Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogiversary questions answered! Part 1

Why did you choose a corgi to consider for a pet?
I've always loved dogs and growing up, my mom and I would watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show every year on tv.  I'd always choose a favorite to root for and one year a corgi caught my eye.  I've been in love ever since.  When it was time for my husband and I to get our own dog, I researched corgis like crazy to make sure they were a right fit for us, and they were!! :)

If Gibson could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, what would he choose?
Probably a cheese and peanut butter sandwich.  Using bacon as the bread ;)

What's your best training advice for other Corgi owners?
Be consistent, socialize, socialize, socialize, and don't give up!   When you are first starting out, I'd definitely suggest taking a basic obedience class, not only for your corgi, but for you as well!  Once you learn basic training techniques, take them home and use them consistently!  They will become second nature to both you and your dog.  Classes are great for socialization as well.  It is so important for your dog to get used to behaving nicely around other people and dogs.  If not, they can become incredibly shy or worse, super mean towards others.   Let them sniff other dogs that you walk by, take them to the dog park, make friends with neighbors, etc.  And of course, don't give up!  Keep at your training and it will pay off! :)

Gibson is your first corgi, but is he your first dog? How have you learned so much about dogs and taking care of them? 
Gibson is my first dog that I have owned, but we always had dogs growing up.  Actually, I think there was only a few months period, while living with my parents, that we did not have a dog.  I learned the basics of how to care for dogs from having them around.  After I moved out, I did have another pet on my own before Gibson.   She was a hedgehog named Maeby Pants:

She was the most  moody girl ever and hated everything.  It sounds silly, but she really taught me a lot about responsibility and taking care of something.  I went on hedgehog forums and learned a lot about all of the best products and foods to give her a good life.  Hedgehogs actually eat cat food, so I learned all about how bad corn & by-products were just by feeding Maeby! She ate a combo of Innova, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's soul and hedgehog food :)  Although, she only lived to be 2, so, maybe I didn't take the best care of her :(

I've also learned a ton by researching online.  I am known as 'the research queen' by my husband and family, and once I am interested in something, I don't stop trying to learn everything about it until I am sick of it.. Luckily, I haven't become sick of Gibson  yet ;)  I think learning by real life experiences is the best way to learn, so that's why I love blogs so much.  The amount of things you can learn about is endless! :)

How do you always find such cool stuff for dogs? What's your philosophy behind pet products, etc. And how do you always find these great items?
Again, research and blogs :)  I see something cool, I research it, read reviews and see if anyone else uses it.  I do try to be environmentally responsible as much as possible, so if I see something that will reduce waste or is made of sustainable materials, I  usually am more attracted to it.  I love antlers since they last forever... I love skineez since Gibson cannot destroy them like most stuffies... But, I still buy Kong SqueakAir balls even though they don't last very long because Gibson loves them... I just try balance being practical and giving Gibson things that he will enjoy :)

More questions answered tomorrow! :)


Laurie said...

This is great! Thanks for answering my questions. I really am happy I found your blog, because you have offered a lot of great advice!!

That corgi :) said...

thanks Kelly for answering my question; corgis are easy to fall in love with!

very interesting about the hedgehog; I didn't know much about them in general or to have them as pets, etc.

looking forward to part 2 tomorrow!


Rachel said...

I thought of a question! Is it too late?

How tall is Gibson at the shoulder?

Peanut said...

I asked to many questions lol

Amy said...

I agree, blogs can be a much more current and subject specific research tool over books. They also have the added benifite of being interactive and building community.

Karen and Bailey said...

you remind me a lot of myself in this blogpost. i do SO much research online about dog stuff . SO MUCH. before i got bailey, it was 2 months of non-stop research. I've NEVER had a dog in my life before. It worked out pretty good. Learned about byproducts in dog food when I saw bailey disinterested in his food, and posted something on I am so thankful for the internet!! :)

Why did you name Gibson, Gibson?

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