Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun at the Dog Park

As promised, I took Gibson to a dog park on Saturday. It was the first time to this dog park, which is the closest one to our house (for now.. there is supposedly one opening up in our town this spring!). I never had taken him to it because I wasn't sure if it was any good or not... and if it was worth the 20+ minute drive. Over the winter though, a neighbor told me that she loved taking her pup there, so I decided that I would take Gibson there on the first nice saturday of the year.

Dog Park Fun

It was a pretty big park. There was a side for agility (although only 2 of the pieces of equipment were 'low' enough for Gibson) and another grassy side that was bigger for running around. When we got there, we went to the bigger side, and Gibson was immediately overwhelmed. He is so cute when he is around a lot of other dogs. He reminds me of myself as a kid actually. He stays back by his mom until he is comfortable and then he warms up to other dogs slowly. At first I thought he was just tired and not in the mood since he was not playing, which bummed me out, but he was just being shy. He'd actually go around and say hi to all the humans before the dogs.. haha. Well, then some of the other dogs were being big jerks by being really aggressive and barking in everyone's faces and humping anything that moved (Argh! Why do people take their mean dogs to dog parks!??). Gibson was actually whimpering! So, me and a few of the other small dog owners decided to make the agility area the small dog only area :)

Dog Park Fun

Once we separated, Gibson started coming out of his shell and he started zooming around in figure eights trying to get the other dogs to chase him.. or he would try chasing them. It was so cute. Every once in a while he'd come by to say, "Hi mom! I'm having a blast!", but for the most part he'd be by his doggy friends' sides. OH! AND we completed our first piece of agility equipment! The ramp thingie! Haha.. you know.. that... ramp. Well, anyways, I told him to hop up on it, and then I walked him up and over! It was fun :) I was proud :)

Dog Park Fun

Taking him around other dogs really makes me realize how sweet of a dog he is. Sure, Ben and I call him every derogatory word under the sun at home, but really, it's all in fun :) He is such a good, good boy.


JuLo said...

Awww, Gibson is so good with other dogs! Theo never comes out of his shell. He's always right by me, and rarely...RARELY plays with another dog, and even then it's usually a Corgi.

I like the dog park right by my house (I'm so spoiled!). It has 3 pens, one for big dogs, one for small dogs, and one for all dogs. I usually stick to the small dog pen, since the all dog pen is usually full of the jerk large dogs. Not that all large dogs are jerks, just the ones in the all dog pen always seem to be. :p

That's neat that you have agility equipment at the dog park! Do you mean the dog walk? The one that is a ramp on either end, and it's straight on top, and pretty narrow? That one is Theo's favorite! Or did you mean the a-frame? That one is just like a sandwich board in the shape of a capital A. ;)

Sorry you're having such issues with getting Gibson into an agility class! I'm sure he'd love it!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

So glad that he's got to play on some agility equipment on your own term :) Just watch him once he gets more comfortable on the equipment, I remember in agility class one of the things they train them on is not jumping off the equipment until they get to a safe place low enough so they don't injure themselves (they taught us to put a piece of cheese near the bottom so he'll always "finish" the equipment instead of hopping off halfway). Bryson loved agility, needless to say ;)

Have fun w/ Gibson at this park! Love to see some pix of him doing his thing on the agility equipments!

Kelly said...

It was the dog walk! He was so good on it, I was really surprised. And he looked like he thought it was fun :)

Dozer and Coop said...

Dozer was a bit overwhelmed with big dogs when he first started out at the dog park, but now he is the ringleader. He chases and is chased by everything on four legs and once the tennis balls come out, it is every dog for himself. Gibson will blossom the more he attends. Good for you!

Laurie said...

Aww looks like he had a blast! I love that pose dogs do before they're about to play...with their but up in the air haha. So cute. That's cool that your park has agility equipment! I would like to see how Sadie is on some of that stuff.

Question about your did you make them look like that? Was the darkened edges something you did after to them or on your camera? Thanks! I like how it looks!

Kelly said...

Laurie - the photos are explained here:

It's easy if you have photoshop! :)

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Aw!!! They had a great time! I take my Dudley to a creek. He and his buddy, a pug, have a great time there swimming and playing together.

Lois said...

Off leash, big dog/little dog dog parks are the greatest ! I take my youngest, Pippin, and like Gibson, he starts out with me and the other "parents" before joining in the does my heart good to see him getting along, and being "terrorized" by a teeny poodle ! And he is exhausted win !

Bri said...

Aw...I'm so glad Gibson (& you) had fun! I know how much Sammy loves the dogpark, and I'm sure Gibson would be the same way! It's too bad some owners who can't control their dogs come, it's too bad that a few can ruin the experience for so many! Hope it is better next time!

Laurie said...

Thanks, Kelly! I knew you had previously explained some Photoshop stuff so thanks for the link! I need to bookmark that :) I have used Photoshop, I'm just not quite the expert yet. Thanks!

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