Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paws it Forward!

'Last week, Katie from All that Jazz received a Paws it Forward package, which is basically a fun way to send gifts to other dog owners! After she received hers, she posted about it and then she said she would send packages to the first two commenters... one of which, was me! :)

My package came on Saturday and Gibson couldn't be more excited! He thinks anything I get in the mail is for him, so when it actually IS for him, he is ecstatic!




I must say, Katie totally spoiled us!!


First, we got this cute squeaky teddy bear, which Gibson loves! I will be on my computer and all of a sudden hear him squeaking the bear like crazy :)


Next, a funny stuffed yellow face guy that also squeaks! We play fetch with him! :)


And another Skinneez! Which has already found it's place draped on Gibson's back ;) He adores this one!


Oh and more for me.. A foldable travel bowl! I've totally been wanting one of these forever!!! And I forgot to photograph these, but she also sent some mini natural balance rolls! Gibson freakin' loooooovvvves them :)

At the bottom of the box I found this card..

What special something was for meeeee??


Gah!!! Can you believe it!? I about died when I saw this! A corgi painting!!


Thanks soooo much Katie!!

Do you want in on the fun and receive a package of your own for your dog and then 'Paws it Forward' to someone else?? Be one of the first 2 commenters and leave me your email address/blog to contact you and you're in!! :) (I'd suggest using (at) instead of @ so spam bots don't steal your address!)


Rachel said...

Bender and I want to play! rachel.trembley@gmail.com - or Bender's Adventure Dog Blog!

(fixed the email address!)

Julianne said...

Riley and Winnie LOVE getting packages! Can we play along??

Laurie said...

Missed it by one person AGAIN! Ugh. :(

You got some great stuff!

Katie said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you and Gibson love everything! Whiskey loves LOVES LOVES those little bears! She will also dismember them. :-) The travel bowl is my life saver.
And Im so glad you like the painting! Whiskey and our cats kept trying to help with it too.

Amy said...

HA! Fun game... The painting is great. What a treat!

Karen and Bailey said...

how fun!!! :) i wanna participate!!!!!

Lynn said...

Darn, missed it! I was even up that early too! Gibson's a lucky boy!

JuLo said...

That's awesome! Those toys all looked like things Theo would love to play fetch with. Too cute!

Karen said...

dont you just love the painting?? i love mine :)

i didnt get the chance to take pictures of all the stuff we got but i will have to sometime this week....the bear we got is already destroyed hahahaha!!

butters likes to eat the nose and ears off the bear. i had to take it away from him, so keep an eye on gibson when he plays with it :)

Anonymous said...

What a great box of pressies! and that was a very thoughtful painting for your Mom!
Don’t forget to hop on over to my blog for the Give-A-Way! You could win a custom made dog collar just for YOU! You even get to pick the fabric and style. All you have to do is leave me a comment and get an extra entry by also telling me what your favorite fabric is or by posting about it on your bloggie! It’s that easy peasy!! I hope you will play with me!! Good luck!


HotDog01 said...

dang it! I wanted to get one so bad!
I REALLY WANT A CORGI PAINTING! I am over obsessed with corgis and I was gonna check the blog this morning but today was my birthday so I have got quite some tings to do so I would really like to do that and get one to!

Bri said...

oh my goodness! i have never heard of such a thing!! how awesome is this!!!!!!
bet gibson was estatic! bet you were more tho!

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