Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kong Rocket and Kong Zinger

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to have been asked to test out and write a review for two new toys by Kong: the KONG Rocket and the KONG Ring Zinger:

Kong Rocket & Zinger

The Rocket is basically their version of a "ChuckIt". It allows you to pick up balls without your hands and throw them farther and with more ease than your arm alone. Gibson was already a fan of these before this one showed up, so I knew that he'd go crazy over it. What makes the Rocket special, is that it can pick up both large balls and small ones because there is a purple adjuster to fit any ball size (which works well most of the time, but I have had to readjust it because it 'falls down' while throwing sometimes).

Kong Rocket

It comes with 2 Kong Air Dog SqueakAir balls (normal size and large), which dogs just LOVE. They are super duper squeaky and bouncy and they will also float. Loads of fun. Gibson usually kills the squeakers of the smaller ones within 5 minutes, but the bigger one is a just a TAD too big for his mouth, so it's harder to destroy ;) He still loves to play w/them once they no longer squeak though. I think it's fun because they are soft and squishy in their mouths, unlike normal tennis balls.

It works great, but it does not go quite as far as the ChuckIt allows you to throw it. If I throw as hard as I can, the ball just kind of 'pops up'. I think it might be because of the 'air vents' on the side of the Rocket. For short distances though, it is great! We have a small yard, and it is perfect for throwing 20-30 feet. I feel very much in control of where the ball is going to land (so it doesn't wind up going over the fence into the neighbors yard!). The short distance is perfect for Gibson's stubby legs too ;)

Kong Zinger

The Zinger is a good concept. A bouncy rubber donut that will 'zing' every which way when it is tossed and will float in water. Gibson totally does not get it though. When I throw it he will run and then stop and be like.. uh, why do I care?? He has yet to completely chase after it or even pick it up! It is also kind of hard to use. You are supposed to pick it up on the INSIDE of the circle (NOT how it is shown in the photo above) and every time I've tried, I've had to do it by hand instead. Maybe another dog would like this, but it's just not for Gibson :(

Here is Gibson demonstrating just how much he likes the Kong Rocket:

And here he is showing just how much he could give a hoot about the Zinger:

And so I don't leave anything out... Here he is w/the Jumbo Kong SqueakAir Ball. He has a hard time getting it out of his mouth (he discovered that yawing does the trick!), but loves it! :)


Katie said...

I think that is awesome that you got to try those toys out, and your imput is very useful.
Whiskey does the same thing with the kong squeakers-she can kill that thing in a matter of seconds. I've often looked at the bigger ball and not sure if she would like it, because of the size-but now I might have to give it a try. And my boyfriend loves using the "communal" chuck-it at the park, so I may have to break down and buy them a kong rocket. :-) Thanks for your review ;-)

Laurie said...

So fun! Sadie loves those Kong squeaker balls. She has broken the squeaker in most of the ones we have now, and I always seem to lose some of the balls around the house. These look like fun though! Thanks for sharing. How do you always get to test out such fun dog stuff?? :)

Kelly said...

I'm lucky, Laurie! :) Companies have just emailed me asking if I'd be interested in reviewing their product. Make sure your contact info is visible on your blog and maybe you'll get an opportunity as well!! :)

Laurie said...

That's awesome!!!

Karen said...

hahaha butterball was fast asleep until her herd gibson sqeaking the ball...he woke up and his ears were pointed and he was disturbed he couldnt find the source of the sqeaking hahaha :)
thats neat that you got to try it out....butterball will chase the ball but he wont bring it back -_- how did you train gibson to bring the ball back? :)

Kelly said...

Check out this post, Karen!

Hannah said...

my friend loved the zinger, but said that the attachment method was easily breakable...did they improve it? the rings are different....

Karen said...

thanks kelly :D

Anonymous said...

Also try the kong squeaker footballs - they bounce in really unpredictable ways. My Gracie just loves them.

And Laurie, look under the fridge -I bet there's a bunch of them under there.

Gracie's mom (see Daily Corgi 3/1/10)

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