Monday, March 1, 2010

Sock Balls

Meet Mr. Sock Ball:

Mr. Sock Ball

I made him for Gibson last week. Why? Because I realized that my favorite wool socks had holes in both of the heels (whoops). Instead of tossing them, I rolled one up into the other and tossed it at Gibson..

Mr. Sock Ball
I can has this mommys??

He walked around w/it in his mouth looking guilty until I showed him that it was ok to have it. And then, he did his famous happy dance. Seal of approval for sure. What's not to love? It's the perfect size squishy ball and it smells like mommy's feet! Plus, no stuffing to pull out, woot!

Mr. Sock Ball
See ya, I'm outta here w/this guys

Since he wanted to keep it forevs, I figured i should sew it up. Yes, I sewed! Not too hard. I just kept rolling the socks up and twisting them into each other to make a very tight ball. Then, I just sewed the end shut. Voila! Of course, I thought of the fact that I could've put a squeaker in it right after it was done...which would have made it extra super fun. Oh well.. next pair of old socks, I'll be prepared :)


Laurie said...

Aww he looks so happy! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I remember those socks.

Cori Anders said...

It always amazes me how corgis have such similar sillinesses!

DaisyDog loves taking the stuffing out of her toys. Does Gibson do that, too?

JuLo said...

LOL! That is so cute! I can totally imagine him looking like he's getting away with something he's not supposed to. Hehe. Great idea! I'm sure Gibson is loving it!

That corgi :) said...

cute idea! and Gibson definitely looks happy with it :)


DIRR said...

I love the first picture with the sockball. He looks so happy!

Meg said...

LOL! I love the expressions!

Riley has a thing for my socks... I think I might go through my drawer and find some for her to have all to herself!

Katie said...

I love love love this idea, especially since there is no stuffig to pull out and trail around the house. I have a few socks that are on the verge of being garbage and I think they are now going to become a sock buddy. Ofcourse with a squeaker. Whiskey goes NUTS over squeakers. Thanks for the idea!

Lois said...

Try tying up an empty plastic water bottle in the sock too ! Chewy AND crackly noisy !

Jules said...

I love making homemade toys! I always tie the sox together but I never thought of balling them up! Duh! I gotta try this next time!

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