagine Gibson having a "grumpy" side but Koda is the same way (worse) amongst other dogs. Every so often he too has a special treat that he growls about if I'm close by, but usually I can take food out of his mouth and he doesn't care. Makes you wonder why one treat over another....


Sharon said...


The way you describe Gibson is so funny! He sounds like a combination of all three of my girls personalities! Love your blogiversary questions and answers!

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