Sunday, August 8, 2010

Car Shakes Solved! And other stuff!

Sorry that things have been quiet around here the past week. My grandmother passed away on Monday (I will miss dearly!), so I really did not feel like blogging much :( I still feel like I have writers/creative block.. but I'm going to try to power through it! :)

You may remember, earlier this year, me talking about how Gibson has "Car Shakes". He was somewhat traumatized by ice hitting the windows of my car on a road trip to my parents' house and hasn't been the same since. Before the incident, he used to run and try to jump into the car with me. Now, as soon as he sees me packing up his food and leash, he'll curl up and hide. I somewhat solved the situation by buying him this car seat:

New Car Seat!

It worked ok. It prevented him from climbing into my lap while driving, and he'd stay still, but he still looked all googly eyed and would whine the whole time. Another problem with it is that it only works well in the front seat. If my husband came along, we couldn't use it, which is a problem when you take hour + long road trips. So, I went back to basics with this!


Yes, Gibson's baby crate was the answer all along! I put him in the back seat, and he just goes in his crate and lays down and does not make a PEEP the whole time (He likes to kick the bedding out to seal himself in even more)! I actually have to look back there from time to time to make sure that we didn't forget him! :) It has made driving so much easier, and makes me feel stupid that I did not think of this earlier. Der! :)

In other news, Gibson and I are Barking for Life again next weekend! We participated in this last year and had a ton of fun :) Bark for Life is basically the dog version of Relay for Life, only it is on a MUCH smaller scale. It is a wonderful and fun way to raise money for cancer research. I have already met my $100 goal, but hope to double that by next weekend! If you would like to help me and make a tax deductible donation, click here :)

Gibson and I at last year's event

And in OTHER other news, Julie from Corgi Tails is having a giveaway! Only not at that blog... At her new one, Bananas for Bourbon! Have you been to this blog yet? It is a completely awesome food blog with tons of yummy and creative recipes! Go take a look and enter her giveaway for a $40 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores (You can get anything here! Including pet supplies!!)!

Ok that is it for catching up :) Hopefully things will get back to normal now!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am glad you found something that works!

Gingerbean loves to ride but Chappy....not so much.

Thank you for telling me about the giveaway. I told her you sent me!

Boo's Mom said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Good memories will help ease the missing her.

I'm so happy that I resolved to have Darby get used to her crate. She has never had trouble riding in the car (although we have never had falling ice hit it, either!) and she often retreats to it herself when she is tired or nervous about something going on in the house.

Crates seem like cages to us, but not to the dogs who get used to them!

Good for you! And, Gibson!

Darby's human

Amy said...

The shakes are terrible! Winnie started having them about a month ago after she had to ride in a car that was too hot. Now she shakes and pants even when it's like a cooler in there! I was hoping more short rides to the pet store for a goodie would help set her at ease but make the crate is the trick.

Lois said...

So sorry about your Gran, Kelly. I think of mine, often, 20 years after her passing...Glad the shakes solved !

Debba said...

Deepest sympathies on the loss of your grandmother, Kelly. I know how painful that can be.

Using a crate in the back seat is a very good idea. That's what I use for Stella too. Gibson likely feels much safer being enclosed by the crate walls and such, like having a den!

Laurie said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother :(

But I'm glad you were able to solve Gibson's car shakes!! That is definitely good news :)

I am going to donate to your Bark for Life page right now! I used to do the MSPCA walk with Sadie when we lived in Boston, which was a lot of fun. Definitely post pics after your walk! :)

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother Kelly. Having a corgi around helps us humans during times like these. They are a great comfort. I'm glad to hear Gibson is comfy in the car again.

Lindsey said...

aw Kelly, I'm sooo sorry about your Grandmother. *hugs* from us. Just turned my Corgi calender to August to find little baby Gibson :)

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