Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Jail / Visitor / Meetup!

Back to Jail
Free-range Gibson has officially failed.  The first 2 weeks were great! He was an angel and did nothing wrong.  Well, in the past week and a half, he has:
  • Shredded a brand new rug
  • Chewed up my favorite Sox hat
  • Chewed off the ends of all my husband's shoe laces
  • Ripped off the leather ties to his slippers
  • And (final straw) chewed off the back leather loops on his boots. 
Now, I do believe that it is our fault for leaving our stuff out on the floor ( we haaaave to leave our shoes out by the door where the dogs sleeps, hubby dear??) ..but I guess that was part of the test.  To see if Gibson was ready to be trusted w/that kind of stuff  left out.  So, it's back in the crate for him for now.  

Feb 28 - March 7, may just be the most exhausting week of my life.  I will be watching my parent's black lab, Coal, that whole time.  I'm a little scared.  She requires a ton of excercise and is used to running her butt off every day til she can hardly breathe, and we have a teeny tiny yard. Plus, I've never walked 2 dogs at the same time before and she is not used to walking on a leash (my parents live in a secluded/woodsy area).  I'm sure Gibson will be excited though and hopefully will pass out every night around 7 from being so exhausted from playing all day haha.  He loves his Auntie Coal.

The excitement will continue for Gibson the day after Coal goes home, cause he gets to go to his first Corgi Meetup!  I am so very excited about this, because he hasn't seen another corgi since I picked him  up when he was a wee-little puppy.  It is going to be so much fun, it is at a 'Pet Resort' and I 'know' most of the people/dogs going since they are on  If anyone reading is in the Chicago/midwest area and has a corgi, please join us!  Info is here!

Ok, that is all (lots of randomness this post!)!  Real quick though, Expressly Corgi is giving away a free dog toy here!  All you have to do is comment!  

Now I am really leaving :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best $2 Toy for a Corgi

To all you corgi owners out there, this toy is a must.

It's a huge bouncy ball out of the bins at your local target/walmart/grocery/etc. You know what I'm talking about, right? :) Well, corgis LOVE to herd these things! I first found about about this when I searched for 'corgis herding' on youtube and found this video:

Too cute, right? Well, I had thought about getting Gibson one, but they had already been put away for winter by the time he was big enough to play w/one...and I forgot about it.....until one day on our walk, there was one in someone's yard and Gibson started herding it down the street! The next day he found it again and did the same thing, it was too adorable.

I have been meaning to find him one for a month or so, and this weekend, I finally saw one of the bins at Target and pulled out the biggest red ball I could squeeze out. When I got home I took him outside and threw the ball and he immediately took to it and started herding all around our yard. If he knocks it in my direction I pick it up and toss it the other way, and sometimes he jumps up and hits it off of his nose back at me! It is so much fun and gets out a lot of energy. I promise there will be a video soon! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day from Gibson!

Happy Valentines Day From Gibson!

’I will eat this rose if you wont be my valentine.’
Happy Valentines Day From Gibson!

’Pretty please?’
Happy Valentines Day From Gibson!

Happy Valentines Day From Gibson!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Terrible 7-8 months?

I know, it is probably a little funny that I follow up a 'my dog is so good, he doesnt need his crate anymore' post with a 'my dog is a complete jerk and I hate him' post.

Ok, I obviously do not hate him, but he has really tested my nerves the past week or so. I remember in obedience class the trainer telling us that 7-8 months is the worst time, and that puppies will forget all that they have learned so far. I, for some reason, did not think this would happen w/Gibson since he was so good when he was so little. He knew to come and to stay when I told him to. I even bragged about how obedient he was. Well, now he will not come, stay, or walk w/me normally on walks.

It's so frustrating, especially when I have to run into my neighbors yard in my pjs and slippers (at 1 in the afternoon mind you... so now my neighbors know how lazy I am on Sunday afternoons!) to get him, while he hides underneath their evergreen tree :( I've tried tempting him w/treats but that no longer works. It's like he has his 'earmuffs' on and does not care if he pleases us or not anymore. On walks he just looks miserable the whole time and walks at a snails pace because I do not feel like sitting and waiting forever for him to sniff every inch of ground. It just makes me feel like a horrible 'mom', like he does not like me anymore. So after I get so frustrated and mad..I shower him with love and spoil him like he actually is a good dog so that he does not hate me. Ridiculous I tell you!

We are now back to square one on the obedience front. I'm working w/him on stay and come like I did when he was in class. I've also been trying to get him to understand 'heel' while on walks so he'll actually walk by my side again. The first week of March we start our Rally Obedience class, which I am so excited for. I'm not really clear on what Rally is exactly..but if it's fun and teaches Gibson to listen to me again, it will be worth it :) Or maybe Gibson will just snap out of it soon...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bye Bye Crate?

Gibson has not used his crate since Monday.  And no, I don't keep him penned off, gated up or locked in any room.  He is now a free man.

I used to just keep him in his crate while me  and my husband were at work or anywhere else outside of the house.  Well, last weekend I decided that he did not need to be put in his crate when we ran to the store... or when we went out to the bar late at night, or shopping the next day.  Each time he'd be sleeping right in front of the door where we left him when we came back.  So, Tuesday I finally decided to just leave him out to test if he'd be good for 4 hours alone or not.  He's such a perfect angel when we're not home!  I think he just sits and sulks and then falls asleep waiting for us to get back.  And it's so nice to have a happy jumping puppy to walk into the house to.  Before, he'd be half asleep in his crate and then crawl out slowly when I opened the door.  This is way more fun :)   I told myself if he had an accident or chewed something up, it'd be back in the crate for him...but so far, so good!
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