Monday, March 30, 2009


I did the drawing this morning since it seemed entries had stopped and I was bored & antsy! :)  Wanna know who won??  Well, here is how I did it:

First, I went to & made a list of everyone's names & repeated the names for as many entries as they had.  

Then, I used the List Randomizer to make a random list of the names:

THEN, I told it to give me a random number between 1 & 40 (the number of entries):

So that means the winner of the drawing is.........

Yay Ivy!!  I am so happy for you! :)  Ivy has one of the first blogs I started following last summer.  I found it when I was researching corgis!  She has one of the best looking corgi pups I have ever seen.. I actually wanted to send his photo to breeders to tell them that's what I wanted my corgi to look like! hehe  Don't you agree??

Besides that, she is super talented and has an awesome Etsy shop! PLUS she lives in Northern California AND has as bun in the oven, which always is fun for me to read about :)  Visit her blog, it is awesome! 

So  congrats again Ivy!  Please email me at ksteck23(at) with your address & design/product choices when you are ready!  And if you have any questions, let me know!

To everyone else, thank you soo much for entering! The response was great. I promise there will be more giveaways, with bigger and better prizes to come!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Darn It!!

No, I am not mad about the 6+ inches of snow last night (although I hope my little tulips that were popping up survive!). Gibson was having the time of his life this morning running around our yard and we had a great walk (he actually moves when there is snow on the ground!).. until we got to our neighbor down the streets house... I dont know if you remember, but I talked here about somewhat of a dog attack that happened to us when I was watching Coal. Well it happend again. Only this time, no one helped me. We came around the corner and I saw the lab sitting in their front lawn. I heard the owner calling her so I figured it would be ok to walk by. It wasnt. As soon as she saw us she came charging at us. Gibson wanted to play at first until she started stomping on him. It is like she wants to smash him to the ground! :( So, I pick Gibson up and then she starts jumping on my back, over and over and over. She a big lab (must be 70-80lbs), much bigger than Coal is, and she is young and completely unsocialized. Her arms kept going over my shoulders. So anyway, I stand there waiting for the owner to come out since I just heard her calling her. Well, she did not come out and the dog is still jumping on me, so I try to walk home (about a block a way). She follows, running through peoples yards and jumping on me trying to get Gibson. I finally get home (arms shaking from carrying 25lbs of dog) and throw Gibson in our screened in porch & attempt to take the lab home. I grab her collar but of course she is pulling me in the oppesite I just start walking towards their house to get her to follow me. She does and gets in her front yard, but as soon as I turn around to go home she runs after me.. After a few more attempts I decide to go up to their front door & knock and hope someone comes and gets her. A woman finally comes to the door and says nonchalantly, "Oh thanks, where was she?" I said she followed me home and the woman just says, "Oh yeah, she just took off cause she was excited about the snow. Come on Sara Puppy!" and closes the door. I should have said something... I am so mad that I didnt. A dog that unsocialized should not EVER be offleash unsupervised...EVER!! I dont think it is fair for me to be scared or think that I have to walk a different way in my own neighborhood. Argh, I am so upset right now, and my arms are shaking from carrying my fat dog around :(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleeping Buddy

Since, oh, October or so, Gibson has slept in bed w/us. It started off as my husband and I just cuddling w/him before we put him in his crate, until one night he was just too adorably cute and tired to move him (and he has slept with us ever since). It took some getting used to. He would be in our way, steal our blankets, walk on us to wake us up, not want to go to sleep when I did, etc. I still wanted him in bed w/us though, and eventually, he found his spot and stopped waking me up before my alarm went off. It is so nice to have a cuddle buddy in bed, since I normally go to sleep about 3 or more hours before my husband does (geez I am getting old), and waking up with a happy puppy to snuggle with is a great way to start the day.

We do not have puppy stairs or any way for him to get up on the bed, so we always have to pick him up and put him on there ourselves. This meant, he would have to go to bed when one of us does, and it would usually be when I did. Well, I, being old, have been going to sleep way early lately (like between 9 & 10) and Gibson is usually still awake chewing his antler (btw, sale on Antler Dog Bones HERE until March 31st! Free shipping too!!), so I havent made him come to bed when I do.. He is more trustworthy now, so we figured he could go to bed when husband does or he can choose to sleep where he wants. Well, it turns out he wants to sleep with us in bed! About 20 minutes or so after I go to sleep lately, I have woken up to a jumping dog trying to get on our bed hehe. It is so cute, he is like, "Mom, a little help here!" I never really knew if he liked sleeping with us, or if he just did because there was no way for him to get down from the bed after we put him up there. It is nice to know he likes it :)

Which brings me to the whole point of why I am writing about this.... haha

Last night, we had a little bit too much wine (and beer), so I fell asleep not thinking about much and was dead to the world.. I woke up this morning, and my poor little buddy was curled up on the floor right next to my side of the bed, pressed up against his closed crate door (it is my nightstand now lol). Poor thing couldnt wake his irresponsible mommy up to get into bed! He must have given up and decided to sleep as close as he could to me. I had to pick him up and snuggle with him for an hour until he decided it was time for us to get up ;) Geez, I seriously do not know what I would do w/o my furkid.

P.S. Dont forget enter my GIVEAWAY! The drawing will be sometime Monday afternoon so get your entries in!!! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did someone say GIVEAWAY?

I have been pretty lucky lately. In February, I won $10 gift certificate for winning a valentine's day photo contest on Last week, I won an oh so awesome tote bag from The Pet Blog and just yesterday I won a super cute stationary set from From This Day Forward & Allison's Fantastical Designs! Do you think I should play the lottery or what? haha

These winnings have got me thinking.. I should have a Corgi Butts giveaway! And what should I give away? Products from my Corgi Butts Shop of course! And just in time for this giveaway, I put up some new designs:

So, are you still interested?
Awesome, here is what you can win:

A Magnet, Button, & Sticker of your choice from the Corgi Butts Shop!
Yep, all three (or three magnets, 2 buttons & a sticker, whatever combo you'd like!). Just go to the shop and pick out which designs and you'd like to put on which product! This includes whatever shape/size button, sticker and magnet you'd like (bumper, rectangle, lapel, etc. you name it, you got it!). These are great to stick on your refrigerator, cars, bags, etc!

Don't have a corgi? Don't fret!
You can substitute any designs from KA Designs or Lil' Squirt Tees! (you could also choose 1 design from each shop, 2 from 1, etc)

GREAT! So What do I have to do??
I am going to use to choose the winner. Here is all you have to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog telling me you'd like to enter the giveaway for one entry
  2. Become a follower (Gibson Lover) or tell me that you already are a follower for a second entry (and tell me that you are in your comment.)
  3. Tweet, Facebook, Post on Your Blog, or Link to this giveaway and you will get additional entries for each place you do! (And come back and leave a comment tellling me or linking to where you did!)

That's it! Easy, right? I will choose a winner on Monday, March 30th. So get thinking about what you'd like and stay tuned!!

**Anonymous entries will be thrown out of the drawing. If you entered w/an anonymous screen name, please enter again and choose the Name/URL option. Sorry! I don't mean be mean, but there is just no way I'd be able to tell who the winner was. Anyone and their brother could email me saying they won! :)***

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cute or Girlie?

The first day of Rally class I noticed that Gibsons collar was detereorating (oh nos!). Apparently I used the martingale collar a little too intensely and the fabric around where it adjusts had started to stretch out enough that it tore. So, this meant that it was time for me to collar shop! I found the most adorable martingale collar for sale at an Etsy shop called Big Doggy Bling! I always found it disappointing that there are not really any cute collars for boy dogs, but I found so many cute prints at this shop that are very boyish but adorable. Now, please, tell me your opinion: Do you think this collar is cute (think for little boys (ahem or dogs)) or way girlie?

New Collar

My husband thinks it is the girliest thing ever. I think it is perfect (Hello! I call him Monkey sometimes!). What do you think?

New Collar

And just for being awesome and letting me know your opinion, Gibson thought he would do a little happy dance for you!


(He is doing so much better today. Has not sneezed or coughed once! *knocks on wood*)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Sick Puppy

My poor little buddy had his first trip to the vet that wasn't routine or planned months in advance. It started last week when he started sneezing a bunch. I figured it was allergies. Spring is coming. I am sneezy too, no big deal. Well, sneezes turned into runny eyes & nose and this weekend it turned into coughing. He had a reverse sneeze attack once or twice a day since Friday and then Sunday he started coughing up mucus & spit. My vet is closed on the weekends so I called first thing Monday morning. Turns out he either has a URI, some other type of nasal infection, or kennel cough, which is quite annoying since I got him the kennel cough vaccine a few weeks ago to go to the corgi meetup. He said there could be traces of kennel cough in the actual vaccine, which could cause the symptoms he is having OR there was a strain of it at the meetup that the vaccine could not fight off. Annoying! $150 later, he is pumped full of antibiotics and doing better. His coughs are less frequent and sneezes are back to normal (he has always been kind of sneezy). Hopefully he will be 100% in a few days :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rally Class

The second rally class came and went and I am just now getting to writing about it. I guess that shows you how excited I am ;) Nah, I actually really like it! At first I didn't but now I am getting the hang of it. Here's a description of what Rally is for those of you that are not sure:

AKC Rally is the new dog sport that is taking the nation by storm, a successful stepping stone from the AKC Canine Good Citizen® program to the world of obedience or agility. Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. The canine team moves at their own pace, very similar to rally-style auto racing. Rally was designed with the traditional pet owner in mind, but it can still be very challenging for those who enjoy higher levels of competition.

A rally course includes 10 to 20 stations, depending on the level. Scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience. Communication between handler and dog is encouraged and perfect heel position is not required, but there should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler. The main objective of rally is to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs, in a manner that will reflect positively on the sport of rally at all times and under all conditions.

Basically, you walk around to different signs and do what the sign says. It could say things like, "Halt Down", "360 degree right turn", "270 degree left turn", "U Turn to the left", "Halt Sit", etc. The first class was kind of a blur.. It is the same trainer as my basic obedience class, so that was nice that I didn't have to get to know someone else's methods. There are only 4 dogs in class: A Doberman, a Newfoundland, an Australian Cattle Dog & Gibson. The first two have already taken the class multiple times. Oh great, I Gibson is already a few steps behind most of the class. I was happy that there was another first timer there w/the ACD, but once we got going that dog was the best one in the class practically! Gibson was way too excited and just wanted to play. He either herded me or grabbed onto the leash and wanted to tug-of-war. When he was supposed to lay down he would roll over haha. I think the problem was that I conserved his energy all day cause I knew class was at night (7:45-8:45..pretty much when he usually goes to sleep!). This week I played with him/walked him like normal and he was MUCH better. Only problem is that he WOULD NOT lay down for anything! I kept having to pull his legs out from under him. Such a little jerk! He was just so distracted by the other dogs (the trainer agreed) I could barely get his attention. Walking, circles & u-turns, he was great at though. We will see how it goes from here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chicago Area Corgi Meetup

Our meetup was yesterday and it was SO much fun! We had to drop off Coal at my parents on Saturday, which was convenient, because the location, Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort, was about halfway between their house and ours!

We got there about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and met a cute little tri girl, who Gibson ran around with before the crowd started piling in. My husband I were interested to see how big/chubby Gibson was compared to other corgis, and he was just about the same size as this girl, but a little wider (we decided he needed to go on a diet after seeing other corgis...he is a tubby one...still on the smaller side though!). Then, the crowd really started piling in. Gibson was so excited, but I think he felt the same way that I did: Overwhelmed! Corgis flying everywhere, barking, playing fetch, chasing each other, it was insane! I think there were around 15 total, but I never could count them all. I was surprised how shy Gibson was being, since he is normally such a social butterfly. He at first just came and sat by me and watched and then kept walking slowly around the perimeter of the room haha. Once the initial excitement wore off though, he was able to start making friends and be his normal self (he still never ran at full speed for some reason though..I guess he wanted to show everyone how he waddled instead). He made a few "BFFs" that he bodyslammed for a good 10 minutes each (it's his favorite way to play w/other dogs). He passed out for 2 hours as soon as we left, woke up for dinner/potty, then slept 12 HOURS straight til I woke up this morning! So, I would call the whole event a success!

Here is a little video I put together of the day's events!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Final Day

I get to take Coal home today and I am quite excited to get back to normal. It is a rainy, stormy day, so I do not even have to excercise them outside like I have been, yay! It was not as bad as I thought though. Coal is a good girl and I will miss her constant need to cuddle. Gibson is ready for me to have my full attention on him though I think ;) They definitely grew to tolerate each other in the week, I must say. Gibson stopped crowding Coal while she was eating (he actually would sit on the other side of the room until she walked away!) and Coal actually started to play with Gibson (see evidence below).

My biggest victory of the week was getting Coal to start eating her food as meals instead of a few bites here and there like she does at home AND she actually ate the treats I offered to her (she normally turns her nose up!). I guess she realized if she did not, she was not going to eat at all!

Family Portrait

So, it had its ups and downs, but it was an overall success of a week. No one got sick or hurt and that is all that matters! I had our first Rally class on Wednesday night, which I will recap later (Gibson=class clown) and our meet-up is tomorrow! Gosh, we have been busy lately!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Corgi vs Lab: Round 1

The Scene: Gibson wants to play tug of war w/me. Coal sees this, so she wants to play tug of war w/me too. This make Gibson jealous, so he starts growling at Coal. She backs off. Nobody gets to play. Everyone is sad and whining. I try to get them to tug together but once one gets the rope in their mouth, the other drops it. I try with a longer rope (to give them more space between them) and voila! Success! And this cute video:

I love their faces at the end of it :)

I had a scarey moment with them yesterday morning. I was walking them, when all of a sudden a lab puppy (around 6 or 7 months old I think) comes running up to us. I thought, "ok, hi Sara (she lives across the street from me), where's your owner?" He did not come... Sara is so excited and jumps all over both of my dogs and won't stop. Coal and Gibson are both scared. Coal starts growling and Gibson wants to be picked up. Sara still won't stop and I try to keep walking to get away. Well, then she gets all tied up in Coals leash (a flexi-lead), so bad that I have to just stand there and wait for someone to help me. Finally a woman who's house I was in front of came out and helped me untangle the dogs and THEN the owner came and got her. It was scarey! I was really shook up from it..I mean, what if Coal bit the other dog? or if Gibson got trampled or one of them choked from the leash? I know it was not as bad as a lot of random dog run-ins that dog owners have, but ugh :-\

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life with Coal: Day 3

(haha, don't worry, this is still a Gibson blog)

Well, I have survived 3 days of having 2 dogs.. and so far I have learned quite a bit, including:

1. Having 2 dogs is crazy! The first day and a half were so totally exhausting! At first, all Gibson want to do was play with Coal. They were up all night and wouldn't stop, and then I was woke up at 5:50am Saturday morning by a panting black dog in my face.    Taking them out and feeding is such a chore... making sure Gibson does not eat Coal's food (if he goes near her she will back off and let him eat her whole bowl) & keeping both dogs in my partially fenced in yard (Gibson has this down so I don't have to go out with him, but I have to stand out in the cold now to make sure Coal stays close) .  Walking 2 dogs is not as bad as I thought, except when they both have to poop on the walk and I have to juggle two leashes getting all tangled up while picking up after them (I much prefer corgi sized poop btw!!!!).  It's also hard just keeping them both's so easy to keep track of Gibson, since we have a routine going, but Coal is totally different.  It is getting easier, so we'll see how I feel on day 8 :)

2.  Gibson prefers being an only child. I never thought he was like this..but if Coal wants to cuddle with me or play with me, Gibson gets so totally jealous and possessive of me!  Whenever she comes over and sits by me to be petted, Gibson will run over and curl up on my lap and if she bring me a rope to play tug, he will run around barking and growling at her!   It's kind of sweet really, I have to admit.  It's just nice knowing he thinks of me as "his human".  I do feel bad for Coal though.. 

3.  I love my dog!  As crazy and as bratty as he is, I've realized over the past few days how normal he is and how perfect he is for me and my husband!  I love that he has a set schedule and will eat/poop on command!  Coal has to be tempted to eat her kibble w/extra goodies on top (I'm hoping to change this by the end of the week) and she WILL NOT for any reason poop in our yard (lots of poop talk, sorry! ).  At her house, she has woods in the front & back yards, and usually runs in the fields to go to the she has been holding it. It drives me crazy!   I also have to chuck a tennis ball w/a chuckit for her until she is too tired to do it, which I have been doing at the park nearby.  I love Gibson because after about 2 times he just decided it wasn't worth it and just laid in the grass and played there haha.  He is so cute and lazy, but just a great, great dog.  Love him soo very much :)

Gibson & his Aunt

P.S.  I just took Gibson to the vet and he weighed 26lbs!!!  I weighed him about a week ago at home and he was 19... He seems little for a corgi, but I've never seen another one next to him to compare.  His parents were only 18 & 22lbs.  Is 26lbs a lot for 8months old?  We always joke that he is  a fatty, but we thought he was a normal stocky corgi...  Maybe the vet's  scale is just off? Or else mine is way off and I weigh more than I thought too!!  Hmm... 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ball Herding Video

As promised, here is a video of Gibson herding his ball!

Of course, I never could get a video of him running around like crazy with it.. so this is the best I could do for now :) Enjoy!
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