Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar Contest!

This is my 200th post!! I thought I'd do something special for it. So here ya go ;)

I am now accepting entries to this years calendar contest! The only requirement is that you have a corgi & a blog (that hopefully is about or features your corgi from time to time). The goal of this project is to show love for our corgis, help promote each others blogs, and to raise money for corgi rescue! We were able to donate $300 last year. I'm hoping to at least double that this year!

One minor change for this year.... There will also be a digital version available! For $5 you will be able to purchase 13 digital versions of the calendar pages for your desktop's background image, complete w/a calendar of the current month, plus the name and blog of the featured corgi! There will be different sizes available to fit your screen's resolution. Pretty cool, eh? :)

The Details
  • Each month will feature a corgi's photo, it's name, your blog name & web address!
  • 100% of the profits will be donated to the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.
  • Winners will receive their choice of a free Corgis (with blogs) 2011 Calendar and a Digital Calendar or they can choose receive just the Digital Calendar and have me donate the cost of the printed calendar to Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.
  • I would like to feature a different corgi/blog every month, but the most important thing is to have high quality images, so it is possible that a corgi may be featured more than once.
  • The calendar will be ready to go for the holiday shopping season!
Submission Guidelines
  • All entries should be emailed to ksteck23(at) - replace (at) with the @ symbol - no later than August 31, 2010.
  • You may submit as many high quality photos as you like.
  • When you submit your entries, please include your dog's name and your blog's name & web address.
  • You can send low-res versions of your photos as entries, but the original photos should be at least 11.25" wide and 8.75" high at 300dpi to ensure the highest quality calendar.
  • Photos received may be cropped and resized and edited to fit specific calendar sizes and guidelines.
  • You will retain the rights to your own photos, and can still submit them to any other contest, sell them, or use them however else you like!
Photo Tips
  • Photos w/just corgis (no humans) will be more likely to get accepted.
  • Photos can be from previous years if they are your best photos.
  • Outdoor and season specific shots always work well!
  • There can be multiple corgis per photo submission.
  • Pembrokes, Cardigans AND Corgi Mixes are all acceptable.
  • View our Corgis of the Month so far for tips on submitting great photos geared towards each month!

So there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see some awesome photos soon! Please spread the word!! :)


Rachel said...

Can't wait to see the calendar! I want one for my classroom!

I'd love to submit Bender, but it doesn't appear that my camera takes photos that meet the resolution requirements. Sad Face.

Kelly said...

Rachel, some cameras do not have the option for 300dpi, but will take photos that are large enough anyways (ex. it may only be 72dpi but iti's 33 inches wide!):) Just send in your photos.. can't hurt to try at least!

Katie said...

YAY!!!! Im so excited! look foward to many emails from me. :-)

~Kaly said...

Fun! I assume you'd like horizontal photos, yes? :)

Kelly said...

Horizontal usually works best but it's not a requirement if I can crop a vertical picture and it still looks good! :)

That corgi :) said...

congrats on 200 posts Kelly! I just crossed 200 last week myself

good luck with this year's calendar! I'm sure you'll get lots of great submissions for it!!


Rachel said...

Gaaah! I have a blog but no corgi yet! She'll only have been in the house for a month by the submission deadline, I doubt I'll have too many super awesome photos of her by then. She'll probably just be getting over new-house nervousness. I hope you do a 2012 calendar too! We'll have to try for that one instead. :(

But we definitely want to order one! At least one! ;)

Karen said...

yay!! no i must try to impossible task of getting butterball to hold a pose and take a good picture....the mission begins

Laurie said...

YAYYYY! I have been waiting for this post!! I can't wait to submit pics of Sadie! Now I just have to go through all the ones I have and narrow it down :)

JuLo said...

Yay! I'm glad you're doing this again, Kelly! I LOVE my corgi calendar! I'll try not to submit at 11:59pm on August 31st like I did last year. Hehe.

Bailey's Adventures said...

yay..:-) I need to find some pics of Bails or shoot some new ones of her :-)
I can't wait to see the finishd calendar...Great project

Carleen said...

This comes out to needing about an 8-9 megapixel camera. Correct? That likely takes us out since my camera is 6.1. Unless I use this as an excuse to get a better camera.... :P

Kelly said...

Carleen, nope! Just about any camera will work! Just send in your photos! :)

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