Friday, September 10, 2010

Walk This Way!


Now that I got that out of the way...


Gibson and I go on lots of walks together.  I love it.  It's relaxing and fun and gets us both outdoors and moving.  Problem is, there's only so many routes you can take every day and it can start to get kind of stale.  I usually take him on 3-4 different routes a day, but still.. every day those same walks get old.

The solution?   Let Gibson walk his way!

It is super fun and quite unpredictable!  It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to train for a 5k.  The days off from running I am supposed to walk 30-60 minutes a day (which I already do, so I thought I'd go longer).  Gibson and I were walking like normal one morning when we came to an intersection.  He seemed to not want to go the direction that we were headed, so I asked him, "Which way do you want to go?!"  He knew exactly what I was asking.   His eyes lit up, his smile BEAMED and he made a right turn instead of going straight.  I decided just to go with it.   I stayed back and let him do the leading.   If we came to an intersection, I'd ask him which way and he'd smile and go the way he wanted.  It was so much fun and we walked forever!

I eventually had to steer him in the direction of our house because he kept wanting to go in loops around his favorite 'kitty spot', but overall it was a great success.  We now will do this every other day and he keeps surprising me where he will take me!  One of his new favorite spots is the pub down the street where he's swept up lots of popcorn and french fries off of their patio.. hah

So, if you are getting bored w/your normal everyday walks.. Try the 'Walk This Way' method.  It's way, way fun!  Disclaimer:  Letting your dog do this too often may cause him/her to think they can walk like this all time time, so try to make it a special treat!

P.S. The calendars are coming along.. Cafepress is actually still selling 2010 calendars, so it may still be a few weeks til they switch over to 2011. Thanks for being patient w/me!


Katie said...

Thats a really cute idea! Whiskey usually doens lead though unless she sees her kitty cat friend or a squirell. We'll do that on the trails when shes off the leash. We follow her direction. Great idea though!!
ps cant wait for the calendar

Little Penny Lane said...

I would totally do this if I had more time. But Penny gets sooo easily distracted, and I need to keep her on track so I'm not late to work :( Gibson sounds like the perfect dog. So cute.

Laurie said...

I'd probably get lost if I let Sadie do this haha. Still don't know my neighborhood quite that well. But this is a great idea!

Karen and Bailey said...

so cute! im going to try that out:D

Daniela said...

Gonna try that!

Anyways, I volunteered at a Corgi "rescue" and the rescue turned out to be a disaster!(It was a small rescue at this lady's house) The house was torn apart, the dogs were not even close to corgis, and the dogs were in terrible condition! The dogs had fleas, worms, infections, etc. Do you call that a rescue? I sure don't! I feel bad for the dogs. I hope they find better homes. This time, I will only volunteer in shelters and anything but a rescue that takes place at a person's house.
My dog, Peanut got fleas and then I had to wash them off with flea and tick shampoo. My life went to a really down point when I saw those dogs and especially my Corgi having fleas! :(

Daniela said...

I am planning to buy a 'Corgi Herding' shirt, all the little accessories are so cute and fun!

JuLo said...

Theo is so stuck in his ways that if I said "which way?", he would respond with "umm...duh? The same way we walk everyday." Change is confusing and disorienting to both of us. Glad Gibson gets to lead the pack sometimes! Hehe.

Amy said...

Great idea, Kelly! I will heed your warning about not letting the dog walk you but give it a try!

Bailey's Adventures said...

haha, so cute...I can only imagine where Bailey would lead me to...:-)
and yeah, I would get lost too, no sense of directions whatsoever

Laurie Eno said...

I love the whole concept of Gibson being navigator and can totally picture it!

amosmom said...

Ever since Amos and David got attacked we started paying close attention to where Amos did and didn't want to walk. He has since led us away from a few unpleasant situations that we were clueless about but that he sensed were coming. Those radar ears are handy! So although we have a few set routes, we always pay attention to Amos' judgment now.

DSS said...

What a lovely idea! I think I will try that with Louis tonight :)

Once I let him somewhat do that, because I was wondering "If Louis ever escaped...where would he go?"

He went to the neighbors and sat on their porch. Thank goodness!

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