Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet Max: Gibson's new cousin!

This past weekend, my best friend came to visit for some fun girl time!  Which means going to wineries, fun lunches and shopping!  Oh and martinis.  Or whatever you want to call the girlie drinks that are served in martini glasses ;)   Always a good time!  This time around was a little different though, since she brought someone else with her... her new puppy, Max!

Max was adopted by my friend just a week before!  She was volunteering at a Humane Society and fell in love (which is why I have never been to our local Humane Society ;) ).

He and Gibson got along great!  Of course that is until Gibson became totally sleep deprived and became a Mr. Grumpy Bugger as usual.   But before that, they did great :)

I likes him, mommy!

Max was soo good.  Especially since he had never seen grass or been fed a treat until the week before (no accidents in the house!).  Poor little guy.   He is also considered 'special' since he is missing one of his front feet!


He doesn't let that stop him though!  Check out the two new BFFs in action!:

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JulieandCaleb said...

Awww! He's adorable! So glad Gibson has a new cousin!

PS: That's ALSO why I can't volunteer at our local shelter. I'm considering being an assistant in the dog training classes, but only if they can promise me I don't have to walk past doggies in need to get to the classroom. :-)

Lois said...

Growl,run, shake vigorously, repeat...excellent action and so cute !

Daniela said...

I finally got a new video camera so I am going to take Peanut better and more high quality pictures now. :)
I love the video!

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