Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cost of a Gibson

Dogs can be expensive. Not gonna lie. Especially when they are puppies. Going to the vet every few weeks for vaccinations is not easy on the wallet. Neither is getting them spayed/neutered. During Gibson's first 4 months with us, we probably spent easily over $1000 (probably more.. I don't want to think about it.. haha). Now that he has been an adult for awhile, I thought I would sit down and figure out just how much money we spend on our guy every year. I try to be as frugal as I can in some areas (toys, treats), while spoiling him in others (food, accessories). These are all estimates (especially the vet category), but here's a pretty good look at the cost of a Gibson... (and feel free to yell at me if I've left out something totally obvious!)

Wellness Core 26lb bags
$60 every 3 months - $240 a year

Charlie Bears, Dog Biscuits, Antler Chews
$10 a month - $120 a year

$150 a year

K9 Advantix, Heartguard
$225 a year

$50 a year

Collars, food bowls, etc.
$150 a year

Dog Park/Meetup Fees
$30 a year

$965 a year

$80 a month. $18.50 a week. $2.50 a day. Not a bad price to pay for the best puppers in the world, I must say :)

Sittin' on my butt.
I'm sittin' on my butts, ma :)


Laurie said...

Interesting! I probably spend more in the toy and treat department, because I have issues with spoiling her hahaha. Need to curb that spending! But yes, totally worth it! These puppers are priceless. That's for sure.

anandel said...

I get my vet to call in prescriptions to a "human" pharmacy---my older Pem is on Prednisone and it is much cheaper through the "human" pharmacy than at the vet's! Also, get your vet to write you a prescription for the Advantix and Heartguard and then order them online; you can do some comparison shopping online and find your best deals...also, i tend to order the generic versions of flea/tick preventatives and heartworm drugs--just as effective without the huge "name brand" far, 1-800 PetMeds has had the best deals for me. Also, give your own immunizations; you can buy them online (you'll need a prescription for the needle/syringe) and give them yourself (get a nurse or doctor friend to show you how)---saves bags of money! Immunizations are the bread and butter of vet practices---that's where they make their money. As far as toys go, mine "kill" stuffed toys immediately and then aren't interested in them; the only toys i need is something to throw for fetch, and chew toys. For puppies, i've always made braided toys out of old socks for them to tug on and carry around.

Lesley Collins said...

I like how you figured out the cost per day. It really is worth it!

Karen and Bailey said...

you forgot the tagline.... "Having someone who loves me unconditionally" ...PRICELESS. HEHEHEHE

i should do that split out too..... i think i would shock myself... hahaahaha

and im glad to see u feel him wellness!! i love that food (well bbear does). you should subscribe to their newsletter, they send coupons to your inbox every month (usually at least $3 off a bag)

Lois said...

And Gibson's expression clearly says " And your point is....?? "

Tricia said...

As my income was reduced over the last two years of Chester's life, it became more and more difficult to treat his diabetes. Thankfully, my vet worked with me and told me that I could use "human" syringes, and eventually we turned to humulin. Had I had the money, I probably could have extended his life at least another year or two (he was 13 when he crossed RB). But really, at what cost to the quality of his life? more injections? maybe surgery? that's no life for a dog.

but yes.......Chester was worth every penny and then some.......he was my soul mate, my child......

He chose me........

Tricia said...

Gibson's expression in that pic,

"And I'm WORTH it!"


JulieandCaleb said...

You're a brave woman to do the math...I prefer ignorance when it comes to how much I really spend on Caleb. :-D

That corgi :) said...

makes you almost wish you could claim Gibson on your income tax doesn't it? but they are definitely worth it


Cristina said...

It all adds up! I like how you wrapped it up...he's definitely worth every cent! =) Have a great holiday weekend.

ann said...

I read somewhere that stroking a dog reduces your blood pressure. It certainly does wonderful things for me. As I type, my corgi girl is laying beside me having a quick nap while waiting for us to do something else. What they give us is without price indeed.
Besides, I own horses. You can't get into the Vet Bill Hall of Fame until you own horses.....

Running Corgi said...

Same here, except my vet bills are higher (for both dogs)

Rachel said...

Thank you for posting this! Our dog's food will be $50 per 30-lb bag, and I've been trying to estimate how long it will take her to eat (almost) her weight in I've got a better ballpark to put my estimate in! Thank you!!

Penny Lane said...

This is super helpful. Thanks!

amosmom said...

I didn't see pet insurance on your list? We chose to spend a chunk of change on it just to keep us from ever having to worry about treating Amos for anything. Even after hubby was laid off we decreased spending on stuff other than the insurance. And this year it has paid off hugely, not just monetarily but in peace of mind. If we had had to calculate the cost of everything Amos has had to have done this year (so far!) we would have had dual coronaries. It was such a blessing to be able to tell the vet, "Yes, just do it. Order the test, try the meds, do whatever it takes to make him whole and happy again." (And to have a regular vet and a specialist who we knew would never take advantage of us.) Anyway, that's my pitch for pet insurance. (Shop around - some companies are better/cheaper for some things.)

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