Saturday, March 27, 2010

Agility Woes Update

Well, after explaining my situation to them, I heard back from the agility place, and my choices are now down to three:

1.) Talk to the instructors and ask if I could get into class without it?
2.) Take a chance that they are bluffing and go to class hoping they don't ask for vaccination records?
3.) Just take more rally classes since that trainer is as against unnecessary vaccines as I am, even though I really didn't like rally..?
4.) Give up and just take Gibson to more dog parks that have agility equipment and have fun w/him on my own..?
5.) Take him to a herding class instead even though they are $30 a lesson?

Yup, you have to have the Bordetella vaccine. Oh well. There is one other place in the area that does agility, but it is at a groomers/boarding facility, so I KNOW that they require it too. Seems silly to me, but I will respect their policies... Maybe try again another day...

I've decided to take Gibson to a dog park today that we have never been to to cheer him up. Since, I'm sure he is so distraught over this whole situation ;) Hopefully I will get some good pics of him to share with you all. Thanks for all of your advice!


ClassyChassy said...

Poor Gibson - give him an extra biskie to cheer him up!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

wow, I'm sorry. i still can't believe that they really require the vaccine and won't even make an exception for reactions. especially since that vaccine isn't even all that effective!

Well I don't think that is the end to your doing an activity with Gibson. There are a ton of dog sports out there such as flyball, tracking, freestyle, scent hurdle racing, lure coursing, herding, dock diving...

Granted not all of those sports may be suitable for a corgi, but some of them are even very easy to practice by yourself (freestyle an tracking).

If you do decide to do agility on your own, just take it very slowly and be careful. I highly reccommend this book:

Bailey's Adventures said...

That's too bad...:-(
But Flyball and herding are both excellent activities too. I would check them out, and see how Gibson likes them. Bailey has been sheep herding since November of last year, and she is loving it. She is just starting to get good at it...:-)

We were in the park with Bailey one day and saw a local flyball team practice. They were really interested in having Bailey join their team, but we already have agility and herding on our calendars, so we decided to hold off on flyball. It looked like a lot of fun though...:-)

Whosyergurl said...

Stick to your mother's instincts! You do what is best for your son and don't give it another thought!
(DIDJA see Butler in the Final Four?) WOOT-Indiana!
Hoosier hugs,

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