Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calendar Corgis of the Month: Bella & Baxter!


Miss & Mr. February

Names: Bella & Baxter (aka BnB)
Corgi Moms: Annie and Maggie

Bella & Baxter Cuteness:

February Calendar Ideas
(it's a great time to take those photos for next year's calendar!)

- Valentines Day
- Cuddling/Love
- Outdoor, snowy
- Indoor, warm and cozy
- Groundhog's Day
- Superbowl

Note: Every month I'll be featuring the corgi of the month on the "Corgis (with blogs) Calendar" and giving tips on the types of photos I'll be looking for for the current month next year.


ClassyChassy said...

Neat photos of the calendar dogs! They grew up to be so beautiful!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

So cute, Kelly. I've got a passel of pemmies for you to create one of your graphic pictures out of for me. One of these days soon!

That corgi :) said...

can you imagine having 2 corgis?? they are adorable for sure though :)


Whosyergurl said...

omg, how adorable.
Is Bella a Cardigan? She is so much larger.
Have you seen the corgi commercial for the chew bone? I haven't...bu apparently, the dog looks JUST like Chelsea!
Cheryl in IN

Kelly said...

Cheryl - actually they are brother and sister from the same litter! I think what you think is Bella (tri) is actually Baxter, which is why he is a little bigger :)

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