Monday, August 16, 2010

Bark For Life Recap!

This Saturday was Bark for Life!  We were able to donate $125, which isn't bad :)   Any amount to help in the fight against cancer is a good thing!

This year's event was at the local dog park that we normally go to, so we were excited about that!  What we weren't excited for, was how HOT it was.  Ugh, it was a scorcher.  Last year's event fell on the same weekend of August and it was freakishly cool (around 55 degrees and super windy!).  This year was in the high 80's, humid and SUNNY.    We normally do not go out much during  the mid part of the day in the summer, so we were not used to this...

It was also way less organized this year than last year.  None of the ACS people seemed to be enthused to be there.  Last year, there were tons of vendors with free stuff, raffles, a sound system, photographer, donuts and much more.  This year, there was one vendor, free bottles of water, and that was it :(  They had to yell at us the opening speech... And the walk itself was just HOT.  The dogs were all dying. We were supposed to do 4 laps around the perimeter of the park, but everyone gave up after 2. Ah well.. (edit to add: the highlight of the walk for me was when one of the other walkers said, and I quote, "I love Corgi Butts!" hehe, I had to stop myself from geeking out and telling her all about my blog and website!)

But, like I said, we were still excited to go to our local dog park :)  The first thing Gibson did when we got there was run up the dog walk in the agility course!


Apparently he loves this thing!!


We tried the tunnel again, but he kept jumping in and jumping out the same way.  Goofball :)

We met some other doggie friends, and of course Gibson had to say hi to the biggest dog there..


I don't know how you could own something this big!!  Oh and this guy wasn't fixed.. which was quite comical (and disturbing) to me.  No pictures of that, sorry :)

Gibson also found a little Westie to play with...



Who you may recognize from the mini corgi meetup that I organized in April!

It's so cute when dogs see each other after a long time and seem to remember one another!!

After the walk, the ACS crew tried to organize some games for the walkers..  Best Trick and Fastest Through the Agility Course.  I must say that everyone else there was a downer because I was the first and only one to volunteer for both.  They had to beg other people to participate!   Sheesh.  Have some fun, people!   Gibson wowed everyone with our "sit, down, roll-over, spin-in-a-circle, high five" routine that we've mastered :)  And we also made it through 3 of the 5 agility (equipment thingies? What would that be called? lol)..  The two jumps are just a TAD high for him at this park (like 2-3 feet off the ground!) :)

So anyways, it was an OK event, but could have been better :)


Katie said...

That stinks that it was so hot this weekend and that no one wanted to to partcipate. I love the picture of Gibson tho- as alawys!! :-)

Karen and Bailey said...

eek to the hotness and humidity. :( but yay to gibson for being such a good sport. hahaha funny about the great dane... :D does your dog park have that agility equipment at the park on a regular basis? i really wished our park had that stuff, just to give the dogs some sorta "playground".

Daniela said...

Omg those are the cutest pictures!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Glad you had fun, even through the heat and the lack of organization! So wish we had agility stuff at our dog park!

Kelly said...

Yep, there are two sections to the dog park, and the smaller section has a few pieces of agility equipment. Pretty fun!

DSS said...

I still maintain that this is a fabulously clever idea. I sure wish we had one :) Yay for Gibson for being so agile!

It really is sweet with pups see their "friends" that they have met before. I just know Louis really does remember his!

Karen said...

sorry about the hotness and it not being as organized as you might have wanted it to be.

but great pictures of gibson :)
and great danes freak both me and the dogs out

CATGIRL !! said...

awww..soo cute dogs n those acessories.
and than a lottt for joining my blog . u were the lucky 99th follower. Lucky for me that is ;-))Enjoy n tc.
available for any future blog queries!

Bri said...

how fun! gibson looks like a hit! we were gonna do that, but it was the same day as erik's bday, so we celebrated his birthday. :(
wish it was more than once a year!

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