Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Announcing.. the Corgi Butts OpenSky Shop!

I know you were all wondering what my little, "Something exciting is coming" badge was all about... Well, it was about this!

That's right, on August 10 I will be opening a shop on OpenSky! I am very excited about this. It will be way different from my Cafepress shop. Nothing will be designed by me. What it will feature are products that Gibson and I love and use and want to share with you!

You know how I am always talking about dog products I like on here and then write reviews for them? Well, now, a lot of these will be available in my shop! Fun, right? Plus, you will be buying from someone that you know (me).

What I won't be doing is selling things that I do not like. Everything will be hand picked and tested by Gibson and myself! If we don't like it, I won't sell it! The shop will start off pretty small, but will hopefully continue to grow with your support :)

Here is a little teaser of the type of product you can expect from my shop:


I won't be selling just any ol' dog toy or treat that you can buy anywhere.. ;)

For an example of what my shop will somewhat look like, Click here (the super awesome Kath Eats!).. Just picture my face and lots of cool and unique dog products being sold instead.. ;)

So, I hope this has made you excited for things to come! And if you're interested in either selling on OpenSky or being a supplier (I am talking to you small businesses and pet companies!!).. click here! :)


Lesley Collins said...

Herman and I are excited! We can't get a lot of the cool toys and treats here in Casper.

Dozer and Coop said...

We're about to wet our corgi pants with excitement! How can you make us wait so long? (big sigh, eyes roll).

JuLo said...

Wow, congratulations! It sounds like fun! I can't wait to see what products you recommend! :D

Karen said...

how cool :) cant wait :)

Jenny said...

Very cool! Looking forward to it!

The Bee Charmer said...

Yay for you! Congratulations. Finn and Lola and I will be sure to stop by and shop.

Anonymous said...

Kelly - we're VERY excited to have you as a part of the OpenSky community - welcome! Look forward to seeing your shop on August 10th!

Andrew @ OpenSky

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