Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vital Dog Food by Freshpet

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

Following in JuLo's & Aj's footsteps, I also was able to review Vital dog food by Freshpet recently for their blogger program. I recieved four 2lb 'logs' of food:




I started w/the Salmon & Ocean Whitefish recipe, which Gibson OMG LOVED, but was definitely not a good one for me to try first. Let's just say, unless your dog has food allergies or you love the smell of fish on your hands, skip this flavor ;)

So, I will move on to the next one I tried, the Turkey recipe:

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

Vital is a new brand for Freshpet, and it is their take on a grain-free dog food. Lots of protein, some veggies and vitamins, and none of that unhealthy stuff that dog's do not need. Very similar to Gibson's current food, so I definitely approve. It is gently cooked, which means that most of the nutrition will not be cooked out of the food, like a lot of dry dog foods. You can tell how fresh this stuff is by the fact that you cannot order it online since it always needs to be overnighted! It was one of the most urgent packages I have ever received. The fedex guy was even concerned about me getting it into the fridge right away! :)

Now onto the product itself:

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

I really like that they have 1/4lb markers on the 'log' so you know where to cut. Very handy!

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

The ingredients are very straightforward. For the turkey recipe, you get:

Turkey, turkey liver, spinach, blueberries, pomegranate, cranberries, carrageenan, broccoli, natural flavors, inulin, green tea extract

+ a lot of vitamins & minerals. It's always nice to know exactly what you are feeding your pup!

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

I was much happier when I cut into this variety. It smelled pretty much like turkey lunchmeat and left no smells on my hands ;) You can see all of the fruits & veggies too, which never happens w/dry food.

So, at this point, Gibson is whining and drooling all over the floor because he KNOWS whatever it is he is smelling is for him. I cut up the food into bit sized pieces for him and wow, he just goes insane for it! He smushes his face down into the bowl and sucks up every last morsel in about 2 seconds flat. Gibson seal of approval!

Vital dog food from Fresh Pet

I decided to only mix the food into his normal food and then give some as a treat at lunchtime, because I did not know how it would affect his tummy at first. Plus, the closest place to buy it is 40 minutes away, which is not entirely convenient, so I did not want to make the complete switch. So with the extra food (since I only made it through about 1/4 of a log and it needs to be eaten or froze w/in 7 days of opening it), I cut it up into little pieces and froze it to use as treats! This works great!! Perfect for Kongs!

I would definitely recommend this food if it is sold in your area. If not to switch completely, but as an occasional treat or reward. I plan on stocking up if I ever see it in stores :)


Laurie said...

This food looks so healthy! Thanks for the review. Not sure if I'd switch over...would have to search if it's available near me. But it does look great! I am sure if Gibson approved, Sadie would as well :)

Did it upset his tummy at all?

Also, I give Sadie the Whitefish wet food from Wellness, which she also LOVES. But god does it smell awful!!!

Kelly said...

Nope, solid poops the last 2 weeks :) It is much healthier than his normal snacks of various dog biscuits so, he might even be doing better digestively :)

Bailey's Adventures said...

I use this mainly for treats too...Bailey loves it, and will do absolute anything to get a bite ;-)
I use this as a high reward treat when I want her to do things that she might not be as motivated to do with a regular cookie...:-)

JuLo said...

Great post, Kelly! I never think to mention things like ingredients or the way to food looks out of the package, or the 1/4lb markers, which are of course totally convenient! Freezing small bits as treats is an awesome idea!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

Hmm, this may not sound right, but I'm gettting totally hungry reading this :P

Steve said...

By the looks of it, it made me hungry as well. On other note, based on the pictures and the review, it made me think about adding them to the dog treatss that I feed to my pet dog.

Good digestion is one the factors I am looking for when buying dog treats, since they can't perform well with bad digestion.

DAWNL said...

it says right on the not freeze...

DAWNL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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