Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr. Grumpy Bugger

Gibson is one moody dog.

He really is.

It's best if you catch him when he first wakes up in the morning or from a nap . That's when he's the most snuggly, kissy, and actually seems to enjoy your presence.

When he's alert and active, he's a good doggy (and I wuv him muchly), but just wants to be fed and be played with.

The opposite of when he wakes up is his mildly grumpy mood - when he's about to fall asleep. This is when he gets really touchy if you want to cuddle and will growl at you. Moms and Dads do not appreciate this....

THEN, there's the worst time..when he's in his "crazy-hyper-i'm really tired but i'm going to be a *bleeping* grumpy pyscho right now" mood.

He's displayed all of these fine moods over the past few days...

Why? Well, because cousin Orson came to visit! On Gibson's home turf, oh boy!

On Tuesday night, they played and played and played until we had to pull them away from each other to go to sleep. Yesterday, started off the same way..until the exhaustion set in... AND crazy-hyper-psycho Gibson made an appearance.

Poor little Orson was done playing and just wanted to chew on Gibson's antlers. Well, Gibson was not going to have any of this..


He was polite enough when Orson had them, but as soon as he turned his head, Gibson would grab it, bark obnoxiously, and then snarl and growl whenever Orson came near him (what a jerk!). Then, he would flaunt them by jumping up w/the antlers on the couch next to where Orson was sitting and then just show his teeth to his cousin if he looked in his direction.. Oh Gibson...

The next morning they were best friends again of course, since happy, kissy, snuggly Gibson was back. What a moody bugger...

The visit was fun though. And Gibson also showed our guests just how big of a fatty he is..


That's Orson's cage he stayed in when we left the house..and his food... and Gibson's nose two inches from it...

He really did not understand why food was left out, and apparently he snarfed it down a few times when I was at work... and also bit through a plastic bag to get to the rest of his food that Orson's mom brought for him... What a fatty little dog :)

"I dun nos, I's just hungry guys!"


Lesley Collins said...

Corgis seem to think if there is food - they should eat it. No thinking necessary.

Freya's Human said...

I agree with Lesley and in the case of Freya if she doesn't have food--she will eat everything in sight until something tastes like food. Like plastic, branches, grass, dirt...maybe poo (eew) and whatever else she can manage to find.

She probably would have figured a way to knock down the barrier or find away to go through it or around it just to get to the food.

I love the pics...I totally understand what you mean. Freya is on and off a lot when it comes to her mean streak.

JuLo said...

OMG! LOL! Poor Gibson has an intruder in the house, eh? Reminds me of when Rex came to visit. At least they get along and play! Theo just wanted Rex out of the house, and they ended up competing over me AND toys! Hehe.

I love how you put it. Moody! Hehe. Theo is totally moody too! Definitely snuggly when he first wakes up, just wants to play when he's fully awake, and at night...oh man. If you want to see an indignant Corgi pet one while s/he's tired at night. LOL! I did that to Theo yesterday and he got up, walked 2 feet away, laid back down and gave me a HILARIOUS look that screamed "WHAT were you THINKING!?"

Ah, aren't Corgis just the best? Endless entertainment!

Aj said...

Mood swings!?!

That corgi :) said...

LOL; those corgis will do anything for food, won't they? too funny about the different moods of Gibson. Koda gets pouty at times but snaps out of it pretty quickly if food is involved


Pam said...

I think corgis can resource guard a bit, especially over treats =\ I know mine does and it is quite a work in progress.

It's so funny you mentioned the snarkiness when waking them up because Momo JUST started doing that. We were told it is kinda a form of resource guarding in that he's guarding his sleeping-spot, so for now he's sleeping on his doggy bed on the floor rather than on the bed. He's super snuggly in the morning too, but that might be because he wants to get fed! :p

ClassyChassy said...

Cute photos, and yep, Corgis need to eat whenever anything edible or non-edible is available - gotta keep up the strength!

Stella The Fluff said...

Oh dear, with the visitor on board, I can see why this is happening. But it could be worse, believe me. Part of it is a turf thing, part is displaced jealousy. After all, Gibson is used to being an only dog. And I'm afraid it's typical of most corgis to want to eat anything that won't eat them first. They're such hoovers, LOL!

Ivy@PaperElixir said...

He sounds like a human baby, ha! At least you have the experience now :)

Merry X'mas to you all!

Katie said...

I have just recently started following this blog, and I LOVE it already! Ans yes Corgi's totally have mood swings. My Corgi, Whiskey, does the same thing when she is getting tired. She gets all grumpy and growly. I'm glad to know its not just her. My parents get a little freaked when she does that, but if you ask her if she's sleepy, she will walk right into he kennel on her bed and lay down. And I am totally going to send a picture of my lil bunny butt to get her "digitalized" I do canvas acrylic paintings of her, so I love this new art form! Your blog is filled with so much info and great ideas. :-)

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