Sunday, January 24, 2010

Part Time Gigs

Gibson's full time job as a Home Security Professional is going so well, that he has been able to juggle a few more part time positions on his time off. Its so funny to watch him do his jobs.. He gets so excited, yet is very serious about all of them at the same time. So cute, yet.... annoying ;)

So, anyways, here are his side gigs:

When Ben and I watch sports... especially teams that we like.. Gibson feels the need to referee. He can sense our tension and excitement, and he DOES NOT LIKE IT! It's apparently against the rules of his house.. this goes for video games too (OMG does he HATE the Wii).. If there is any sort of exciting moment in the game, Gibson will start growling and looks at us like we are complete idiots. If we cheer/get mad at a play, he runs around and barks and will not stop. Not a fan of this job, but it IS his job.... seriously.

Dish Washer
So, this is my fault, but Gibson cleans almost all of my dishes now. And gets very upset if I do not give them to him. It's mainly my cereal bowls after I am done with them, and it's actually pretty helpful (cuts down on the rinsing I have to do). I don't really mind this job, but I should probably not let him clean EVERY dish ;)


Waste Detection & Removal
I hate this one. Hate it, hate it, hate it. So apparently, bunnies usually do their business in the privacy of their homes... but in the winter, they just poop wherever they heck they're standing. And they seem to spend most of their time in my back yard.. Well, Gibson feels like it his duty to eat every. single. piece. Blech. He gets so incredibly obsessive about it. He does it on walks too, and knows the regular spots where he finds his treasures and will not budge until everything is clean. Ugh. Can't wait til spring.

Heart Breaker
Let's face it, this is every corgi's job. After all the annoying and infuriating side jobs they do, they can pull this one out and all is forgiven. They don't really have to do much, just look at you. With those eyes. Those sad, sad eyes.

Case in point: Last week, I let Gibson out for his morning pee before I gave him his breakfast. He was distracted by his "waste removal" job to come back in right away, so I decided to put a kettle on the stove for some tea. Then I heard barking, and Gibson clocked into his FULL time job because our neighbor was walking his dog in front of our house. I ran out, IN MY SLIPPERS AND PAJAMAS, through a foot of snow and chased Gibson across the street. The little brat for some reason did not recognize our neighbor and was barking at him while he was walking up HIS OWN FRONT PORCH. Ugh. Recognition finally set in, and he and our neighbor dog said their hellos while I was still making my way through the snow paths.

So, I was really upset w/Gibson when I got him back in... SO very upset. Never have been so mad at him. That was until...


He decided to break my heart by curling up on the bed that I bought him a year ago that he has never touched. Never. And like that, all is forgiven.

Little brat.



Annie and Maggie said...

Gibson! Have we not discussed running out in the street?!

Almost all of these traits were the traits of our beagle, Stella. She'd guard the house (as did our other dogs), she'd eat goo in the yard (vile), clean our dishes (hard to say that in the same sentence with eating goo), and run wildly if let out of the yard. But somehow, that little poop tugged on my heart strings.

We have been successful in not letting Bella and Baxter clean the dishes, and no goo-eating, and so far no running away, but we totally understand the referee job as we get sent to our respective corners whenever we make any loud noises such as the blender, coffee grinder, raking leaves, mowing lawn, or making loud noises aimed at the TV! Probably their herding instinct, eh?

They can be such stinkers but they're impossible not to love. It's a good thing they're cute.

Dozer and Coop said...

That is cute it makes my Mum think I might actually be redeemable.

Love, Dozer

That corgi :) said...

they just know how to push our buttons don't they? Gibson knew how to melt your heart by checking out his bed, too cute!!!

Gibson would love it here; bunnies year round on yards, lots of treasures here (one of Koda's vets said in the past she cannot figure out why they like it but so many dogs think it is the most wonderfulest thing to consume)

glad to see Gibson is learning new jobs :)


Laurie said...

Oh man, that last picture is so freaking cute! They are soooo good at breaking our hearts, aren't they???? That face!!! It's so the eyes, though. They know how to work it haha.

Gibson has some great jobs there!!

DIRR said...

I agree with you totally! Not only with the cute face, sad eyes. Also add the "head tilt". That does it for me. I always have to turn around and hide my smile. How they manipulate us!!! Too cute!

Aj said...

Before we know it, Gibson will fill out a job application at your work! lol

JuLo said...

LOL! What a brat! Theo is the same way! I had a similar episode with him at my parents' house last Christmas. I was similarly trudging through the snow in my pajamas because Theo had decided the neighbor's house was more interesting than my parents'. That was the maddest I've ever been at him, and it didn't last long. They certainly are heart breakers! lol!

Hey, at least Gibson isn't afraid of dishes like Theo is! lol!

Cristina @ CorgiTales said...

I really enjoyed reading this post and all of Gibson's roles! The image of him on his bed is adorable.

Lindsey said...

funniest post :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Gwen does not allow hugging or anything of that nature. If you try to sit close together on the sofa she will bark at you until you. She is such a little turd but we love her!

Anonymous said...

Miss Gwen does not allow hugging or anything of that nature. If you try to sit close together on the sofa she will bark at you until you. She is such a little turd but we love her!

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