Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making Travel Easier

Apparently my funk is over.  An awesome coupon  may have had something to do with that, but more on that later....

Gibson and I travel a lot.  My parents/best friends live an hour and a half away, so that means a weekend trip about once a month or so.  I've mentioned Gibson's car troubles in the past, but he is actually getting a LITTLE better.  Since I switched him to the crate he seems way more content (although he still gets really nervous when I am packing the car).  Speaking of packing.. I have Gibson's travel bag packing down to a science.  Food? Check. Leashes? Check.  Treats? Check. Poop Bags? Check. Anything that makes it easier to travel gets a thumbs up in my book, which is why I purchased this:


The Weekender Feedbag from Planet Dog!  Love it!  I bought it because I felt so bad about using plastic bags to transport Gibson's food everywhere.. I love anything that gets rid of the need for plastic bags.  This has worked out great so far!


I love the warning, "Caution! Packing this bag may cause a frenzy."  It's true.  Look at Gibson's poor allergy face while I was packing this for him:

Allergy Face

And there were lots of cries and grumbles of course.


It is a TAD big.  It  holds 30 cups of food! I usually only take about 3 or 4 cups with me for a weekend..


Hello down there, food!   It is nice though that if I needed to pack 30 cups of food (vacationing for a month?) I could :)


After you throw your food in, it velcros up nice and tight...


And then folds up and buckles for extra security!


And since Planet Dog is awesome, they donate 2% of the purchase of these bags to the Planet Dog Foundation, which supports therapy and service dogs!  Everyone wins! haha :)

You might have guessed that this item has been added to my OpenSky Shop!

Weekender Food Bag
Buy Now

But guess what??  OpenSky sent me a 50% off coupon for you to use on any one product in my shop!  50%!   Hurry though,  This coupon is only good til September 30th, and will only work for the first 5 people who use it!!  Coupon Code:  FIFTYCORGI

Do you travel a lot with your dog?  Have you found any nifty gadgets that make it easier?


Anonymous said...

This post is so funny that it has lighten up my day. And Gibson is so cute and handsome that makes me want to have a Corgi, too.

Amy said...

Winnie has her own gym bag of stuff when we travel. It includes: food, dishes, rawhide chew, ball, towel, shampoo, yard leash w/ steak. We find that all that in addition to her kennel makes up fairly good house guests and it's really not all that much.

The bag looks cool. Is it water proof? (Except for the top, of course)

Kelly said...

It is "water resistant", which I assume is the same as water proof :)

Karen and Bailey said...

thanks! we might just buy something!

Katie said...

woo-hoo that is awesome! I might just have to peruse your shop.

Laurie said...

Very cool! I just use tupperware usually, or bring the canister I use to hold her food if it's for a longer amount of time. But I like this bag a lot! (Also, I use the same measuring cup/scoop for Sadie's food haha.) Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Tuperware is a good idea! I never thought of that lol.

Lynn said...

Oh Gibson's allergy face always makes me smile. Poor boy!

I usually use tupperware too. I have 4 individual size portion ones, but it does get tougher when we're going for longer than a couple days.

I just used the coupon to buy a Molly Mutt bed! I'm so excited!

Kelly said...

Thanks Lynn! Only one coupon left everyone! :)

Daniela said...

I don't get to travel a lot with my dog, but I always leave him at my local Petsmart Pets Hotel. It's always a wreck when it comes to packing his food, toys, treats, etc. I hope to buy something like that food bag except for food, treats, toys and other stuff.

Benhur Xobile said...

Wowie! Lucky Gibson! *grumble* My mummy puts my food in containers so I guess i won't get the bag. =P

FYI, water resistant is not water proof. If you put the bag in a bowl of water, it will probably eventually seep through. Water proof means no water getting in ever.

Hey gibson! Remember to drool when staring at food. It makes the humans more likely to feed you! =D

Kelly said...

Ah,yes, that makes sense! You're a smart one, Benny ;)

Sharon said...


Gibson's little face is so adorable! Makes me want to kiss his nose!

Denis said...

What a great travel story. I have had 3 corgis over the last 30 years (can't be without one) With two households Bert, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi travels a great deal with us between the two. It's a 350 one way trip that we do about every 3 weeks.
Bert has always been a trooper about it. It's a 6 hour trip so we usually do one stop in the middle for everyone to get out, stretch and take care of business.
Great pictorial article on a very nice blog.

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