Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr Popularity

Corgi owners/fans are crazy. You know you are, right? :) I've talked about it before. It's like we are part of a secret club of some sort. You notice this especially when you take your corgi to a festival or other social gathering w/thousands of strangers. For example: When we took Gibson to our annual Car Show in town yesterday, he was Mr. Popularity!

(From last year's show.. I was too lazy to take photos this year!)

We live only a few blocks walk from where they have the car show, so I thought we might as well take Gibson and get him some excitement/exercise. Immediately when we got there we started hearing mumblings of, "Corgi! Corgi? Cor-Gee? Corgi! Cute Corgi. I like your corgi.." etc. as people were walking past us. We then ran into an older couple who had just had to put their 11 year old corgi to sleep and just HAD to say hi to Gibson. It was sweet, and they marveled at how thin he is (as did everyone else there, that made me feel good!)!

Next, I heard a woman saying, "Honey? Honey??", which I thought was directed towards a child..but was apparently meant for me. She told me she loved corgis and had never seen one before in person and asked if she could take a photo. I made Gibson pose and he took the cutest photo for her! She was completely giddy :)

Right after that, another man came up to us, and I thought he was going to ask us to not let Gibson so close to his car... but he was another corgi owner who had just had to put his corgi to sleep (and she was only a year old! :( ). He asked if he could please say hi to Gibson and then proceeded to get down on his knees and hug Gibson and play with him! It was really sweet, he was so excited :)

Soon again, after that, a couple came up to us while we were giving Gibson water and told us that they had 7 corgis at home. 7!! Could you imagine? She then asked me if Gibson was in agility and when I said no she seemed upset at me :)

We were only at the show 20-30 minutes and had all of these encounters. Isn't that crazy? There were a few others who had to say hi to him too. It definitely seemed like we were walking around w/a celebrity!

Do you have corgi encounters like this??


Katie said...

Hahaha. That is very true. Where I live in south FLA there are limited to almost no corgis. So any time someone sees Whiskey they do the same thing. I am also guilty though. When I see another corgi I get so excited saying "see Whiskey your not the only one!"
One of my neighbors is a forgetful little old lady and everytime we walk by she reminds me "there arent too many of those cattle dogs in this area."
So sweet.

Laurie said...

Hahahaha so cute! I've totally noticed this with Sadie, too. People will come up to me and be like "is that a corgi???" They're always so excited about it. It's cute! :)

Lesley Collins said...

Seven barking Corgis at one house? Wow!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

We rarely make it more than 5 feet when we take the corgis out without someone stopping us or commenting to us as they go past! It's like Corgis have this magic pull - everyone wants to stop and say hi to them.

They KNOW they are cute too and eat up the attention. LOL :)

Winjammin' said...

We have encounters like this all the time. With us, it's the fact that we usually have the Cardigans, and not the Pembrokes with us. The most heard comment for us is, "Corgis with TAILS!!!! How COOL!!!!" The Cardis are a big draw here in Iowa.

We do get the Pems out to see "their public" off and on as well but they spend the majority of their time trying to find cookies in pockets and purses and cleaning little kid faces. ;o)

Oh, and we have 8 at home...6 Cardis and 2 Pems to keep everyone on their toes ;o)

Karen and Bailey said...

cant tell you how often it happens. people either crazily loveeee corgis or really dislike them. :) but ive run across more lovers :)

i still cant get my free dog toy from beneful!! argh@!!

Boo's Mom said...

Same thing with us. But one encounter was incredible: In March, I met a couple visiting San Diego from Maine with their two Cardigans. They were walking the dogs in Balboa Park where I work. One of their dogs looked so much like mine that I asked who her breeder was--Coedwig's just like my dog. Then they said he registered named, and my jaw dropped: their dog is the mother of my dog! They came to our house for a visit and we are going to visit them in Maine this September! It is so hard to believe, even all these months later!

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