Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sicky Boy

Why do our dogs do this to us? Why can't they just be the same happy & healthy dog, day in and day out, 24/7? It's stressful, I tell you.

My little guy gave me quite the scare yesterday morning. It started Monday evening when Ben spotted a yellow splotch on our rug. At first we thought it was pee, but closer inspection determined that it was vomit. I thought, "Ok. Just an isolated incident. Nothing to worry about, he seems fine."

We went to bed and I could barely sleep (not because of Gibson, but because I was thinking about the softball game we played earlier that night.. Yep, we're playing coed softball this summer!). I literally only slept a few hours before I woke up to a slurping sound. I reached down for Gibson to see if he had puked, but couldn't feel anything wet (sorry, gross). About any hour later, I heard it again so I got up and saw it. A pile of puke right on our down comforter. Joy.

I cleaned that up and took Gibson out to pee. He seemed ok, came back and ate and then we went for a walk. THEN, he started to look bad. He just kept pacing around and laying down, not wanting to move. We weren't far from home, so we just turned around and went back. Once we made it inside, he just looked miserable. He actually looked like he turned 'white' and was just swaying back and forth trying to walk. I knew he was going to puke, so I just rubbed his back and told him it was ok.

8 piles of puke later, I started freaking out. There was just so much that came out of him! He looked so skinny, like he immediately lost 5 lbs:

I was so afraid, but I decided to keep calm, grab some towels and a bowl of water, pick up any rugs, and keep Gibson secluded in a room w/no carpeting while I went to work. I couldn't wait to get back to check on him. Once I got back for lunch, he seemed better, but very sleepy and HUNGRY! I was afraid to feed him anything, but decided I'd boil him up some ground beef and rice to fill his tummy. He gobbled it up and kept asking for more. And more. And more.

I took his hunger as a good sign, but the real test would be when I got home from work at 5 and took him for a walk to make sure his poops were solid. And they were! So, it seems like he must have just ate something that upset his tummy and he got it all out himself! Joy (for real)! :)

Today, he is back to his normal Gibson self. Very hungry and very hyper! He barely had any exercise yesterday, so I need to make it up to him today. I am so glad I did not overreact and take him to the vet. Saved myself at least $60 :) And hopefully, no more scares for me w/him the next few weeks, sheesh!

So what was the cause of this? I'm thinking one of two things: The barely cooked egg yokes I let him clean off of my plate from an egg sandwich I had for lunch (I am bad, I know!!) OR tree berries! Ugh, I hate those things. There are certain trees w/berries that fall off and stick to the ground..and Gibson must eat all of them. They just started falling off on Monday and he ate quite a few before I could stop him.. so maybe they were the culprit? Whatever it was.. I hope it doesn't happen again for a lonnnng time (or ever).


That corgi :) said...

he did look really skinny in that picture, Kelli! it does sound scary indeed! and I think you are right in that it was something he had to get out of his stomach. I don't know, but I know whenever we have Koda in for his stress colitis stuff, they always worry if he has been throwing up, which always makes me wonder the significance of it with dogs. He rarely throws up unless he gobbles his food too quickly or water too quickly

anyway, glad Gibson is better today!!! they do worry us so much, don't they?


Katie said...

I'm so glad Gibson is better! Whiskey has been going through something similar too.... except its the other end.:-X She is still kind of sick, but doing better, with some "mommy" remedies.
Good job with saving the $$$ with the vet.
Hope our babies contunie to be better.

Laurie said...

Awww poor guy! He does look super skinny in that pic!! This has happened with Sadie before, too. And I was extremely freaked out. But it was probably just something he ate, and he needed to get it all out! Glad he is doing better :) And Sadie totally eats everything on the ground as well. It stresses me out haha.

JulieandCaleb said...

So glad Gibson is feeling better!

Al said...

Wow, what a scare! Glad he seems to be feeling better.

I'm betting the berries were the culprit. We have to watch Herman like a hawk when we walk him, otherwise he'll eat anything and everthing (don't want to have a tapeworm encore performance).

Really glad he's okay, Kelli.


Lesley Collins said...

I have to put up those little wire lawn borders to keep Herman from all the apples that fall off of my tree and the grapes off the vine I have.

JuLo said...

Poor Gibson!!! I always think of Theo like a kid. When I was a kid, I was sick all the time. I'd have days where I would throw up a lot, and the next day I was better. Just a stomach bug. Not doctor visit was necessary because there wasn't really anything for them to do. With Theo it's basically the same. Every time I take him to the vet when he's sick, they just try to sell me special food and charge me $50 to look him over and tell me otherwise he's doing fine. Gee thanks.

I'm so glad Gibson was better in less than a day! It was probably just something nasty in his system. It could have just been bacteria. Probably not the egg though. If anyone would get sick from a raw egg, it would have been you. ;p

Theo's been keeping everything down, but his poops have been really soft with lots of nasty mucus. Not sure what that's about. :(

The Bee Charmer said...

Poor Gibson! Sick tummies are the worst. I'm glad he's feeling better.

Lois said...

Kelly, I am betting those berries were the culprit, for sure. Throwing up is a good thing,in one sense, but longer than a day, not so much. And always the possibility of dehydration, which can be a big problem. Also, next time, and there will be a next time :-) , you may want to get him back on his feed in little bits, otherwise their tummies, still troubled, will reject anything coming down. And there's always Pepto to try. But the fact he could eat like that once the throw ups were done really says it was those blasted berries ! You're a great mom

Karen and Bailey said...

sounds like the tree berries? if i had to guess. i am glad hes ok.. and yesss hunger is a good sign. :D

bailey has had his share of vomiting sessions... like that one time... where my little cousins gave him just too much of their sherbert............

Bri said...

oh poor gibson! i would have lost my mind, i don't know how you stayed so calm!!!
glad his is better!! :)

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