Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bath Time: Then & Now

December 2008 (5 months old):

March 2010 (1 year 8 months old):


Bri said...

Haha. That is just like Sammy! Running wild through the whole house gliding across carpet, couches, dogpillows, anything and everything! Sammy wears himself out doing it! lol. I like how Gibson's butt shakes more than the rest of his body! That is too cute!

That corgi :) said...

too cute! he's definitely gotten more confidence with those stairs over the months; love how he keeps wanting to dry himself on everything, carpet, rugs, couch, etc :)


Katie said...

haha! That is so funny!! Whiskey has it mastered though, she takes a running start on the carpet and the tucks and rolls. I'll try to get a video next bath time. And when I try to dry her with the towel she chews it or plays tug of war with me, she like dryin off herself, her way. I love when they shake though, thier butt shakes more than thier entire body.

Anonymous said...

Heheheh I bet you are good and dry now! I try to run and rub on everything but Mommy only lets me bury my head in my doggie bed... Phoowie!


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