Friday, February 26, 2010

Slow Down Bowls

Gibson wolfs down his food. Wolfs. As in, I pour his food into his bowl, drop the measuring cup back into the bag, turn around, and he's done. Outsiders marvel at this. They just cannot believe he eats so fast. Even if they've owned dogs for 20+ years, they've never seen one eat at such lightening speed.

I knew this wasn't exactly healthy. Yes, it's kind of a 'corgi thing', but there is still the issue of gulping too much air and getting sick, or worse... Plus, eating so fast makes you less satisfied/feel less full than if you take your time (which is just great for a dog who seems to have a bottomless stomach). So, I decided to take action and buy Gibson some new bowls to slow him down.

New "Slow Down" Bowls
Where's the food, ma!?

I call them 'slow down bowls', but they're really called EatBetter & DrinkBetter bowls. Basically, they both have little obstacles to slow down eating and drinking:

New "Slow Down" Bowls

The food bowl divides the food into three sections and the water bowl has a floating disc that only allows a small amount of water to be drank at a time. And ya know what? They actually work. He eats (well, still wolfs down) one section of food, licks every crumb from that section, and then moves on to the next! It is still a very quick meal, but it is noticeably longer.

The water bowl? I suppose it works, but drinking was never really a concern. I mostly bought it so that it matches the food bowl :) I like the little floaty thing though, it's a pretty smart design.

I think the funniest thing about the bowls, is that it came w/instructions that said something like, "gradually begin switching your dog over to his new bowl by adding a few pieces of food each day so that he gets used to using it." HA! Would any dog who eats so fast that they need a specially designed bowl, really CARE what they are eating that food out of?

New "Slow Down" Bowls

I doubt Gibson has even noticed.... :)


ClassyChassy said...

I've seen similar bowls in a local pet food store. They are made of hard plastic and I thought the idea was good. Of course all 4 of my Corgis breathe once, and their food is GONE, but this might be an answer to the Inhalation Station! I do feed them in their separate crates so they get the amount of food I intend each one to have (no "stolen moments"), but if I left a plastic bowl in with them for too long, the youngest Corgis might chew holes in the bowls - they still eat their beds at times!

Lesley Collins said...

Herman has one of those food bowls, but I may have to try the water one now too.

JuLo said...

Haha! It's crazy how fast they eat! Theo always lets out a small burp after he's done eating. It cracks me up, though I'm always a little nervous that it's going to be an upchuck instead of a burp. They don't chew! I cut up Theo's food into as small of pieces as I can manage, since he just licks them up and swallows.

Those bowls look great! Stylish, effective, and affordable. I might have to buy one of the food bowls. Thanks for the links!

That corgi :) said...

those bowls are a great idea; might have to look into getting a set for Koda. He too woofs down his food. I'm always telling him "chew Koda, chew". He's really bad about drinking water, if he is overheated after a walk and slurps it up, he takes too much in at one time and then it all comes back out so the water bowl would definitely be of an advantage here.

have a good weekend :)


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Do corgis chew at all? Both of ours inhale....then choke, burp, and want more because they never taste anything. MIL's "golden" eats nice and slow....pokey almost. That's why I was wondering if it's a corgi thing. They don't do that with thinking the food dish is a great idea!

The Bee Charmer said...

I actually thought Finn and Lola were the only two who eat like that! My friends and family actually gather around to marvel at how fast they eat. They could put on a floor show. I've thought about getting them the special "slow down" bowls. Maybe on our next trip to Petco...

Whosyergurl said...

I've been thinking of getting a slow bowl for Chelsea, too. She SCARFS her food down then...*BURP*! When she came home at eight weeks, she ate, burped very loudly and dug & I looked at each other and said "Was that the dog?" :-)
There are bowls that are cicular with a center piece and there are balls that you put in the bowl and they have to push it around.
I'll keep you posted. She does need one!
Hoosier hugs,

Benhur Xobile said...

I have those smae bowls since I was probably 7 months old. I even met the inventor of the bowls. My mummy and him are friends. =)

I was a vacuumer of food and this bowl slowed me down too. I digest better now, and sometimes you can even observe me chewing the kibbles and carrots.

Yippie! I love the bowls and I would endorse them anyday. I have the blue drinkbetter bowl and the white eatbetter bowl. ;)

Katie said...

That is a brillant idea!! I love it. It must be a corgi thing to inhale the food, Whiskey does the same thing and with her water too. Thank you for posting about this its so helpful!

Sabrina Horton said...

Luna has a similar bowl. When she had a regular one she would eat her food so fast so would cough and snort for 10 minutes after eating. She doesn't do that anymore!

Patricia said...

I had to get one of those bowls for my little Giuseppe. She still hoovers her food, but no where near as fast as she used to.

Laurie said...

Oh wow! These look great. Sadie does the same thing, especially when the cats are around. She also drinks her water too fast and then starts hacking. It's lovely. I am going to look into these. Thanks!

Ella Jameson said...

I know it is late to post on this but I just found this post and want to share with anyone who stumbles across it too. This style of slow down bowl is the best for small dogs or dogs with short snouts. We have a corgi-chihuahua cross and she would jam her face into the other types and her little eyes were pushed into the tall, hard dividers. This style has shallow rounded dividers which create spaces that are open enough for her to access with no other body parts affected all the while still causing her to slow down. Win-win. Wish they came in something other than plastic though.

Anonymous said...

I just recently stumbled onto your blog and it's such a wonderful read. Gibson sounds like a wonderful riot! Our corgi is actually the opposite though; she actually portions her food out herself. And by portioning them out, I mean hiding bits and pieces around the house and backyard! She gets a big full bowl that will last her for a few days until it's re-filled.

Joanne said...

Gibson is very cute! These drink better/eat better bowls are also good because they don't skite all around the floor. Ella above makes a good point too about the shallow dividers being best for small dogs - my Westie puppy struggled with another well-known brand I originally purchased to stop pup literally hoovering up his food!

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