Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My swimmer

Gibson and I both took mini vacations this weekend. Ben and I traveled to both Indianapolis & St. Louis (lots of hours in the car!) and Gibson stayed at my parent's house (aka, the Doggie Resort). Apparently, he had a great time swimming this weekend..

When we went to New York in May, I heard all about Gibson swimming and how he would actually jump in the lake and swim after Coal when she would fetch a ball. This was exciting news for me because I usually have to 'throw him in' to get him to swim. The next time I was there, I wanted him to get in the water because it was so hot, but he would not go in by himself, so I just set him down in the water and let go. Here's what happend:

Yeah, Coal decided to jump on the poor guy trying to get out of the water! Haha, he was ok though. I was afraid that he'd never want to go in the pool again though after that.

I was wrong. I got a call from my mom over the weekend, telling me that Gibson had just jumped in the pool by himself, swam all the way to the filter, swam back and got out by himself! What a stinker! I miss all of his moments of swimming glory! I also heard about how my mom would be in the pool and Gibson would decide to walk along the edge of the pool like a dork. My mom pushed him in the water to scare him from doing it again and that was the end of that.

We picked Gibson up yesterday and he was quite exhausted once again. He slept pretty much all day yesterday and was probably excited for us to leave to go to our softball game (at which, we saw 3 corgis who I've met before at my last mini corgi meetup!! Very exciting!!). He's always sad to leave the Doggie Resort, but I think he's also relieved to come home so he can nap all day and lick all of my dishes and chase bunnies :)


Karen and Bailey said...

ohhh i love the video!!!! Gibsons a great swimmer. I love how their underbelly fur kinda floats to the top when theyre swimming, so it looks likes a swimming carpet. :D

Joan said...

I love it! He looks just like Zoe swimming along. Zoe grunts a lot and snorts when she swims. Cracks me up!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Gibson knows how to keep cool! Kisses to the cutie pie for me, please. :)

Laurie said...

Awww love it! I love that corgis are such good swimmers, even with their short little legs! Sadie loves the lake and the ocean, but still doesn't like the pool. I think it's because she can't just walk right into it, it's more of an unknown depth she has to step down to...We'll see how she does with my aunt's pool this summer! She generally just barks at me when I'm in it haha.

Karen said...

awwww how cute.
when i put butterball in the water he clings to me and acts like im the worst mommy ever. haha
i love gibson!!

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